10 Signs He Is Not The One For You

10 Signs He Is Not The One For You

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Almost every woman wishes and longs for a reliable and loving partner. However, before getting the partner of your dreams you need to go through different experiences with different individuals. The question is how to figure out the one you are in a relationship with is the right guy for you. In case you are not sure about him or are looking for more confirmation, then we have collated a list of signs he is not the one for you.

Here are 10 signs that he is not the one for you

You feel neglected in front of others

Does your partner regularly disrespect you or in front of others? Does he make fun of you or laugh at your opinion to look cool in front of your friends’ group? If the answer is ‘yes,’ then my friend, your significant other, is not the right person for you. If your partner loves you, he will never humiliate you in front of others; he will pay attention and comfort you and support you if others are confronting you. If your guy is doing exactly the opposite of all these things, then you need to make up your mind and move on.

He is going faster than your pace

Everyone has their own pace and limits in a relationship. Maybe you have set a certain timeline before your first kiss or an intimate night out happens. However, the guy may seem in a hurry to push you in a certain direction where you don’t want to go. Some guys start forcing themselves upon you right from the first or second date itself. This sign is a red flag. You should never entertain that person even if you like him a lot. If a person likes you, he will certainly value your limits and boundaries.

He never makes any first move

In a relationship, there would be good as well as hard times. There could be misunderstandings and fights between two persons, which is natural. Are you the only one who apologizes first, even if there is no fault of yours? If your man never makes a move to resolve the misunderstanding or he never plans any date or dinner plans for both of you, these are clear signs he is not the one for you.

He never encourages your dreams

A perfect partner always trusts you, has faith in you, and most essentially, he encourages you to achieve your dreams. He is consistently available to be on your side when you are in need. However, in case your guy discourages you with negative things regarding your dreams; then you are certainly with the wrong guy.

He gives you the reason to mistrust him

Do you think your partner is not loyal? Does he constantly give you the reasons not to trust him? Then this is a red flag in your relationship for sure. A loyal partner shares everything with you. He doesn’t have to use ‘white lies’ to make up any stories in front of you. The man you are with gives you the causes to suspect you; then truly, he is not the one.

He makes you feel less confident

A man in love with a girl appreciates her every time, irrespective of her flaws. He likes you the way you are, the unique you. However, in case your boyfriend constantly criticizes your looks as well as other aspects of your personality, then these are clear signs he is not the one. If you don’t feel deeply loved by him then it’s better to leave him before your relationship turns ugly.

He is a detective inside

Does your boyfriend want to have your phone password or Facebook login Id and password? So, girl, you are with the wrong person. If he suspects you all the time and demands every single detail about your life, and behaves like a constant CCTV, then this detective needs to be kicked out. A suspicious person can turn your life into hell.

Your family and friends may not like him

Sometimes, your family members and friends seem not to like your boyfriend. There can be many reasons. If you ask them about not liking him, many silly reasons can be brought out. But there could be genuine reasons as well, which only your well-wishers like family and closest friends can tell. Ask them seriously; if you feel the reason is genuine, then you need to think about your relationship.

He avoids sharing thoughts

Sharing is the basis of any relationship. Sharing thoughts deep conversations are the fundamental needs of a healthy relationship. If your man doesn’t feel the urge to share his feeling with you, then it seems that he doesn’t want to open up in front of you about his life. This sign is saying he is not the guy you need.

He is always busy

A relationship needs quality time. If two people in a relationship spend time together and have happy moments, then this could be the best thing to know more about a person. If a person always makes time to talk to you, wants to have a conversation with you, and wishes to share his innermost feelings with you, don’t let the guy go ever. However, you man is always busy working doesn’t have the time to text or call you; he is the wrong guy.

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So, in case you were confused and looking for signs to know if he is not the one, we hope the above-listed points may have helped you. Wasting your time dating random guys from dating apps may sometimes only result in disappointment. Be smart enough to know when to walk out as when to stay in a relationship. Everyone wants a relationship but make sure it’s a happy one.


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