10 Simple Beauty Tips For Gorgeous Face And Hair

10 Simple Beauty Tips For Gorgeous Face And Hair

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Many of us often dream of having glowing skin and lustrous hair. Dull skin or damaged hair can instantly make us look unattractive and tired. If you want to look attractive, healthy skin and shiny hair are a must. In case your daily schedule is busy and you are looking out for simple beauty tips that are fast to concoct as well as effective then we have just the right list prepared for you.

Simple beauty tips for gorgeous face, skin & hair

Here, we present simple beauty tips and tricks that will help you achieve your glowing skin and shiny hair in no time.

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1) Eat Well, Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated as well as eating sufficient amounts of green vegetables are essential. Consume enough water and green vegetables. When it comes to glowing skin, water helps a lot. It flushes out toxins stuck inside the body. This in turn results in glowing skin. It clears pores and keeps breakouts at bay. Water also reduces the dryness of scalps. Eat green vegetables. These vegetables have several vitamins that include vitamin A and E. They keep the skin fresh and rejuvenated and deal with wrinkles and aging. Green vegetables also play a significant role in nourishing the hair

2) Try Organic Products

Try to apply good-quality organic makeup products. Most makeup items contain chemicals that may cause harm to the skin and result in rashes. Make use of organic makeup products to avoid any damage to your skin. Always use chemical-free shampoos to avoid any hair damage. Hair will become healthy if you discard using shampoos and hair products having harsh chemicals.

3) Massage & Exercise Regularly.

Massaging your skin enhances blood circulation and keeps it looking healthy for a long time. A good massage brings a rosy glow and reduces puffiness. A scalp massage promotes hair growth. It gives a sense of relaxation and improves the working of the nervous system. Exercising, too, improves the hair as well as skin. It improves blood circulation and more nutrients and oxygen go into the scalp. Regular exercise flushes out toxins from the body and gives glowing skin.

4) Steaming Regularly 

Steam facials and hair steaming are beneficial for skin and hair. It opens the blocked pores and has a nourishing effect. Getting regular steam facials at least once a month helps fight wrinkles and removes accumulated dirt. You can also simply take steam once a week to remove dirt and trapped sebum. Similarly, hair steaming removes trapped dirt and oil on your scalp and keeps it healthy. This method of treating hair also improves blood circulation and leads to faster hair growth.

5) Ice Cubes For Instant Glow 

In the list of simple beauty tips, ice cubes are definitely a favorite.  Apply ice cube on your skin and see the magic. Those who suffer from suntan and want something for quick tan removal can try this: Take some whole milk. Add a pinch of turmeric and some rose water to it. Mix well and set it in an ice tray. Once the ice cubes are formed you can use them after you remove your makeup and cleanse your skin. Simply place the ice cube inside a clean cloth and rub for 2-3 minutes. Let it dry then wash off. Repeat every day. The ice cubes can be prepared using different combinations such as milk and honey. Aloe vera juice and rose water etc.

6) Masoor Dal (Red lentil) Body Pack 

Masoor dal or Red Lentil has excellent cleansing properties. It helps remove dirt buildup and makes the skin soft and squeaky clean. In case you are suffering from suntan then applying a masoor dal pack can help you get rid of the tan bring the natural glow back to your skin. Here is a simple recipe. Soak 1/2 cup of masoor dal along with 5-6 almonds in water overnight. Strain the water in the morning. Place the masoor dal in a grinder. Add ½ tsp of turmeric, almonds, 1 tbsp of fresh cream, and 1 tbsp of lemon juice. Pour some water. Grind to make a paste. It can be applied to both your face and entire body. You can use it before your daily bath.

7) Apple Cider Vinegar Toner

Whenever your pH levels are disturbed, your skin tends to break out. Apple cider vinegar helps restore pH levels and soothes breakouts. It reduces pores and fights acne. Here is a simple apple cider vinegar toner recipe: Take 1/4th cup of apple cider vinegar with mother in it. Add 1cup of distilled water to it. Store it in a spray bottle. You can either keep it on your kitchen counter or in the fridge. Spray a little on a clean face. Let it dry then apply your regular moisturizer. These kinds of simple beauty tips are quick to prepare with things in your kitchen.

8) Castor Hair Oil Pack

Castor oil has the ability to stimulate hair growth. It helps arrest hair fall by making the roots stronger. Coconut oil acts as a good carrier oil for castor oil and is equally beneficial for maintaining strong and thick hair. Here is an easy castor oil and coconut oil hair pack recipe. Take 1 tbsp of castor oil in a bowl. Add 3-4 tbsp of coconut oil. Put on the gas stove and heat the oil slightly. Now break open 1 Vitamin E oil capsule and mix with oil. Massage this oil on your scalp. Soak a towel in hot water. Squeeze out extra water and cover your scalp. Repeat 2-3 times.  Let your scalp get the steam. Then shampoo as usual.

9) Coffee Sea Salt Body Scrub

Coffee plays a significant role in having good skin and hair. Coffee decreases cellulite from the skin and keeps it tight. It brightens the skin and gives it a shine. Coffee removes dead skin cells and looks beautiful. One of those simple beauty tips that can even replace store-bought scrubs. Here is a recipe: Take ½ cup of ground coffee, 1/4th cup of sea salt or Himalayan salt, or both. Mix both of these ingredients in a bowl. Add 2 tbsp of extra virgin coconut oil. Mix and use it as a body scrub twice a week.

10) Baking Soda For Underarms

Baking soda has excellent skin-lightening properties. It also helps soothe skin and reduce inflammation. Those of you suffering from dark underarms can try using this remedy. Mix 3 tbsp of baking soda with rose water or plain water to make a thick paste. Add 1 tbsp of lemon juice. Mix well and spread evenly on your underarms. Wait for 10-15 mins then rinse with normal water..

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All these simple beauty tips will give you an overall attractive look naturally. Your glowing skin and hair will draw everyone’s attention if you follow these tips and tricks. They will also help you fight any minor skin or hair-related issues. They are easy to follow and quite effective.


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