10 Top Kokum Juice Benefits That You Must Know

10 Top Kokum Juice Benefits That You Must Know

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Kokum is also known as Garcinia Indica. It is a nutritious summer fruit that has a tangy taste. If you have had kokum then, you would know it is of red, blackish, deep purple. In the post below, we will be highlighting some kokum juice benefits. Go through the post if you are doubtful in regards to the benefits of the kokum juice. But before that know the basics of kokum. Kokum is found mostly in the Western Ghats of India. Interestingly, one can make kokum drinks, curries, and sabzis. It also has some moisturizing properties that are considered good for skincare.

Here are some amazing kokum juice benefits

Below mentioned are some surprising benefits of drinking kokum sharbat or juice.

1. Helps to prevent cancer

At the outset, the kokum helps to prevent cancer. If one consumes the kokum juice on a regular basis then, the chances of cancer will be reduced. This is because the kokum juice has anti-carcinogen properties that help to prevent breast cancer, pancreatic, and prostate cancer. The sherbet of kokum generally helps to prevent cancer occurrences. The growth of the cancerous cells is prevented by the garcinol present in kokum.

2. Improves heart health

The consumption of kokum juice is also said to improve heart conditions. If we look at the data, the most common cause behind the high mortality rate is heart disease. Heart disease can be anything such as stroke, angina, arrhythmia, and arteries plague. To provide you with a brief, the consumption of the kokum juice will help lower the triglyceride levels and ultimately reduces the risk involved. The garcinol as stated above in the section also helps to protect your heart.

3. Improves the metabolism

In addition to the above kokum juice benefits, the kokum is considered to improve metabolism. For all those who have been suffering from high diabetic levels, kokum consumption can prove to be quite beneficial. Diabetes is one such disease that gets transmitted from one generation to another. However, this can be averted if one consumes the kokum juice daily if not then, at least weekly.

4. Combats aging issues

The next critical point under kokum juice benefits includes the anti-ageing properties. Kokum is considered an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. The use of kokum for skincare is quite popular. With the regular consumption of Kokum, one will stay young for a longer time span. Kokum helps to reduce the damage or breakdown to your skin. For soft, radiant skin, one should consume kokum juice.

5. Elevate mood

Moreover, this very simple fruit has amazing health benefits such as calming the mind, reducing anxiety, upliftment of mood. In today’s time, more people are under stress due to excessive pressure. It is where the consumption of kokum helps the individual by reducing their stress levels. Kokum helps to release the happy hormones and prevent the release of stress hormones. The serotonin that is present in kokum stimulates brain activity which ultimately helps to eliminate the negative and stressful feelings and emotions.

6. Improves digestion

There are many important benefits of drinking kokum sharbat or juice.  It is often used to aid the digestion process. It soothes the burning sensation and the acidity attacks in the stomach and heart that happens due to indigestion. When you look at the Ayurveda, the dry kokum fruit juice when consumed can help in the digestion by enhancing the fire or Agni in your system. It also facilitates the digestion process of the body due to its natural properties. One will be able to give the best service only when one has to focus on the same. This concentration gets higher when the digestive system is good.

7. Helpful in weight loss

The kokum juice benefits do not end here as kokum helps in weight loss as well. Everyone these days is looking for a remedy that can help them to reduce their weight. The kokum is one such fruit that can help all those who are struggling to reduce their weight. Kokum has in a great quantity the hydroxycitric acid that is helpful in weight reduction. Now the question arises- how does hydroxy citric acid help in weight reduction? To explain it in simple terms, the hydroxycitric acid burns the excessive fat via oxidation. It further induces in you a feeling of being full so you do not get too hungry in a shorter duration.

8. Skin benefits

Besides, as mentioned already in the post above, kokum has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds which are quite beneficial for skincare. Interestingly, this simple fruit due to its properties helps to make the skin more radiant, soft, and supple. The elastase enzyme present in the kokum fruit breaks the elastin in your body. Due to this, your skin becomes healthy and firm. So, all those who are suffering from skin issues arising due to several reasons including stress can consume kokum juice.

9. Alleviates depression and anxiety

To not beat around the bush, kokum fruit stimulates the growth of the serotonin hormone that helps in alleviating depression and anxiety. Mental fatigue and anxiety are rising due to the stressful jobs, financial burdens, working parents, and also due to relationships issues. When the serotonin level is low in your body, your mood and social behavior as well will change. As discussed earlier, hydroxy-citric acid helps to release serotonin hormones.

10. Prevent dehydration

In the final words, kokum is generally consumed in summer in the form of sherbet. This is the best natural drink that will help you stay hydrated for a long day. One can reduce the chances of having a heat stroke or dehydration by merely consuming kokum juice. Kokum has a cooling propertied that instantly replenishes and refreshes the lost fluids of the body leaving you completely energized in the summer temperature.

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Regular exercise along with the kokum juice can naturally help you stay fit. There are multiple kokum juice benefits. Kokum juice is quite beneficial, especially during the summers. It is grown locally with other seasonal vegetables and fruits. If one aspires to keep his/her body healthy and fit, kokum juice is the key to it. The consumption of kokum juice is not just helpful for a short span but rather for the long term.








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