10 Ways To Look Expensive On A Budget

10 Ways To Look Expensive On A Budget

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Let’s accept it, we all dream of looking impressive and stylish. Many people assume that to look rich and stylish one needs to possess expensive clothing pieces and jewelry. However, it is possible to look expensive on a budget. Here we have collated a list for you just in case you want something handy.

Here are 10 easy ways to look expensive on a budget



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1. Neutral or nude colors

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If you want your outfit to look classy and sophisticated then opt for clothing pieces that are of neutral colors. These can be effortlessly paired with each other or vibrant colors and you can easily put together an outfit that will make you look expensive on a budget. Whereas you get limited options for pairing bold colored pieces.

Tip- Neutral colors are also divided into warm neutrals and cool neutrals so before buying or styling your clothes make sure to look for which one suits you the best.

2. Structured pieces over slouchy ones

look expensive on a budget

Even though we love this trend of wearing baggy pants and baggy sweatshirts, structured pieces give a more professional and polished look which instantly makes your overall look expensive. So next time you go shopping, find clothes that fit you and give your body a good shape and structure.

Tip- Do not completely leave wearing your oversized pieces but find a balance by incorporating one structured piece into your outfit.

3. Avoid distressed details and prints

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Clothing pieces with distressed details tend to look more casual, relaxed, and informal. While with prints your options for outfits get limited as it takes a lot more effort to style different patterns and prints in a sophisticated way. Buying timeless clothing pieces will help you build an integrated wardrobe. These basic clothing pieces never go out of style and you can easily pair them multiple times which will make you look expensive on a budget.

4. Minimal accessories

Accessorizing your outfit is the finest way to look expensive on a budget. Invest in jewelry pieces that can be coordinated with any outfit. Make sure to not overdo it because when it comes to accessorizing, less is always better.

Tip- You can wear any classic wristwatch and dainty jewelry daily as they are considered evergreen accessories.

5. Wear simple makeup

Flawless makeup is one of the best ways to look rich and classy. A well-put-together outfit can be ruined if your makeup is improper or overdone. Wearing simple, subtle makeup will give you just the right amount of oomph and let your natural beauty shine.

Tip- Make sure you have a good base as it is crucial for a sophisticated and flawless makeup look. Keep your makeup as natural as possible.

6. Shop secondhand and save for staple items

Shopping for secondhand clothes can save you a lot of money while making you look rich and stylish. Thrift stores do not only sell clothes at a cheap rate but you can find some timeless and classic pieces there. You can use the saved money to buy staple items that will complete your wardrobe.

Tip- Buy your clothes on a seasonal basis, for example, shop for coats and sweaters in the summer season so that you get the best deals at cheaper prices.

7. Hairstyle to look expensive

Your hairstyle can make or break your look so the best way to look elegant and expensive is to have sleek hair. It never goes out of style and gives you a neat and polished look. Having strands of hair around your face gives an informal and casual vibe so make sure to always comb your hair nicely.

Tip- Use serum on damp hair to put all the hair strands in place.

8. Match your shoes with your bag

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Many people might think that this trend is outdated but this is actually a timeless method to look expensive on a budget, it also oozes class and sophistication. You don’t need to buy every color bag for this but some basic colored bags and shoes like black, white, brown can be used on a daily basis.

Tip- While wearing a bright-colored dress, coordinate any neutral-colored bag with your footwear.

9. Groom your nails

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Groomed hair, makeup, and nails are basic ways to look expensive on a budget. It shows you have put in some effort without actually doing a lot of work. Make sure you always have clean and polished nails. Fill them with any classic or neutral shades.

Tip- Always use a base coat and a top coat for a long-lasting manicure.

10. Iron/steam your wrinkled clothes

Yet another simple way which can make a huge difference in your look is to always iron or steam your wrinkled clothes especially while going out. Keep your washed clothes neatly pressed at all times so whenever you are in a hurry you won’t have to compromise on your style.

Tip- Follow the instructions for ironing different fabrics so there is no chance of ruining your clothes.

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