12 Great Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Skin & Hair

12 Great Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Skin & Hair

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In case you are one of those individuals who like taking care of yourself then by now who might have already heard about the amazing benefits of coconut oil. This antioxidant-loaded, nourishing oil has countless uses.  It might not be a cure-all but it certainly has an impressive range of beauty benefits.

This pleasant smelling oil can easily be made a staple in your beauty cabinet. It can be easily stored and has a sufficiently long shelf life. It has been touted to have multiple skin and hair benefits and can be used for everything from removing makeup to healing scars.

Below mentioned are 12 benefits of coconut oil which can be easily included in your everyday beauty routine.

•             Deep Conditioner

•             Makeup Remover

•             Breath Freshener

•             Kill-All Lice

•             Body Hydrating Lotion:

•             Face Moisturizer

•             Lip Gloss & Balm

•             Anti-Cellulite Scrub

•             Hair Treatment

•             Body Massage Oil

•             Chest rub for colds

•             Soothe Eczema & Itchy Skin

1. Deep Conditioner

Luxurious shiny hair is a dream of every woman out there. Your hair can benefit from coconut oil in many ways. Coconut oil is a natural and less expensive way to get deeply conditioned hair without visiting any parlor. Coconut is widely used across many countries as a natural, chemical-free hair conditioner.

Just before you plan to wash your hair you can apply warm coconut oil liberally all over your hair. Cover with a shower cap and leave it on for a couple of hours and wash with regular shampoo. In case you are doing it on a weekend try to leave the oil overnight and wash the next day.

It can also act as a ‘Leave-in’ conditioner for that you just need to apply it on wet hair freshly washed hair. Just a small amount is needed to seal in moisture.

2. Makeup Remover

A small jar of coconut oil is a must on your dressing table. It serves as a natural substitute for chemically loaded makeup removers. In case you are worried that it might not work against water-resistant eyeliners then you are highly mistaken. Every night before bed, simply dab some extra virgin coconut oil in a cotton pad and roll it slowly over your makeup and see it come out from scrap. Wash your face with lukewarm water.

3. Breath Freshener

A bacteria named Streptococcus mutans is one of the leading causes of oral cavities. The lauric acid found in coconut oil can be extremely effective in fighting off this bacteria. Take some of this oil in your mouth and swish for around 15 minutes and spit out. Then brush your teeth. This procedure is also termed as ‘Oil Pulling’. Coconut oil‘s antibacterial properties will not only help clear out all the germs inside your mouth giving fresh breath but will also prevent tooth cavities and bleeding gums.

4. Kill-All Lice

Get started by spraying some apple cider vinegar all over your head. Wait till it has dried properly. Do not rinse it. Now, warm some coconut oil and apply it liberally all over your scalp. Cover it with a shower cap. Leave it for 2 hrs. Now remove the cap and brush your hair with a fine comb to remove the dead lice and eggs from your scalp.

5. Body Hydrating Lotion

Coconut oil acts as a light moisturizer which can be easily absorbed by the skin without leaving behind any greasy traces. It also contains lauric acid which leaves an anti-inflammatory effect on any skin condition that you might have on your body. This all-natural moisturizer will leave your body feeling soft, supple & glowing.

6. Face Moisturizer

 The essential fatty acids present in coconut oil help nourish your delicate facial skin and improve its hydration. Simply wash your face and pat dry. Take a few drops of extra virgin coconut oil and massage it lightly all over your face. For maximum benefits keep it overnight. The antioxidants in it will help smoothen lines and wrinkles off your skin while you rest.

7. Lip Gloss & Balm

Coconut oil can be applied on chapped lips to fight off cracked lips during winters. Mix some beetroot juice or vitamin C orange-flavored powder in the coconut oil and keep it in a small jar. Place it in the fridge to set and use as and when needed.

8. Anti-Cellulite Scrub

The benefits of coconut oil are so versatile that your entire body could take advantage out of it. You can use it as an anti-cellulite scrub. This scrub will not only relieve your aching muscles but will also help reduce cellulite. Simply mix 4-5 Tbsp of coconut oil with some 2 tbsp Epsom salt, add few drops of lavender oil to this mixture. Rub it all over your body and take a warm bath.

9. Hair Treatment

Coconut oil makes for a great hair oil ever! It conditions and nourishes your hair and keeps frizz away. Take some warm coconut oil and massage it on your scalp and leave it on for a couple of hours or more if you have time then wash it off with your regular shampoo.

10. Body Massage Oil

Coconut Oil is rich in vitamin E and other antioxidants that prevent sagging and wrinkling of the skin. Warm a few dollops of virgin coconut oil add a few drops of rose essential oil and massage it slowly all over your body before taking a warm shower. You can also use it as a post-bath body oil. Simply take a few tsp. Of this oil and apply over wet body post-bath and pat dry. It will moisturize your body without being too greasy.

11. Chest rub for colds

Take a few dollops of coconut oil. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil and rosemary oil. Rub it over your chest to relieve your sinuses and reduce cold & cough symptoms. Make sure to apply below your feet too before bed to manage your flu.

12. Soothe Eczema & Itchy Skin

In case you tend to suffer from eczema, itchy & inflamed skin recurrently then coconut oil should be at your bedside table always. Apply it directly over your problem areas post-bath and leave it on. To maximize its benefit mix a few tsp. Of Aloe vera gel and 2-3 drops of tea tree oil.


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Don’t be afraid to get creative with its usage. The benefits of coconut oil are not only external but also internal.  Just make sure to buy extra virgin coconut oil instead of the regular coconut oil.

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