12 Romantic Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

12 Romantic Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

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Valentine’s Day has always been special in our lives. It is a day officially dedicated to expressing our heartfelt love and desires to the one we love and adore. You are indeed lucky if you have already found the love of your life, someone you want to spend your entire life with. In case you are planning to propose your love but are running out of ideas then we have a list of valentine’s day proposal ideas just for you.

So, here are 12 romantic valentine’s day proposal ideas to help your plan and present your best self.

valentine's day proposal ideas

Choose something cliché

Some of the best valentine’s day proposal ideas are clichés. Do you remember watching a romcom and thinking if you could ever be the one to catch a flight at the last second and stop your love from going away? Or kissed your special one under the moonlight? Well, we might think that clichés are very lame, but we always have wanted a scenario filled with clichés in our life. Therefore, choosing something that has been done before isn’t that bad. You can ask them to be your valentine at dinner, or while you both are walking on a lonely street. Also, make sure to get them a box of chocolates with flowers.

Write down your true feelings.

You don’t have to search for things to do or activities to perform if you truly understand how you feel towards your love. Sometimes a letter from the bottom of your heart is all you need to ask someone to be your valentine. Just buy a few beautiful pages and write down all your true intentions and feelings towards your love. You can also use glitter and crayons to make your letter more aesthetic. Tell the person how they make you feel and when was the first time you realized that you want to be their valentine.

Make a video

You can make a romantic video that shows the memories that you have shared. Every time you both smiled, giggled, or even cried in the video will show your beautiful bond. After those memories of love and care are refreshed; you can ask your special one to spend this Valentine’s Day together and add one more memory to your beautiful relationship. This is one of those unique valentine’s day proposal ideas.

Write a song or poem.

Well, maybe this is not for everyone, but you can try it out. Maybe you won’t even need words to rhyme; maybe your song can be very meaningful to you and your love in its way. Just sit back and try to write about the person, write how being with them brings out the best in you, and write down the reasons behind your falling for the person. Writing a poem articulates your proposal, which shows your love for the person in a very subtle way.

On a trip

Imagine you and your special one are on a trip somewhere. Both of you are on the road laughing, sharing a beautiful day, and closer to each other. Don’t you think there can not be any perfect time and opportunity than this? A trip often brings people close to each other unlike they have ever been before; you can use this to your advantage and tell the person what they mean to you.

Plan a movie night

One more valentines day proposal idea is setting a movie night out. If you are looking for an easy way out, then planning a movie night to ask the person to be your valentine might be what you are looking for. Just take the person to a romantic movie and look for the right moment to ask the question. Wait for the right time, and when you feel like it, go for it.

On a cooking date

Cooking together can be one of the most romantic experiences, Once both of you become comfortable, you could easily ask the person if the person wants to be your valentine. Just let the vibe grow and wait for the right time before popping up the question. Let there be a few laughs and feelings shared so that both of you can be comfortable.

Early morning

Morning brings hope, which you are holding when you ask someone to be your Valentine.

People feel fresh and full of energy and passion in the morning. There can not be a better time to ask someone to take a chance on you. So, asking your special one to be your Valentine early in the morning might result in a positive answer. You might meet for breakfast or go someplace to see the sunrise.

Ask through the window.

This is one of those movie-inspired valentine’s day proposal ideas where you can use a window. It will make you feel like your life is like a movie which will be a plus point when you ask the question. For adding more romance, you can play guitar or any other instruments or maybe just a song.

With a gift

Who doesn’t love a gift? You do not have to buy something very expensive to prove your love for a person. It can be related to a memory that both of you shared or something very useful to the person. You can add a little note that says, ‘Will you be my valentine’ with the gift. This is pretty up there when it comes to the best valentine’s day proposal ideas.

During your late-night chat

Late-night chats are the most romantic chats. Both people chatting are often somewhat vulnerable and open to each other during late-night conversations. What better time to let your feelings out? Tell the person what they mean in your life and how you want to take the next step.


You can always give surprises like throwing up a party or coming home unannounced. But you should only consider this if you are sure of the answer. People love surprises, and when we do something extra for them, they appreciate our work.

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We hope you like these simple ideas. Do not shy away from using them in the upcoming valentine’s season.


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