14 Everyday Bag Essentials For An Office Employee

14 Everyday Bag Essentials For An Office Employee

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Have you ever come around those people you ask for anything, and they would probably have it in their bag? It’s almost like they have got some wizardry bag that has enough space to carry the whole world? Their everyday bag essentials include a list of things that can help you in almost all situations.

List of 14 everyday bag essentials

Here is a list of 14 everyday bag essentials for you to make sure you are all ready to go to work after the pandemic and do not forget any important thing at home.

Mask & hand sanitizer

After the Coronavirus pandemic, we all know how essential these are, and we must use them whenever we are outside of our house. You should carry an extra mask, just in case you misplace the one you were wearing. Keeping a mask and a hand sanitizer in your work bag will keep you and your colleagues safe.


It does not matter whether you are traveling by bus or car to go to work or work; earphones always come in handy. You can listen to songs, audiobooks, or motivational and informational ted talks to give a boost to start your day while traveling for work. While working, you can use the earphones to listen to your client on a call avoiding the noises around you.

Portable charger

After the pandemic, we don’t know how we ever lived without our phone and laptop or got any work done without them. At home we can quickly charge our phone batteries whenever we want but traveling and working at the office, we might not have any option. So it’s always safe to carry a portable charger in your work bag to avoid these situations.

Notepad & a pen

You do not want your notices or ideas written on a post-it note that everybody can quickly lose, throw, or see. The best way to keep your work and your thoughts more organized is to always write them in a notepad which you should always carry in your work bag. Don’t forget to keep a spare pen; without it, the notepad is of no use.

Business card

Nowadays, most things are done digitally, but handing out a business card suggests a more personal connection and makes your impression memorable. So always carry your business card because you don’t know when you meet new people and want to network with them.


There is no time you do not need tissues! A pack of tissues does not take a lot of space in your bag and can be used for numerous situations. It will come in handy to clean your hands, blow your nose, wipe up spilt water or coffee.

Breath Mints or Gum

A bad breath is the last thing you want at your office. So, make sure to pack in some gums to avoid any awkward situation (because these things happen at the worst moment, and you want to be all prepared for it).

Water bottle

On some busy working days, you might forget to drink enough water required for your body to function correctly, which makes a water bottle an everyday bag essential. Keeping a water bottle with yourself will also save you money as you will have access to water even while traveling to work.


Make sure to carry some additional snacks with you in your work bag as you do not know when you can get extra hungry, and you don’t want that to affect your productivity. It can be protein bars, dried fruits, or any healthy snack that is durable and nutritious.

Makeup pouch

A tiny pouch is always included in everyday bag essentials as it keeps your makeup products organized, which you can easily carry to the washroom. This pouch can include lip balm, hair accessories, lipstick, foundation, Vaseline, lotion, rubber band, tampons, sanitary pads, comb, and a small mirror.


If you are on any medication, then make sure to put them in your office bag. Even if you are not taking any medicine, it is wise to carry a mini first aid kit with sanitary pads, OTC anti-inflammatory, or pain meds in your office bag just in case of an emergency.


When you keep all your everyday bag essentials in one place, you might have difficulty looking for cash, bills, coins, and keys. So make sure to place your wallet in your work bag to keep your things more organized. We suggest using a small wallet as it takes less space in your bag. Also, you can carry a separate coin pouch if you do not want your change coins to not mix with cash.


Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from harmful sun rays but also put your outfit together by making a statement. Chances are you quickly forget your glasses when you are rushing to work, so it’s best to keep a pair of sunglasses always in your office work back.


It depends on whether you live, but it is wise to always carry an umbrella with you. Some people live in places where the weather is unpredictable. You might have gone to work on a bright sunny morning, but it can start raining cats and dogs in the evening. Also, have a plastic bag with you to keep the wet umbrella in the bag without ruining other things.

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The list mentioned above of everyday bag essentials can be a lifesaver in many situations, and you can be productive and efficient in your work office.


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