15 Signs Guys Are Intimidated By You Inspite Of Being In Love

15 Signs Guys Are Intimidated By You Inspite Of Being In Love

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Whatever the reason may be, a lot of men are intimidated by beautiful and ambitious women. If you are one of them, it will also happen to you.  So, if people praise you for your looks and personality, but you are still single, it is possibly because guys are intimidated by you and are afraid to approach you. Here are 15 signs guys are intimidated by you.

Signs Guys Are Intimidated By You

He can’t approach you

Your friends tell you the guy likes you, but he took a lot of time to talk to you. It is because, according to him, you are amazing. He thinks he is not good enough for you and always steps back before approaching you. This can be a good sign for you to know that even if he likes you, he feels intimidated.

He tries to be in a dominating position

He asks you continuously about where you have been, what you are doing, who you are with, and the list goes on. It means he is creating scenarios in his head that make him insecure. He knows that you are stunning and people like you. But he can’t digest this fact because he is intimidated by you. If you like the guy and want something serious, you can reassure him that you will still choose him even if you have thousands of choices.

Being nosey 

Sometimes the guys just try to talk to you. To hide their intimidation, they try to ask questions and continue the conversation even if they don’t know what they are discussing. Unintentionally, they will come across as nosey people trying to talk even if the context is inappropriate. If you want to talk back, ensure he feels relaxed around you. Make him feel comfortable and take the conversation in a good direction by yourself.

He talks to you rudely

Sometimes people want to hide their negative emotions but unknowingly transfer them to you. They know that you are perfect, but it makes them insecure. To conceal that insecurity, to make themselves feel validated, they try to make you look down and feel bad. If you want something meaningful with him, communication is the best weapon. Ask him to be gentle and communicate freely about your emotions and imperfections. It will secure him.

Acting weird in front of you

Insecurities are weird. So if a guy feels intimidated by you because he thinks you are too good for him, he may act weird. He doesn’t know how to convey his feelings for you because, according to him, you are so stunning, and he doesn’t find himself good enough. Asking you out and then canceling the plan, talking out of context, and using weird body language can be your sign to know that he feels attracted to and intimidated by you all at once.

Trying to make less eye contact

Liking a guy or a girl starts from the eyes. Even in the talking and getting to know each other phase, eye contact plays a vital role in conveying real feelings. But if the guy you are talking to avoids eye contact with you, it means he is intimidated by you. He thinks eye contact will reveal his real feelings for you, and you may notice his flaws. He feels you are flawless, and catching his flaws may affect your bond.

guys like you but are afraid


This is one of the most underrated signs guys are intimidated by you. They make excuses whenever you plan something. This can mean two things: he does not like you and likes you but doesn’t feel good enough to hang out with you. Most of the time, we imagine the first and let him go. But it can be the other way around. They may feel insecure, underconfident, and nervous around you, and to overcome all these, they make random excuses. So figure out what is the real reason for his excuses.

He is anxious to be around you

People get anxious when they are around attractive people. Likewise, in your case, the guy may like you but doesn’t know what to do with the feelings. It makes him anxious around you.

Trying hard 

This is one of the signs guys are intimidated by you that you can’t ignore. When he thinks you are not in his league and are way better than him, he tries hard to fit in. He tries to show off his achievements, body, personality, and whatnot. He unnecessarily tries to be funny. All these signs can tell you that he likes you but thinks he is not good enough for you.

Downward comparison

He feels he must show off himself to fit into your level. That’s why he tries to compare other guys with himself, telling you how good he is. It makes him feel better, and he finds himself fitting in. If this is the case, be sure he is intimidated by your looks and personality.

He feels threatened by you

When a guy is intimidated by your looks, ambitions, and personality,  he feels threatened. It is because he believes that because you are pretty and ambitious, you will be independent. And you will not need him. This perceived notion of being ignored and not needed makes him feel threatened.

Always tries to make you happy

This is undoubtedly a good sign if a guy likes you, but the intention can be the opposite. Sometimes people don’t express their feelings because it may make you sad. They feel that you influence people because you are pretty. And if you feel sad about him, you may tell your social circle, which may create bad impressions about him.

Competes for you

This is one of the unavoidable signs guys are intimidated by you. They know you have endless attention for guys because of how you look. So, to get your attention, they compete with other guys. They can do anything to throw other guys out of your way and make a place for themselves.

Being jealous 

Jealousy is a sign of intimidation. When a guy thinks you are strong, ambitious, and independent, he feels insecure because he finds himself in a lower position. This insecurity turns into jealousy, and he tries to put you down for no good reason.

He jokes about his feelings

Last but not least, this is one of the final signs guys are intimidated by you. When they feel you are out of their league, they try to convey their feelings through jokes. They are so intimidated by you that they can’t ask you out. That’s why they prefer jokes and leave the rest to destiny.

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These signs can help you figure out if a guy is intimidated by you. If you like the guy, try to know the reason for this and figure out how you can make him feel relaxed, secure, and comfortable around you.



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