15 Signs he loves you secretly but does not admit it

15 Signs he loves you secretly but does not admit it

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Smelling something lovey-dovey from a crush? Maybe you are concerned about the extra attention that is being paid recently. Does he love you or is it just your wishful thinking? Sometimes you can almost swear there are signs he loves you secretly but is hiding from you. While you may be pretty confused to understand if the guy might be interested or not, we are here to guide you.

Why do guys hide their emotions?

While some of us may be thinking why the guys are not upfront in expressing their emotions to them, the fact is that the men fear rejection. They are afraid of the girl refusing to be with them. They have a rock-solid ego that refuses them to be upfront. Also, some of them are scared of being friend-zoned, which is why they are not very vocal about their feelings.

However, sometimes there are sure signs he loves you secretly, and these will make them clear.

Signs he likes you secretly

He is always there for you

He is always there whenever there are times of crisis. If there is an instance when you need help, be it at any point in time, he is always there for you. You might need help to run an errand, or maybe you need someone to listen to you ranting over. You will always find a pair of ears that is never bored of what you say.

He is finding excuses to be with you 

Be it anytime and anywhere, he will always be with you. He will never leave any instance, even if it is for ten minutes to be with you. If he knows you are free for some time, he will leave no stone unturned to make it a point to come and see you.

He will always find ways to appreciate you

When he appreciates you, you will know that these are genuine feelings. Be it a cup of coffee that you made or a new shirt you got for him. He will never stop praising your choice and your skills. This gesture is one of the golden signs he loves you secretly, and you must take these nuances seriously.

He is constantly texting you 

He is never tired and will always take care of you. If you somehow get a chance to glance at this Inbox, you will be able to see that you are the only one he is texting apart from his friends. He keeps in touch with you and shares the most minute details of his life with you, happy to keep you in the loop.

You are already quite well known among his friends

When there is an instance where you get to hang out with his friends, and you are surprised to know that your choice and everything about you is already known. This move is also among the best signs he loves you secretlyIf you come across such a situation, you can be sure that you are always in his mind, even when he is with his friends, which is quite an unusual step.

He is always trying to impress you

You will find him striving hard to impress you and doing everything possible so that you are happy. Be it ordering the flavor of the ice cream that you like or surprising you with your favorite box of chocolates. He is always on his toes to impress you.

He remembers even the smallest of the details that you gave.

You will be stunned when you find him remembering the smallest of the details about something insignificant that you might have told him months back while you were a bit emotional, and guess what, he remembers it word to word. What else but this would show that he loves you a lot and is willing to be with you.

He is protective of you 

He shows it at times to make himself clear to you. There might be instances when you would interact or praise someone else in front of him, and you will watch him getting blue and black. He will never accept if you praise someone else or talk to someone he might consider to be a potential threat for him, which might be among the most beautiful signs he loves you secretly.

He is always finding instances to look for the common thread 

Be it a hobby you might both pursue or a musical concert for an artist you might both like, he is always eager to know where you are similar. This is for him to make you understand that you both are like peas in a pod.

He asks for your opinion

He might ask you regarding issues that have been bothering him. He does this because your opinion matters to him, and he would want to take up your ideas to implement in his life. This is because he wants you to be a part of his life and respects all your thoughts. He does it so that he can include it in the instances of his own life. This is also among the most classic signs he loves you secretly.

He spoils you with gifts

This happens almost every time he sees you. Be it the luxury products you have been waiting for a long time or the most ordinary bar of chocolate that you like; he always makes it a point to get you gifts. He is unwilling to come empty-handed to meet you because the sparkle of joy and happiness that he sees in your eyes when you visit the present, he got for you is priceless for him.

He never gets late 

He values your time the most. He will never keep you waiting at any cost and make it a point he reaches before you. He will leave no chance to waste a single second to be without you.

He always keeps his promises

He never fails to make you unhappy and disheartened in any situation. He knows that you are his priority, and he will make time for you anytime. This is also one of the most common signs he loves you secretlywhere he will be going out of his way to make you feel special. If he has promised you anything, you will see that it will be done for you even if he has something else to look into.

He shares his future thoughts and planning with you 

He wants to see how you react to them. He knows deep in his mind that he cannot share it with anyone else, but you and your opinions matter to him. This is when he starts getting serious about you and would like to build a future with you. You will quickly understand that marriage is on the cards once you see him being yourself with you.

He is very respectful to you

This is the ultimate thing you would expect from a guy and if you seem to have earned it now, grab it. People spend their entire lives searching for respect, and if you have it in him, don’t delay it with the ring.

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So, these were the 15 signs that show that he loves you but is too shy to admit it. In case you also happen to also like to love them back then do not hold back. Let this be the foundation of the new relationship and start your new life with love and respect for each other; you will never regret it. That’s our word to you

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