15 Simple Things To Do To Make Your Girlfriend Happy

15 Simple Things To Do To Make Your Girlfriend Happy

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Birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s day are some of the occasions that could leave a man racking his brains about what he can do differently from the chocolates, teddy bears, and roses she has been getting every year. Or perhaps there is just no occasion. You want to do something special for your girlfriend. You want to show how much you care. You are probably running out of ideas on how to surprise her. If either of the above is true, here we have collated a list of things to make your girlfriend happy.

Here are 15 different things to make your girlfriend happy

things to make your girlfriend happy

1. Write her a message

If only you knew the impact that a random message sent without an occasion could have on a girl from someone she loves, you would be doing it as often as possible. Taking a cue from this, you can leave love notes for her to read. Write her an entire letter that she can read on a special occasion (let me tell you that a girl loves letters more than anything and she is sure to treasure those papers for years). Try it, and you are sure to make your girlfriend smile.

2. Be thoughtful of her favorite things

It can be a book, a movie, a song, or anything she told you about, and play it for her or gift her keeping all this in mind. If there is something that she is struggling with or going through, see what you can do to give her a helping hand. She will be touched by your thoughtfulness and notice how you remember things to make your girlfriend happy.

3. Prepare some breakfast

Girls do not expect huge feasts and five-star meals. Gestures like an attempt at a small meal will let her see how much you love her, even if all you could do was fix her a peanut butter sandwich. Or you could do something for her evening nibbles, getting her favorite evening snacks and placing a flask of coffee/tea before her.

4. Flowers and a table for two

Girls wait for a romantic moment like this. Fix some time with a candle between the two of you and some soft music in the background. Flowers never fail to please a girl, and every girl secretly longs to see her boyfriend gift her flowers. In case you have never done that till now, it is high time. All it takes is a visit to the florist to come back with a fragrance that your lady will love.

5. Long drives to make your girlfriend happy

Believe it or not, girls love long drives. The idea of just sitting with you as you take her zooming on your bike is enough to give her memories to make her smile. Free today, and wondering what to do? Take her out on a drive. Do not worry about where you should be heading. Make sure it is a place where you can zoom and let her enjoy your company with her hair flying in her face.

6. Small yet meaningful gifts

Every girl is going to love gifts. She is not looking for something expensive. It can be something you made for her. In the end, it is the thought that counts. These smaller things to make your girlfriend happy.

7. Gestures of love

Sometimes all a girl wants is little things like your presence. She wants some quiet time with your hand in hers. She wants to sit with you on a park bench. Trust me, do this and see how it works. Kisses, hugs, and back rubs are a few things that can never go wrong with a girl. Give her a back massage if she has been having a long day, and she will remember it.

8. Movie night

That is another thing that a girl longs for from you. Fix some time together in a theatre, holding hands as you watch a movie together, perhaps something romantic that will make her get on-screen imagines the same for you and her.

9. Weekend out

When was the last time you took her out? If you have not, then let me tell you that this is something she has been secretly longing for. Please do not wait for her to mention it. Why not surprise her this week with a weekend getaway?

10. Give a performance

You do not have to be Elvis Presley or Elton John, but the little efforts in things like this will convince her of how special you are to her and make her happy.

11. Pet names

If you do not have a pet name for her yet, it is time to think of one now.

12. Lend a listening ear

If there is one thing you need to know about a girl, it is this. She can rant on and on about her life and her day, telling you the same stories again. If she has been doing that to you, she loves you. Enjoy the chatter; listen to her, else she’ll be hurt.

13. Shower compliments

Most girls secretly put a lot of effort to receive a compliment or two from their beloveds. Once in while make sure to just shower her with them, and she will love it. Say something about her hair, dress, or anything you like about her. Expressing your love is the key. She wants to hear from you. If there is nothing, you can think about just yet, perhaps all you need to do is express your gratitude for everything she does for you.

14. Interest in her family

We know this can be difficult for you, so take baby steps if you are not ready just yet. Things like asking about her family and remembering names and stories she told you show that you care and strengthen her relationship with you.

15. The three magic words

Even though a girl knows what you feel even before you say it, she would still want to hear it from you. What is stopping you? It is the three magical words that will work wonders between you.

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Finally, Be a Good Boyfriend

And at the end of the day, stay loyal and love her. Remember that there can be no fooling with a girl, and she can read through the lines. It does not matter if you cannot do big things to make your girlfriend happy. Stay faithful, stay loyal, and that is the gift you can give to any girl.







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