15 Summer Goals To Better Your Life This Season

15 Summer Goals To Better Your Life This Season

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After the sluggish cold winter, it’s finally time to put your pretty summer dresses on and go out to a fresh new Summer. With one summer ending, the countdown for the next spring to set is already on. Summer has finally approached, and this time you need to set your summer goals right to make it a season to remember!

Summer Goals, but Why?

Let’s be honest, winters were four long months of hibernation in our PJs and furry socks, with a bucket of hot chocolate and all the turkey we could fit in us. But, now that it’s gone, we’re back on track with our best summer fits, matching the Pinterest board we were clung to all year long, and making a lifestyle change that is so much required. What better way to do that than creating a list of summer goals to follow? To be productive, and fun, to be full of life and colors, set your summer goals in a way that you remember this summer for a lifetime.

YES to Summer Goals, but How?

Now that you are convinced to make this summer productive, it’s time to figure out how you want to do it. Setting a goal is the easy part, what counts is how long you can manage to follow it. Your goals need to be intentional, and somewhat productive so that every day of this summer is a big W! If you have a general habit of setting goals and following through, you must have heard about smart goals. Well, yes, smart goals definitely, but also SMART goals: “Specific_Measurable_Achievable_Relevant_Time-bound”

Go back to the SMART acronym while creating your summer goals to ensure that they are well-thought-out. SMART goals are more effective because they provide consistency, commitment, and concentration. They also provide defined objectives and a time frame, making it easier to keep on track with your goals. Don’t let this process intimidate you, but having it in your subconscious while creating your summer goals will make it easier.

We understand that sometimes following goals can become very overwhelming. Remember, at the end of the day you are doing it to feel good and more importantly to have fun. So, ease up and follow these processes to stay consistent with your goals:

  • Write your goals

It is a scientifically proven fact that when you write your goals down, you have a better chance of actualizing them. Writing them is a constant reminder of following them and your brain is trained in a way to follow them. Studies say that when you write your goals down, you have a 4x chance of being successful at them. You can either follow a regular planner or pin a list of summer goals on your desk.

  • Track your progress

How do you know how successful you are unless you track your progress? Keep a daily record of how far along you are in finishing your goal. It is a great way to encourage yourself and keep a positive attitude. Remember, you don’t have to go out of your limb to be successful. Every little thing matter, so don’t forget to count even the smallest of steps.

  • Be flexible

Lastly, like we said before, all of this is about having a little bit of fun. Don’t be too stringent with your goals. Loose up a bit when you feel like it, improvise, and be flexible. Cleaning that messy room can wait, if you want to go out for a walk in the cool summer breeze, do that. Clean your room the next day!

15 Summer Goals to Better Your Life This Season

Summer Goals

Here are some of the best summer goals you can set to make the best out of these seasons. Most of these are centered on wellness, health, growth, and having an overall positive approach toward life. Summer Glow Up Checklist and Ideas: Look Your Best


Incorporate reading in your lifestyle. Read at least one book every week. Reading can improve your vocabulary, increase your knowledge, and reduce stress levels.


Focus on your health. Exercise for 30 minutes every day. Regular exercise helps to improve your physical and mental health and boosts your energy levels. 7 Yoga Poses To Reduce Breast Size Within Weeks

Engage in hobbies

Learn a new skill or hobby. Try something you’ve always wanted to do, like learning a new language, painting, or playing an instrument. Some of the best summer hobbies you can try out are surfing, swimming, rollerblading, etc.

Be more outdoorsy

Spend more time outdoors. Take a walk in nature, go to the beach, or have a picnic in the park. Fresh air and sunshine can help to improve your mood and reduce stress levels. You can try going on camps or go out cycling.

Get organized

Set goals for the summer and create a plan to achieve them. Declutter your space, make a to-do list, and prioritize your tasks.

Engage more with friends and family

Spend quality time with family and friends. Catch up with loved ones, plan a fun activity, or have a barbecue.

Know your kitchen

Learn to cook a new healthy recipe every week. Eating a nutritious diet can help to improve your overall health and well-being. Summer is also a great time for growing a kitchen garden. If you are someone who fancies well-woven dishes, this is something you must try.

Self-care every day!

Start a daily gratitude practice. Write down three things you are grateful for every day to increase your happiness and positivity.

Be more generous

Volunteer for a local charity or community organization. Helping others can be rewarding and provide a sense of purpose.

Find your peace

Learn to meditate. Meditation can reduce stress levels, increase self-awareness, and improve overall well-being.

Learn something new

Take a course or attend a workshop. Continuing education can help to expand your knowledge and skills. You can try out painting, sculpting, pottery, beekeeping, pickle-making, etc.

Get out there

Summer Vacations are a must. Plan a vacation or staycation. Take a break from your regular routine and explore a new place. Visit a beach, go surfing and get yourself that tan.

Personal growth

Set boundaries and practice self-care. Take time for yourself and prioritize your mental and emotional well-being. Do what makes you feel good. Listen to music, explore new genres, and rediscover your being.

Get away from that screen

Practice mindful technology use. Limit your screen time and use technology intentionally to reduce stress and increase productivity. This will help make your summer season even more mindful and productive.

Challenge yourself

What is that one thing you were too scared to add to your bucket list? Maybe it’s time you thought. Try something new and step out of your comfort zone. Take a risk, try something new, and challenge yourself to grow and learn.

These were 15 summer goals ideas to make your summer season more memorable!

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