15 Things guys like about girls: Traits Men Love

15 Things guys like about girls: Traits Men Love

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Most women often assume that physical looks as well as revealing clothes are the only things that attract men. However, nothing could be further from the truth. There are many other equally important things guys like about girls but never directly speak about it. They are looking for girls who can let them be themselves touch their inner cord. There are some special traits that make men go crazy.

Below listed are some things guys like about girls but never talk about it.

Dressing Sense

things guys like about girls

Guys like the girls to wear sensible and intelligent clothes. They would not mind them exploring options and sticking to one particular type of clothing, but what matters is how well the girls carry their dress. If the girls are well-groomed and wear clothes with a subtle taste of elegance, the men have all the reason to fall for them.

A mesmerizing fragrance

Men would fall head over heels for women who smell excellent—wondering how to make them smell the fragrance? Just hug them while saying goodbye so that the men can get the fantastic smell. The girls can dab their favorite perfumes on their wrists, at the back of the ear, and around the neck to ensure the fragrance lasts.

Good IQ levels

What makes the men weak on their knees is an outstanding IQ level in the girls, and they are very impressed by the intelligence of the girls. All men dread the women who create unnecessary drama, so it would be fantastic for them to be in touch with girls who inspire them and motivate them in all the realms of life.

Not be judgemental

Men like honesty in women, and they would want their girlfriends to be honest about their behavior. However, girls must make sure that they do not make a big fuss about it or overreact about the entire situation. However, they should not be rude and show their decency while speaking.

Pursue a hobby passionately

things guys love about girls

Being passionate about a specific hobby and pursuing that with full attention makes the men fall for the girls. Especially when the girls are pursuing unusual hobbies like surfing, calligraphy, golf, or maybe go-karting, the men find a good thread of connection. This is a big turn-on for all the men, and it makes the girls take a central place in their minds.

Show kindness

Good behavior is a turn-on for all kinds of men and at all times. Most men would want to associate with polite women and have a warm approach when they interact. This would earn the women a good name and make them good human beings.

Being cheeky

Men often like women who like being cheeky and naughty with them. Little non-sexual touches or an intimate conversation with numerous instigative puns are not only a turn-on for the men. They also make the men yearn for their companionship all the time. Sometimes, a little teasing also does the thing,

Laying your head on his chest

Men like it when girls rest their heads on their chests and seek a comfortable place in them. It gives them a sense of belonging, and they always look forward to creating situations where the girls can keep doing this again. The men are very fond of such cases, and they like it when women do this.

Making a move first.

One of the most important things guys like about girls is when they first express their love or amiability. It has always been stereotyped about men that they would come up and propose to women. However, when things go the other way round, it makes the men feel pampered. They also get impressed by the exemplary skills of the women.

Playing with his hair.

Men love being the center of attraction for the women they are crushing upon. So, when the ladies are constantly giving them the attention they yearn for, that makes the men feel special. It does not always have to be talking. The women at times fidget with the men’s fingers or toss their fingers through their hair, which makes the men feel very special. This physical attention makes the men understand that the girl is comfortable being with them.

Texting him on a girls’ night out

There are instances when the men get very insecure when their girlfriends get out with their friends, and they start getting insecure, overthinking what might happen next. As a result, they might begin their tantrums as soon as the girls say they will be out. However, when a man is cultured enough to encourage his girl to have fun with her friends, a little text at short intervals from the girls would mean the world to them. I would also show how the girl values her man and respects him.

Giving him surprise treats

cook for men

Boys love to eat, and when it is a special treat from their girl, that makes them go crazy on them. Be it a little pastry or a homemade delicious meal. The men would appreciate the effort a lot. This gesture would make their girl stand out from the rest.

Giving them massages

Guys enjoy a good massage session, and an impromptu message from their girlfriend makes them super-duper happy. It makes them feel stress-free and thinks their girlfriend takes care of them. The soft hands of the girls make them feel intimate and soothe them instantly.

Listening to him speak

This is a significant gesture, and it just shows how much the girls respect the men as individuals. Guys tend to confide even more when their girlfriends listen to them without interrupting. It makes the guys realize that the girls are paying attention and not judging them in any manner. This will also increase their love and respect, and they will start doing the same when the girls express their views.

Wearing his clothes

Guys get happy when their girlfriends wear their clothes, shorts, and sweatshirts. They find it extremely alluring and cute on them. This also makes the men confident about the relationship. It’s almost like a silent way of the girls denoting that they belong to them, which can boost their male ego and make them go crazy for their girl.

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These were some of the most important things guys like about girls. They crave for soul partners just as girls do. Additionally, they are also looking for someone caring and loyal, with whom they can build a strong partnership for life.

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