20 Ways To Lift Your Mood Instantly Within 5 Mins

20 Ways To Lift Your Mood Instantly Within 5 Mins

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20 Ways To Lift Your Mood Instantly

“Good mood” is probably the most elusive thing everyone craves. However, our mood is not always in our hands. Factors like diet, sleep, financial status, work-life balance, relationships, physical activity, weather, peer pressure, social media usage, and many more contribute to our mood. They say that life does not always feel like a bed of roses. Thus, after a hectic day, a breakup, a disappointment, or something else, you cannot help but feel frustrated about your life. However, below are some great ways to lift your mood to make you feel positive.

Take a look at some ways to lift your mood on a bad day.


Indulge In Some Chocolate

We may not need reasons to indulge in chocolates. However, it is scientifically proven that the antioxidant in chocolate called resveratrol contributes to the burst of happy hormones like serotonin and endorphins in our bodies. The secretion of these hormones in our body offers us a pleasant feeling, reducing the stress level to a great extent.

Be Grateful For What You Have

Try shifting your focus to the positive aspects of your life. This action will generate a feeling of gratefulness for what you have, forgetting the worries and flaws. Writing down or thinking about the things you are thankful for gives you an immediate dose of a good mood.

Smile A Bit

Smiling a bit does not harm anybody, especially your bad mood. A meta-analysis of 138 studies has discovered that smiling leads to a slight enhancement of our moods. So, it may sound cheezy, but smiling through the way of life can help you overcome many obstacles.

Listen To A Mood Lifting Playlist

Believe it or not but music can impact our mood like nothing else. Hence, in an attempt to feel happy, switch to your favorite playlist that always makes you hum, sing, and groove. Thus, turn on your upbeat playlist whenever you wish to decrease your anxiety level and need an instant boost of happy feelings.

Breathe Slowly

Taking deeper and slower breaths can calm down your nervous system when your anxiety and stress levels go beyond control. If you dedicate some time from your everyday schedule to deep, slow breathing, you will gradually come across its profound benefits.

Grab Your Favorite Coffee  Tea

Scientific studies have proved that caffeine positively impacts your mood and eliminates the risk of depression, especially for females. Thus, if you are not caffeine sensitive, a cuppa coffee will do wonders on a bad day.

Make Someone Feel Good

Lending a helping hand to others often fills you with a sense of fulfillment. Even researches prove that volunteering leads to higher levels of emotional well-being. It is natural that when you concentrate on doing something for another person, your mind deviates from your miseries. The smile that you put on a loved one’s face is contagious. Thus, you tend to smile in the process of making others smile.

Put On A Candle

The flickering flames and smell of a burning candle can lead to a relaxed mind, offering you a sense of calmness and positivity. Especially scented candles that incorporate high-grade essential oils play a significant role in enhancing the quality of your sleep.

Perform Some Silly Dance Moves

Moving your body to perform funny poses and silly dances can guide you to a state of happiness. Even doing physical activities such as jumping around, skipping, or even lifting your hands in the hair can offer you a better feeling. Many researchers have agreed to the perks of moderate physical exercises on lifting mood. The effects happen immediately and can last from minutes to almost an hour.

Dial Your Buddy

Your company decides your vibe. Thus, to attain happiness, you should surround yourself with people who incorporate pleasant feelings into your life. In case you are going through a down emotional state, daily your all-time buddy to have a mood-uplifting conversation.

Soak in the Sunshine

A solid dose of Vitamin D can help you remove your blues. On a bad day, step outside the four walls of your room or office and go to the rooftop, garden, or front lane to get some sunshine. If going outside is impossible, standing by the window or balcony can expose you to a bright sun filled with good vibes.

Declutter Your Surroundings

A change in the environment adds to a refreshed mind, allowing us to overcome the bubble of a bad mood. Devote some time to decluttering and rearranging your home or workspace, and observe the difference in your spirit. It has been found in recent research that clutter causes an increase in the levels of the stress hormone called cortisol in your body.

Just Hug Your friend

If a good friend is within your reach, give him or her a tight hug. Hugging is more impactful in mood upliftment than you can imagine. The physical touch leads to the secretion of the oxytocin hormone. This hormone secretion offers you a warm, cozy, and secure feeling. Additionally, the intensity of cold symptoms also decreases with hugging.

Spoil Yourself With Some Delicious Food

Often our stomach is the way to our heart and mind. So, if your day is not going well, don’t think twice before treating yourself to a delicious meal. Give your happiness quotient an increase with some of your favorite food items. To make your meal more special, light a few candles, set up a beautiful ambiance, or show gratitude for the meal.

 Take A Break From Social Media

Studies have stated a downfall in the mental well-being of young adults for excessive use of social media. Seeing other people flaunting their achievements and happiness on social media makes us feel unworthy. So, uninstalling the apps or turning off the notifications can give you a quick detox.

Dress Up In Your Favourite Outfit

Whether staying at home or going to your workplace, wearing your favorite outfit and putting on some makeup delivers a quick mood enhancement. A small suggestion: go for red attire, as the particular shade elevates your confidence and positive energy.

 Pen Down Your Thoughts In A Diary

Don’t have anyone to share the roller-coaster ride of your emotions? A dairy can prove to be your best friend in such a scenario. Penning down your emotions lets you process them better and clearer. So, pick a diary and pen to write down your thoughts and relieve your burden.

Offer Yourself A Quick Massage Session

Head and body massages have proven to be a quick stress reliever, freshening up the mind and body of a person. Thus, give yourself a quick rubdown along your forehead, neck, shoulders, lower back, and feet to release significant anxiety.

Chat With A Stranger

Several research studies show that simple social engagement makes you feel better during a bad mood. Little things like making eye contact, having chitchat, or having a casual smile can contribute significantly to your depressed mood. Be it a random shopkeeper or your fellow passenger on the bus, don’t miss an opportunity to build a casual conversation. It is one of the simplest ways to lift your mood.

Buy a Present for Yourself

Self-love can act as the boon of life when you suffer from anxiety and depression. So, indulge in self-love and self-care by purchasing flowers or little presents for yourself. Ensure portraying yourself as the main character of your life’s drama.

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Mental health fulfills an essential part of the journey of our growth and overall well-being. However, in our modern, fast-paced lives with hectic work schedules and turmoils in personal relationships, it is not always possible to maintain a positive state of our moods. In such instances, these 20 ways to lift your mood can take away your anxiety and offer you a cheerful mood within a few minutes. So, whenever you pass through a depressed phase of life, try to apply these small steps towards self-love and instant mood acceleration.








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