25 Best Wrist and Hand Tattoos for Girls

25 Best Wrist and Hand Tattoos for Girls

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It’s a norm for girls to get tattoos these days, and what better way to show off your style than with a wrist tattoo. Tattoos are like a style statement done to look “cool.” But getting a tattoo that will last a while and looking through all the fantastic designs can be quite a task, so here is a list of wrist tattoos for girls. We have collated a list of cool wrist and hand tattoos for girls to help you get started.

Here are the 25 best wrist and hand tattoo ideas for girls

Searching for wrist tattoos for girls? Here we have listed down some cool yet simple hand tattoo designs for girls. In case you are worried that tattoos can be painful then simply try adopting a simple design to get started.

Spreading the wings

The tattoo symbolizes freedom. Girls who like to enjoy their personal space can opt for this design. This is an excellent tattoo for girls on hand wherein a design is created with a bird spreading its wings.


Abstract design

Girls who are introverted and fond of enjoying their own company definitely go for this abstract design.

abstract tattoo

Butterfly tattoo

Butterflies signify love. Every girl likes to watch a butterfly for its brightly colored wings. Why not paint it on your wrist?  They are one of the most endearing wrist tattoos for girls.

butterfly tattoos

The handwritten tattoos

The tattoo idea is elementary. It is written in free handwriting on the wrist. “Free,” “believe,” and whatever word you like, can be depicted as a tattoo.

The love tattoos

This idea is designed with the heart shape in the first. Then heartbeats follow them.

Love tattoo

Musical notes

For girls who like to have music a part of their lives, this design is for them.

musical note wrist and hand tattoo for girls

Rosary tattoos

If you do not want to physically carry a rosary locket with you, you can have a tattoo designed with a rosary.

wrist tattoos for girls

‘Om’ wrist tattoos

The wrist tattoos with ‘Om’ engraved in them can signify a spiritual angle. Religious people can have this design.

Tattoos with quotes

It’s a great idea to use a favorite quote as a tattoo for girls on hand. You can have your wrist to be painted with a tattoo with your favorite quote. For example, “stay strong,” “let it be,” and many more.

Tattoos with words

Customized words of your like can be designed on your wrist to make someone happy. “Smile,” “happiness,” “ambition,” “hopes”- you can prefer these words to be your wrist tattoo.

minimal hand tattoos for girls

Flower tattoos

Flowers are the beautiful creation of nature. You can have ‘lily,’ ‘rose,’ or any flower as the wrist tattoo if you are more into flowers.

colorful design

Capture the whole world on your wrist

Do you want to see the whole world? Do you consider yourself a globe-trotter? If the answer is yes, then you must go for the world tattoo. You can get the world map on your wrist to give the vibe of capturing the world.

wrist tattoo for girls

The fire tattoos

The combination of the fire with feather looks stunning. You will get the feeling that the fire is within you. You should have the tattoo if you are a person with determination.

The feather tattoos

Getting a tattoo that includes a feather will look amazing on your wrist. You can customize this wrist and hand tattoo with your favorite color.

simple feather

The food tattoos

Are you a foodie? Or do you always have the craving to eat your favorite food item? If yes, then food tattoos are the best option for you. You can have a burger, pizza, any fruit, coffee, and even biriyani as your tattoo!

wrist and hand tattoo for girls

The pet tattoos

Tattoos with a pet’s paw or face are the trend. If you get this minimalist wrist tattoo, people will know you as a pet lover, and you can also show your love for your pet. This is a cool wrist and hand tattoo for girls to sport.

Tattoo for couples

If you are searching for a couple of tattoo ideas, then you must check various designs. Couple tattoos are the most trending tattoo design, and it is in high demand.

Tattoo with cartoon character

Do you really into watching cartoons and anime still? Choose to get tattoos with your favorite anime or cartoon characters. You love watching Ben 10, Beyblade, Pokemon, Shinchan, Doraemon, Powerpuff girls, etc. Thus, you should get one.

Superhero tattoos

If you feel like Wonder Woman or you have your own favorite superhero characters from comics, superhero tattoos are a great choice for you. Tattoos will look awesome on the wrist.

The skull tattoos

Tattoos with a skull on the wrist may sound a little bit strange, but believe me, if you design it on your wrist, it will make you feel cool.

Heart tattoos

“The heart wants what it wants.” Bring out your inner love with a heart-shaped minimalist wrist tattoo.

wrist tattoos for girls

The rain tattoos

Ask the rain to go away by reciting “Rain Rain Go Away” and by your wrist tattoo of rain. It’s one of those unique and simple wrist tattoos for girls.

The love birds

Are you and your boyfriend lovebirds? Show your love to your spouse by imprinting a tattoo of love birds.

Inner peace tattoo

Bring out your inner peace by designing the tattoo with your language.

wrist tattoos for girls

Tattoo with Chinese words

Design the words of your like as a tattoo and convert the word into Chinese. You only know the meaning of the secret text.

wrist and hand tattoos for girls

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Turning a tattoo into a fashion statement is possible with creativity and a lot of thought. These 25 beautiful wrist and hand tattoos for girls are a perfect starting point. We hope you enjoyed looking through these unique designs.

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