35 First Date Ideas For Teens: Simple and Fun

35 First Date Ideas For Teens: Simple and Fun

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Hitting your teenage years can be liberating for a few of us. The newly found attraction towards the opposite sex can be quite difficult to hide at times. Maybe you are attracted to someone in your high school and want to explore simple first date ideas for teens which are easy on the pocket. Check these date ideas and pick the ones that sound like a good time. Whichever date idea you choose, make sure you do something fun together! Take pictures together, and find a way to remember the date. Let’s begin!

List Of Easy & Simple First Date Ideas For Teens

first date ideas for teens

Ice cream together

Desserts are fun, and they are perfect for dates. You can sit on the couch and talk to each other while enjoying your ice cream. Create a fun date by going to the park and eating ice cream together. The weather might be nice, so it’s perfect for this date idea. Share a cup or a cone of one flavor of ice cream or dessert.

Play in the snow

Take a trip to a nearby lake or park, and enjoy playing in the snow as a couple. Collect snow with your date, make snowballs and do fun activities like sliding, snowball fights, and sledding.

Hiking together

This is one of the best first-date ideas for teens. Hiking is a fun time to bond and get to know the other person better. Ensure you have set up to meet at the park where people usually go hiking. Take your time and enjoy nature together; head back home only when it gets dark!

Go bowling

Bowling is cute, fun, and simple. Go bowling & have a perfect time with your date. Laugh together when you miss the pin and smile when someone knocks down all of them. Also, celebrate the game win later with some snacks together!

Coffee date

Going for a coffee together can be a great way to relax and get to know each other. Chat, laugh, and enjoy your coffee!

Have a picnic

Picnics is one of the smartest choices when looking for fun first date ideas for teens. What better way to spend your time on the first date than talking and sharing a picnic lunch? Pack food beforehand, or let your date choose the foods they want.

Board game night

You and your date both love fun? Go for board games. Make sure you pick a game that the two of you can play together. Always pick an easy-to-learn game like Uno or Phase.

Get a walk

Go to a local park together. Have a walk, take pictures, and relax with your crush. You can even eat some food at a local fast-food restaurant.

Play a sport

Why not have an active date with your partner? Play sports and get to know more about each other. You can play a friendly game like volleyball or shooting hoops, or anything else you enjoy.

Cook together

Now you can spend quality time with your crush. How about making dinner together? You can have fun in the kitchen cooking dinner together. The idea is simple, get out of your comfort zone and get to know each other differently.

Make matching clothes

The simplest way to create a connection with your date is by making matching clothes. Getting the same t-shirt or button-down shirt may seem too easy, funny, and creative.

Go to the gym

Maybe you are a super-active teen and love the gym! You can work out while getting to know each other. With a few simple exercises, you’ll be ready to head out and do something fun together.

Bake together

Making and eating cookies together is a great way to bond. It’s also simple, fun, and easy to do.

Try karaoke

You need to say yes to one of the funniest first date ideas for teens, i.e., Karaoke. Going out to a karaoke bar is the perfect place for your first date. You can sing together and challenge each other to do better each time.

Try something new

It’s not always easy to think of things you haven’t done before, but you can try something new and keep it simple by taking a class together, going for stand-up, doing challenges like fun runs or bike rides, or trying a new restaurant for dinner.

Have a bookstore date

Any bibliophile here? A bookstore date is peaceful, simple & fun! You can together go to a bookstore or pick up some books, having a bookstore date is fun and easy.

See the sunset

Closer to home, watch the sunset together and bond over it. Spending time together at the end of a long day is another simple and fun activity.

Try an activity you both have loved

If you love parkour or skateboarding, for example, it’s easy to find an activity that both of you enjoy and make memories of together.

Write stories

Let your imagination run wild, and tell your partner a story. Get creative and try painting them together or cooking a batch of cookies. Create stories related to your love story! This is how you make your date feel more than just special.

Carnival wander

If there’s a carnival in town, you can wander around and have fun together. Most carnivals and festivals have a wide variety of different booths and games. You can even try playing those games.

Hit up the mall

Hitting up the mall together is one of the best first date ideas for teens. Walk into the nearest mall. Check out all of the stores, and shop together. It is a fun way to talk and get comfortable with each other.

Head to a museum

Spending time at a museum is perfect for art lovers and history buffs. Museums are great because they offer an abundance of opportunities to talk about what you love, which brings people together and creates conversation.

Solve puzzles together

The next time you’re hanging out with your date, challenge yourself to solve a series of puzzles. You and your partner can get comfortable on the couch or set up two chairs and see who can finish the puzzles first!

Go biking

Grab your bike and head to the park for a brisk morning workout. Biking is perfect because it allows you to spend time alone together in a non-threatening environment.

Attend a concert

Whether it be your favorite band or someone you’ve never heard, a concert is an excellent first-date idea that can be fun and low-pressure.

Go to a spa

Treat yourself to a spa day and share that experience with your date.

Enjoy being together in a zoo

Animals are always fun, and there are plenty of zoos around for you to choose from. Your date can borrow some socks!

Have a photoshoot

Why not take a few pictures of you and your date for memories? Photo shooting is a great thing to do on a first date and will help you two bond as well.

Paint together

Ask your date what color they’d like to paint you, and then follow their lead. You will have really fun painting together!

Go Fruit-picking

This is an excellent chance for you and your date to bond and pick some amazing fruit together!

Talk about your favorite movies

Remember your favorite films? Discuss them without having to talk about why you like them.

Food festival

Make a list of restaurants in the area, go to them and see if you have any interesting experiences there.


Nature’s lap always creates romance. So, next time you are on your first date, plant some flowers together, harvest some vegetables and get to know more about your date this way.

At-home pizza night

Make a pizza together while talking about your favorite kinds. This might be a little more romantic!

Go to a movie

Every teen love to have a movie date with their crush. Movies are always fun! Once you are in the theatre with your date together, talk a lot! Be sure to get there early enough so you can pick out the perfect seats together and enjoy the movie. Also, if there is any popcorn available, buy some.

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A teenage couple looks to find themselves during unscripted, spontaneous moments that can make their first date like no other. So, now you know 35 fun and easy date ideas for your date. All you need to do is choose your ideal idea and make your first date more memorable!





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