5 Malai Face Pack Recipes For Instant Glow And Nourishment

5 Malai Face Pack Recipes For Instant Glow And Nourishment

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Fresh cream or Malai has always been sported in a wide range of applications in the kitchen. However, over a period of time malai beauty tips have also started gaining the attention of beauty enthusiasts. Many crucial homemade skin remedies include a malai face pack as an important step to nourishing the skin. Malai is an inseparable part of the face packs as a crucial solvent due to its healing properties. Indian women have been using it for centuries to increase the overall glow and suppleness of the skin.

Here are a few ways to prepare a malai face pack depending upon your concern.

Tan removal face pack: The primary cause of tanning is exposure to the harsh sun rays for a long time. It is impossible to avoid UV rays, but we still try to protect the skin by using sunblock creams. Sometimes, in spite of all our measures, we still end up with tanned skin. Here is a simple remedy for tan removal. Mix 2 tbsp of malai, ½ tsp licorice powder, a few drops of lemon juice, ½ tsp of turmeric powder, and in a dish. Apply the mixture to the face gently, leave it for 10 minutes, and then rinse it with lukewarm water. This can significantly reduce tanning leaving the skin healthy, supple, smooth, and glowing. Use this face pack twice a week for flawless skin texture.

Moisturizing face pack: The common problem of having dry skin is dullness and damaged skin. Dry skin demands proper care and nourishment for better results. Primarily, for the skin, one has to improve their nutrition. Increase the intake of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. However, the skin also needs to be pampered from the outside also. For dry skin, simple preparation of milk cream (malai) along with honey is very beneficial. Add 2 tbsp of malai,1 tsp of honey in a dish, and 1 tsp almond oil. Mix them well and make a thick mixture of smooth consistency. Apply the mixture to the face and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse the mixture gently with lukewarm water and dry the skin with a smooth fabric. Use this remedy on alternative days and see the magic. This nourishing malai face pack will help you repair dry and damaged skin. It will also keep the wrinkles away. Your skin will be smooth, healthy, and glowing within no time.

Glowing face pack: For flawless radiant and glowing skin, the key ingredients are milk cream, turmeric, gram flour, and some rose water. Add 3 tablespoons of malai to 4 tablespoons of gram flour and mix them with constant stirring. Now add 2 tablespoons of turmeric for the natural golden glow, along with some honey. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and apply a thin, consistent layer on the face and neck. Leave it for 20 minutes. After the malai face pack is completely dry, rinse it with water. And adore your glowing skin for next week. For better results, one can use aloe vera gel massage after the face pack.

Dead skin removal face pack: Malai itself is an excellent exfoliating agent. Its regular application helps remove dead skin cells from the surface and refresh the skin’s texture. Removing the dead cells can give the skin a new bright, radiant look. For the dead skin removal face pack, you need some fresh milk cream and powdered oatmeal. This mixture of malai with oats powder makes an excellent scrub to help renew your skin from within. Add 4 tablespoons of malai to 2 tablespoons of oats powder to make a thick mixture and apply it to the face for 20 minutes. Before removing the mixture, massage it for 2 minutes and rinse it with lukewarm water. Do the same procedure twice a week for healthy and glowing skin. This malai face pack can also be used in other regions like knees, elbows, neck, etc., for dead skin removal.

Fairness face pack: The malai has lactic acid which helps lighten the skin. Lemon juice contains vitamin c which helps reduce pigmentation as well as acts as a natural bleach. Vitamin e oil helps fight dark spots and wrinkles. It also fights pigmentation. To prepare this malai face pack you need; 1-2 vitamin E capsules, 2 tbsp fresh malai, and 1 tsp lemon juice. Break open the capsules and mix in the malai. Add the lemon juice and mix everything. Apply on the face and keep it for 20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. This is one of the best malai face pack for fairness. It also helps reduce pigmentation.

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Malai face packs are an excellent choice for various beauty rituals. Malai beauty tips are a safe and effective option for skincare. It’s always better to use natural products instead of using the bulk of chemicals and stay away from side effects.
Even in this era of dominance of cosmetic products and various procedures, simple homemade remedies can be used without any extra cost.





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