Does A 50-50 Relationship Work Out: If Not, Then Why

Does A 50-50 Relationship Work Out: If Not, Then Why

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Who does not dream of staying in a relationship that appears like the real-life version of the Disney movies you have watched? We would often locate the one who would come across love or being loved into your senior days. So what is the hidden ingredient for a long-lasting relationship? Do you need to give your 100% throughout the time? You might have often heard about a 50/50 relationship, have you?

We often come across this time. Whenever you think about it in several ways, it sounds like a healthier goal to strive for it since both individuals contribute to equal standing in a relationship. It is the kind of considering the need to get abandoned together if you wish to have whatever it takes to mention them in words to get the list of important precedence relationships.

Today, it is our job to hand it over to you directly as we work as an angel for you to explain this key term – a 50/50 relationship. A relationship takes a lot of arduous work and effort to strive through it victorious. It is a typical myth that 50/50 is the path you should take, but several studies say it will fail!

It is wrong to expect 100% all the time when you can and willingly strive to perform about half of all the things linked to your relationship and expect your partner to fill the remaining 50% of the void. For instance, if your household follows the rule that if your partner is cooking, you are cleaning up the kitchen. It is the ultimate example of any 50-50 relationship and is fair and straightforward enough to maintain. 10 Signs You Are Being Fooled By Someone You Love:

50/50 Relationship

Does a 50/50 relationship work out for couples- let’s discuss

However, it is time that we broke this ice as this type of relationship always lands in failure, and we have backed this with the reasons below!

  • Monitoring and Observing

To build a 50-50 relationship, you must get observed to decide if you are offering a 50 or more or less than 50%. Relationships fade off from this constant keeping up with the scores and comparisons, and it places you in a position of continually outlining and judging your partner’s performance pattern. Surely, it is not the thing you should be keen on! Right?

  • Lack of Modeling

Let us consider that we all have been in this 50-50 phase of a relationship. However, we have often noted the couples believe in this formula, and no one has discovered a potential way to define what a wholesome 50/50 relationship appears to be like. Mainly, they fail at agreeing upon the elements included in it or ways to divide activities like daily chores, taking decisions, and performing random tasks to help bring your relationship to a 50-50 mark.

  • Lack of Flexibility

Couples adore doing their things differently and individually. It is not a necessity to divide work and activities established on who enjoys or is good at them instead of laying a foundation that relies only on equality. Does your partner organize your home better? Do they love working in the backyard? Do they have a flexible work schedule that makes them take children to school easily?

  • Comparisons or collation

The general aspect of reckoning whether or not you will get your rightful share is comparing how your partner is achieving things with their own rule. The judgmental nature makes us criticize the job performance unless it is done the way we had expected. Irrespective of how your partner completes the job, you are responsible for finding that your expectations are left unfulfilled.

  • Human Equation

On the contrary, it has been studied that humans have a judgmental nature. About 50% of whatever we offer remains supreme. We often assume that 50% of whatever we offer is enough to meet our partner’s needs. It is a complete misconception. What happens when both you and your partner wish to give 100%? How would it appear?

What would happen if you offered all you had in your relationship? We are not speaking about being a victim or staying dormant. Here, we aim at kindness, communication, supporting the dreams/hopes of one another, and treating this relationship with more essence.

What happens when you and your partner implement strengths in a relationship? What happens when you identify each other’s personality traits and aim at things that you would love to do? Work in the common ground to make things appetizing by dividing the leftover work.

Each of you will inevitably have your share of setbacks, difficulties, and painful moments. Ideally, things appearing 100% to you might appear as 10% in an outsider’s eye. It is this 10% that might be the best you can do at this time, and your partner will acknowledge it. It is straightforward enough for your partner to be supportive and understand that it is what you can give now.

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Finally, it is important to recognize whether the person has good intentions!

If it is so, then having a 50/50 relationship harms the nature of your relationship. These are based on the nature of scorekeeping and the unique possibility of one or the other where you feel void since you consider failing to do your part. The 50/50 balance will never help fix the issues building in a relationship if you do not believe your partner has good intentions toward you!

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