6 Benefits Of Gulkand: How To Make It At Home

6 Benefits Of Gulkand: How To Make It At Home

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Gulkand is mainly prepared using pink rose petals, which are then combined with sugar. While the viscous jam or marmalade made from rose petals and sugar is delicious and toothsome in the tang, it is also beneficial for our health. Gulkand benefits make it a prime ingredient in many Ayurvedic medicines and treatments. Gulkand is used in our traditional paan or mouth fresheners. Since gulkand has several health benefits and is naturally rich in calcium and antioxidant properties, we should use it daily to reap the benefits.

Here are 6 gulkand benefits that make it an important addition in our kitchen

Natural Coolant

Gulkand benefits are body by soothing its internal temperature. It has natural cooling properties hence is quite helpful in reducing all heat-related problems like fatigue, aches, and muscle pain, reduces acidity and stomach heat and is also effective in relieving burning sensations. Gulkand soothes pain around the swollen area. It can help one have clear skin, reducing acne marks, boils, whiteheads etc. and calming down the skin. It helps with the burning sensation in the soles and palms.

Best Rejuvenator

Since gulkand is rich in antioxidants consuming gulkand will help maintain healthy and glowing skin. It protects and rejuvenates the skin from dust, pollution, and regular wear and tear. Gulkand helps in removing toxins from the body and purifies the blood.

 Help induce sleep

Gulkand is highly beneficial if you have trouble sleeping or have a disturbed sleep cycle. Drinking gulkand milk at bedtime every night will ensure you a peaceful sleep. Milk and gulkand are natural coolants, and roses are the most effective natural ingredient to beat stress and fatigue and help calm the mind.

Cures Constipation

Gulkand can also help in getting rid of constipation and bloating. It helps in digestion, improves appetite, and prevents acidity. It softens the stool, and its sugar content helps draw liquids into the intestines, which ultimately helps to get rid of constipation. Pregnant women often suffer from bloating and constipation, so they should include gulkand in their diet. One spoonful of gulkand at bedtime, if consumed with a cup of warm milk, may help relieve milder forms of constipation.

Relieves from menstrual problems

Gulkand is good for excessive bleeding during menstruation. It is rich in iron and gives women relief from menstrual problems like heavy bleeding, white discharge, and even period cramps. It eases the muscles of the reproductive organs in women and aids in overcoming menstrual pain during periods. Gulkand has the ability to intensify the strength of the uterus and increase the chances of conceiving.

Acts as a potent aphrodisiac

According to Ayurvedic practitioners, rose petals are very effective in helping a person feel sexually active. It ensures a healthy sex- drive and hence serves as an aphrodisiac.

How to make gulkand at home

You will need ingredients of 1 cup of rose petals, half a cup of sugar, a few tablespoons of honey, and spices like cinnamon and cardamom. All you need to do is collect some fresh and fragrant rose petals and clean those rose petals thoroughly under water and let them dry on paper or cloth. Put the petals into the grinder and quickly pulse the petals once or twice to shred them. You can even chop the petals into pieces. In a jar, assemble the ground petals and top that with a layer of sugar and honey.

Spread one layer of petals over the sugar layer, again. Repeat till the jar gets full. You can readily add spices such as cinnamon or cardamom to enhance the flavour and aroma of the gulkand. Cover the jar with a lid. Keep it in the sunlight for about a week. Mix the gulkand every other day using a spoon to maintain its consistency. You can use it when it becomes a thick, sugary concentrate. You can store it in an airtight container and refrigerate it. You can use it for up to six months or a year.

As gulkand is made with large amount of rose petals, some of its active compounds include flavonoids, anthocyanins, kaempferol, quercetin, and organic acids. Gulkand is full of vitamin C content and also other vitamins like vitamins B, E and K. It contains minerals like calcium, copper and magnesium. It also has around 85-90 per cent of water and 0 per cent fat and cholesterol.

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 Rich in vitamins and minerals and packed with flavours, gulkand can make your desserts more tempting and exciting. People with diabetes and Obese people should take care not to indulge too much and reduce the quantity as it contains sugar. It is not only high in taste but also immensely rich in different nutrients.

There are several gulkand benefits which make it more desirable for daily life uses. Besides that, it is also easy to prepare without much hassle. It is a perfect ingredient to batter the summer heat since it possesses coolant-like properties. Gulkand is, therefore, unquestionably a traditional healthy herbal preparation that can be used throughout the year by everyone.

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