6 Makeup Tips For A Square Shaped Face

6 Makeup Tips For A Square Shaped Face

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Every face form is distinct, but to make things easier, they’ve been grouped into a few basic shapes — oval, circle, square, heart, and/or diamond. Knowing your face shape helps you enhance the best of your features. In case you have a square face and are looking for some makeup tips for square face then we have some helpful suggestions for you.

But before we proceed further let’s first understand how to figure out your face shape by yourself.

How to Figure Out What Face Shape You Have

It’s simple to figure out what shape your face is. Don’t forget to tie your hair back so that it’s not in the way before you begin. Makeup Tips For An Oval Face Shape

  • First and foremost, determine which part of your face is the most prominent by looking in the mirror. Your face shape is most likely to be oval if the widest part of your face is the forehead. And if your cheekbones are wider than any other part of your face then you have a round or heart-shaped face. You are a square-faced person if your face is uniformly proportioned in width.
  • Your face shape is also determined by the curve of your jawline. If your jawline is short or round then your face shape is round. Your face has a heart shape if you have a sharp and pointed jawline. And you are a square-faced person if you have an edgy and sharp jawline.
  • If you’re still not sure what shape your face is, compare the length and width of your face. From your hairline to the point of your chin, take your measurement. After that, take a measurement from the left to the right side of your face. A person with an oval face shape has a face that is longer than its width. You might have a round or heart-shaped face if your face is broader than its length. And you are more likely to have a rectangular-shaped face if your face length is twice its width. It is also possible that you may have a diamond or square facial shape if the length and width of your face are equal. Red Saree Makeup Look Ideas That You Must Know

Given below are six makeup tips for square face person that they can follow to ensure that makeup is done perfectly –


Contouring makeup tips

The sides of your forehead and temper should be contoured. Choose a cream or matte contouring powder and it should be one or two shades darker than your base foundation. It is advised to apply contour under your cheekbones to provide structure to your face, particularly if you have round cheeks.


makeup for square face

Another important tip for makeup for square face is to highlight the center of your brow and chin. This will balance out the contouring and draw attention to specific parts of your face. Following this makeup tip for a square face will help to draw attention to places that aren’t as noticeable, such as the area around the nose, chin, the center of the forehead, and beneath the eyes.


blush makeup

It’s advisable to stick to light colors while applying blush. While applying makeup, always start blending the blush from the apples of your cheeks to the temples in an angular motion. Applying it to the chin will help to divert attention away from the more notable features of the face. One of the important makeup tips for a square face person is to avoid using shimmer on their cheekbones.



The use of dark-colored eye shadows to the inner part of the brow will add more definition to your eyes. It is advised to use dark-colored mascara to accentuate your eye shadows. Dark eyeshadows are an excellent way to bring attention to your eyes while also emphasizing the beauty of your shape.


makeup tips for square face

Invest in a vibrant lipstick color. Outline and provide a pointed form to the lips using a lip pencil, then blend well with the matching lip color. Lipstick when applied properly brings out the best in the makeup for square face thus adding beauty to your efforts.


makeup tips for square face

Don’t forget the most important part of any makeup process — blending. Blending is the most important makeup tip for a square face person. You need to make sure that every makeup product you apply on your face is perfectly blended, whether it’s your foundation, blush, contour, or compact powder.

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We hope you liked these makeup tips for a square face person and will make their use whenever you decide to get ready for your next social gathering.


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