Best Office Wear Ideas For Indian Women: Tips & Tricks

Best Office Wear Ideas For Indian Women: Tips & Tricks

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There are so many options and office wear ideas for Indian women that sometimes you might struggle to put a perfect office outfit together. You might wonder, whether to go with western wear, traditional wear, or a combination of both that will give you a subtle and professional look? We have collated some tips on professional Indian formal wear for ladies for their office look.

12 best office wear ideas for women that can be mixed & matched to create an office look for an Indian female.

White button-down shirt and jeans

white shirt jeans

A white button-down shirt is a versatile wardrobe staple that can be worn in many different ways. You can easily pair it with any dark or light-colored jeans for a casual office look. Do not forget to add some accessories like a handbag, jewelry, or belt to complete this office look for an Indian female.

Tip- Add a statement blazer on top of it to make you’re whole look more professional.

Woolen top and slim trousers

woolen top with trousers

If you are looking for casual office wear ideas for Indian women that will be perfect for cold weather then, this outfit is for you. Also, winter outfits do not need to be dull, you can wear a light pair of trousers to make you look stylish but avoid any bright colors for the office.

Tip- You can go for a monochromatic combination, like pair a black woolen top with black trousers.

Fancy top and trousers

fancy top and trousers

Pair any fancy top with plain trousers to achieve a professional and casual look. You can choose any neutral fancy top with wide-legged trousers. Make sure if you are wearing something baggy in the bottom then pair a tight or body-clinging top or vice versa to make your body proportion look more subtle.

Tip- Do not forget accessories, put on either a necklace or a pair of earrings with this outfit.

Formal shirt with trousers office look

office wear ideas for Indian women formal shirt

This is one the most common form of dresscode seen in almost all small or large corporates. Here you keep your look strictly professional by adding a crisp neatly ironed pieced shirt along with a well-fitting trouser.

Tip-Add a wristwatch as well as a belt to add more appeal to your overall appearance.

Shirt and pencil skirt

This outfit is included in the list of office wear ideas for Indian women, to add some feminine touch to your professional look. You can pair any plain pencil skirt with a solid or printed shirt to give your outfit a businesswoman vibe. Pencil skirts are trendy and instantly make for a sleek look by accentuating your curves and provides a perfect fit.

Tip- Wear a pair of heels to complete this office look.

office wear ideas for Indian women pencil skirt

Short kurta with jeans 

Short kurta is a traditional wardrobe staple that can be worn at weddings, parties as well as offices. A short kurta can surely add sparkle to your monotone office outfits. You can go for any solid kurta or printed kurta with any jeans, according to your preference. This outfit will give you a trendy and glamorous look.

Tip- Put a pair of earrings for this outfit and you are good to go.

office wear ideas for Indian women short kurta

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T-shirt and trousers 

If you are getting late for work or just want a casual look then this office wears idea for Indian women is perfect for you. You can pair any neutral-colored t-shirt with trousers. You can also choose between slim trousers or wide-legged trousers.

Tip- You can put a pair of sneakers with this outfit, but if you want to make it more stylish then opt for heels.

office wear ideas for Indian women

Kurti with straight pants 

The list of office wear ideas for Indian women is incomplete without a traditional Kurti. Avoid Anarkali style, Kurti, for daily office outfits, as they are for occasions. You can choose from any plain cotton Kurti. This outfit is suitable for summer.

Tip- While wearing a printed Kurti, avoid colorful jewelry. Go with any plain or oxidized jewelry and do not overdo it.

office wear ideas for Indian women

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Long skirt with a shirt

An alternative for a pencil skirt can be a plain long skirt or a pleated long skirt. You can go for a plain neutral-colored top or with a patterned top. You also get the option to choose between a plain or printed skirt.

Tip- Put a denim jacket to get a casual work look or go with blazers for meetings.

office wear ideas for Indian women

Turtleneck t-shirt

Turtlenecks give your outfit an organized and stylish shape. You can go for turtleneck t-shirts or sweaters, for cold days. You get the option to pair it with any jeans, trousers or skirt. Any bottom wear looks good with a turtleneck.

Tip- While wearing a neutral-colored turtleneck, put on your statement blazer to achieve that unique and perfect professional look.

office wear ideas for Indian women

Palazzo pants

If you are bored with wearing trousers, skirts, and jeans every day to work then these pants are your best solution. Palazzo pants are comfortable and chic clothing pieces. They are versatile and can be paired with any kind of shirt or tops

Tip-  Pair bold or dark-colored palazzo pants with light-colored tops or vice versa.

palazzo pants


The perfect office wears ideas for Indian women do not include only jeans, trousers, and shirts but also sarees. If styled in the right way, sarees can be stylish and formal. You should avoid any bright colors and go for pastel colors, earthy tones, or neutral colors. The fabric of the saree is really important for work and cotton is best for summers.

Tips- Keep the prints in mind while wearing a saree to the office. Geometrical prints or stripes, checks, and floral are popularly worn but avoid big bold prints.


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 Dressing smartly makes us feel confident which in turn has a positive impact on our work productivity. We have listed 12 different office wear ideas for Indian women, that should help them achieve more clarity regarding their overall presentation of themselves. Also, the above-listed ideas should come in handy for styling their clothing pieces and building a perfect office wardrobe.


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