Celery juice benefits for hair loss- How to use it

Celery juice benefits for hair loss- How to use it

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Celery is a vegetable which most of us refrain from eating in salads. It is often used for garnishing certain dishes. Of late many celebrities have started promoting celery juice as their favorite hack for losing weight.  Not only does it aid weight loss but addresses several issues related to hair fall. In case you want to know more about celery juice benefits for hair loss then all you have to do is read on.

So, let us check what all this magical green has to offer us.

Following are some noteworthy celery juice benefits for hair loss

Fights oxidative stress
Certain medications like those used to treat blood pressure, arthritis, cancer, etc can often lead to hair loss. Celery juice not only helps to lower blood pressure but also helps fight oxidative stress in the body. It has been observed that adding more greens to your diet is a great way to control drug-induced hair fall and celery certainly tops the list.

Nourishes the scalp

Hair fall is the outcome of an extremely unhealthy and dry scalp. One of the celery juice benefits for hair loss is that it is a powerhouse of antioxidants. They help impart the required nourishment to the scalp which makes the hair quality strong. The frizzy and free ends of the hair reduce the strength of the hair and suck away the essential nutrients in the hair. This is where the celery juice comes up as a savior and hydrates the scalp. Since celery has a very high-water content, we massage this juice on the scalp to make the hair less brittle and reduce the breakage of hair.

Controls Dandruff

Dandruff is also an outcome of a dry and dehydrated scalp. There is no moisture or water content left in the scalp, which leads to the formation of Dandruff. An increasing number of people are becoming victims of it. Celery juice is rich in many vitamins which help hydrate the scalp and in turn control the productions of dandruff.

Antibacterial and Antifungal properties
As discussed above, Dandruff is not only an outcome of the scalp but is also caused due to the bacteria and fungi that breed on the scalp. As per a study, celery extracts naturally detest the growth of Pityrosporum ovale, a natural fungus that causes extra Dandruff as well. Both celery juice and celery extract oils can prove to be highly fruitful for the scalp. It can help in removing Dandruff permanently after prolonged use. It also has other antifungal properties that keep the body working well and protect it from being infected.

Fights grey hair

The unwanted greyness of hair is also an outcome of a deficit of vitamins in the body. This makes the hair look dull and matted and changes the color of the hair from black to grey. We have seen many young people suffering from grey hair issues, which can be highly frustrating. Sometimes, they are victims of liver diseases or have hereditary issues of premature hair greying. But lack of nutrition often tops them all. Since celery juice not only flushes the liver but also contains an array of vitamins, it easily takes care of grey hair.

Celery helps to gain healthy and shiny hair

Celery has a lot of water content followed by loads of vitamin A, E, and C. All this nutrition not only helps your overall body but also makes the hair texture a lot better. Applying celery juice on the scalp hydrates the scalp and makes the hair texture unique. It brings shine to the hair. After prolonged use of the celery juice on the head, you will see that the hair quality will automatically be a lot better.

Celery boosts immunity
Celery takes care of hair health by improving the immunity level of the body. It has several vitamins and antioxidants that make the body strong and benefit several other healthy features. Since it is so rich in antioxidants, it becomes a powerhouse of vitamins and benefits the body considerably. It slows down the aging process as a result of which people would want to consume it more and more. Celery is full of vitamin B, especially vitamins B6, B12, and folate, essential for hair growth. Other vitamins in celery include vitamins A, C, E, and K and at least ten different minerals including iron, a mineral that directly benefits and encourages hair growth.  

How to make celery juice


1 Apple

4 stalks of fresh celery

½ ginger

How to make celery juice


Wash and dry all the ingredients and keep them aside.

Juicer: If you are using a juicer then simply cut the apple into 4 square pieces and add it directly to the juicer along with the celery stalks and ginger. Juice should easily come out in the container. You will get a slightly foaming texture but that’s alright.

Blender/Grinder: Chop the apples and celery stalks in mid-sized chunks. Place them along with the ginger in the blender. Add 1 cup of water. Blend till has become smooth. Strain the juicer in the serving glass.

Always drink freshly made juice avoid storing it for later.

How to apply celery juice

Here are 2 ways to apply or use celery juice on your hair

1. Prepare the fresh celery and ginger juice as mentioned above minus the apple. Take some cotton balls and soak them in the juice. Divide your hair into sections and apply the juice on the scalp by slightly pressing the cotton. Once done let it sit for 30 minutes then shampoo as usual.

2. Soak henna overnight in black tea and lemon juice. In the morning juice before applying it to your hair add some amla powder and 2-3 tsp of celery juice in the henna mixture. Mix well and apply all over your scalp and hair. Wait for 2 hours then shampoo and usual.

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 Wrapping it up

These were some of the most notable benefits that have been cited for celery. It cleanses and purifies the system from the inside, reflecting from the outside.  In case you are reading this to learn about celery juice benefits for hair loss then make sure to add a glass of this healthy juice every morning in your diet and also directly apply it. It will be highly beneficial to the entire body, and you will be able to see your system getting the best of nature. No amount of chemical will give you the result that these green vegetables can provide.







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