Signs Of A Complicated Relationship -6 Ways To Fix It

Signs Of A Complicated Relationship -6 Ways To Fix It

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A few individuals are cursed in terms of relationships which are tagged under the vocation of “complicated” as long as they are alive. The reason is that the person loves being on an emotional rollercoaster and the drama that tags along. But, it is simply as if they do not know how to transform their complicated relationship from a question mark into something more with solid grounds.

There are various reasons why people find complications in their relationships. There are commitment issues, long-distance issues, and trust issues, along with abuse issues. They have no idea of the way to figure out their issues and build a successful relationship that works.

Surely, there are times when it works out and other times when it does not; however, understanding what to do would help guide you to the right inferences.

Why Do People Love Staying In A Complicated Relationship?

signs of a complicated relationship

Some people might often say that you should simply move on if you are in a troubled relationship, and it is for sure not worth it at times it involves adding stress to your peaceful life and creates unnecessary complications.

However, why is it that people are unable to leave at times?

Love has a blinding effect. You sometimes care a lot for a person when you do not realize they might not deserve this love. We might also stay since things are rough now, and we believe that someday with the right assistance, it would work out as a healthy relationship.

We will guide you to figure out whether you are in a complicated relationship or not and how to deal with it. There are various reasons why it is deemed complicated, and a few might even be overcome with effort and time. Numerous people have complicated relationships only to turn things around positively.

However, there are several instances where you will just admit to this defeat. When the relationship starts draining your happiness and makes you wonder what the drama of the day will be, do you just require it? There are a few people and conditions that do not change at all.

Signs You Are In A Complicated Relationship

If you fail to know how to recognize the signs of a complicated relationship, then we have broken down a couple of lookouts to help you determine your status.

No Strings Attached or Casual Dating

It is the kind of dating defined in a textbook as the messy relationship you are in where you are avoiding. You must be fooling around without any strings attached; however, one or both people are likely bound to get hurt in this relationship. It is extremely rare for you to get out from it unscathed, and the friendship gets over.

You are building a secret relationship.

If both partners wish to keep secrets in their relationship, it is quite fun for a while; however, you might want it to stop after a while. A couple of people become addicted to this secrecy, and when this relationship turns public as it simply falls apart. Being able to show affection to your partner in society involves a lot of integrity since it is a way of validating the person in your life and means acceptance. However, by keeping it a secret you are confusing yourself as well as the other person and complicating the relationship.

Relationships without any label

Whenever you and your partner are not willing to give your relationship a label after you have been with each other for a longer time, you can easily say that you are in a complicated relationship. You are doing everything that any couple would do; however, if you are still not confident to term it as a relationship, you might tag your relationship as complications!

Returning to the Ex

It is always better when you do not retrace your steps. You can never get back down the road that you have abandoned and not just a couple of fun. How would you tag a relationship such as this? It is doomed, and messed up is what you can call it!

You are not in a relationship yet.

You have started your dating journey, and you like them and like to hang out with them; however, you have no idea where it is leading, and none of you are speaking about it. You are wise enough to wait and analyze to check if you can build a new and fresh relationship.

Tips To Improve Your Relationship

Try Identifying the reasons

Initially, you should understand why the relationship turned complicated. The main reason might be external factors, your behavior, and your partner’s behavior. For instance, your partner might consider things to be fine, but you face a tough time communicating.

Try being objective

You might start looking at the issues from a different angle. Frequently, individuals become confused with the changes in a relationship, and they appear to aim at the positives instead of the negatives. You should consider the negatives from all ends and ensure they are eliminated from the relationship.

Speak out

Always take time to discuss your relationship. The best advice to manage your complicated relationship is to speak with your partner regarding the issues you are facing. You can even get help from a reliable confidant, a couple of counselors, or a therapist. These individuals can offer you an external outlook with impartial advice.

Relive the good times

If you are unsure how to improve your relationship, you should try thinking of a couple of good times you had together. It will help you understand what can assist you in getting through the rough ends and making both of you happy. You can even note down things you are grateful about in the relationship, even if you are doomed to complicate.

Always become an active listener

The other way to make your relationship work out is by taking time to do all the hard work. So, how would you do this? For a start, try becoming an active listener. Additionally, also try communicating your feelings. Getting this done, you can make sure that both of you know one another and are prepared to make a fresh new start.

Learn from your past mistakes

Lastly, one of the vital things that you can do is to make sure that your relationship is built for success as you are prepared to learn from the mistakes you made. The complicated relationship can become tough navigating, leading to heartbreaks. But, if you take time to learn from your mistakes, you can turn bad situations into good ones. The same would apply to your partner.

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The perfect way to spot such kind of relationship is to watch the obvious signs that your relationship is taking a wrong turn. After seeing them, try communicating with your partner to encourage one another to work on fixing them and developing a healthy relationship. It is easy to fix complications in a relationship with an honest effort from both ends.




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