Crystals For Aquarius: Best Healing Gemstones For Aquarius

Crystals For Aquarius: Best Healing Gemstones For Aquarius

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The field of astrology attracts great curiosity from people from all walks of life, irrespective of whether they believe in it or not. Astrology states that the various astrological elements and their behaviors have a profound influence on our lives. They have the power to control our lives and bring good times as well as bad times. They may change the course of one’s life for good or for worse. However, one may take the help of gemstones and crystals to avoid the bad times and bring peace, prosperity, and positivity into their life, even during a time of turmoil or tumult. Here, we shall explore the crystals for Aquarius.

Knowing your zodiac: Aquarius

“Aquarius” is a Latin word that translates to “water-bearer” in English. In astrology, it is the eleventh astrological sign in the zodiac. The beautiful youth, Ganymede, is represented by the water carrier and he is the cup-bearer to the gods, ever since he was whisked away to the heavens by Zeus, who had fallen in love with him.

Those born in the period between the 20th of January and the 18th of February, have the zodiac sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is governed by Uranus and is thus the cup-bearer of all kinds of innovation and eccentricity. Ones with Aquarius as their zodiac sign are rebels in their own right and usually have a non-conformist attitude. They are not really concerned with societal expectations and they often possess uncommon hobbies and traits. This makes them quite interesting and pleasantly unpredictable.

Another curious thing about an Aquarius is the funky fashion sense. They often have an uncommon sense of fashion, which greatly sets them apart from other zodiac signs. Thus, they have a very strong progressive side that often makes them more farsighted than others. They also have a very sensitive and humanitarian side that is often overlooked. They feel emotions such as love, joy, guilt, or sorrow very deeply and thus, appreciation or recognition of their emotions often excites them and makes them happy.

They also possess a strong, intellectual side that is highly concerned with interpersonal relations. They value human relationships and are dedicated to maintaining strong relations with the ones closest to them and cordial relations with other acquaintances.

Strengths and weaknesses of an Aquarius

In order to know the best gemstones and healing stones for an Aquarius, it is essential to know their strengths and weaknesses. These strengths and weaknesses are tied strongly to the right crystals for Aquarius.

This sign is not fond of niceties at all. Aquarius is not one for small talk or gossip and this often contributes to them seeming detached, arrogant, or aloof. They are more focused on doing good for the community and bringing about large-scale changes. They are the perfect ones for teamwork and they like to be associated with a large group. They are all small-scale revolutionaries with big things on their minds.

On the other hand, Aquarius is often very stubborn and is often irritated when someone tries to interfere. They thrive on unpredictable behavior and being tied down by rules, regulations, and boundaries exhausts and frustrates them. They are often very obstinate and in many cases, they are incompatible with Taurus and Scorpio signs.

Best crystals and gemstones for Aquarius

Aquarius is free-spirited and rebellious in nature. It is headstrong and thus, one needs a healing crystal or gemstone that will help to calm them down and stabilize their energy. Keeping such things in mind, the following is a list of the best gemstones and healing crystals for Aquarius. 7 Yoga Poses To Reduce Breast Size Within Weeks

  • Hematite– This crystal is the perfect fit for an Aquarius as it helps to steer clear of pessimistic thoughts. Hematite helps to shield the Aquarians’ aura from negative influences and also feeds their courage, strength, and curiosity to explore new avenues and take risks and make bold choices.
  • Rose Quartz- Aquarians have intense air energy and this often results in their minds being overwhelmed and going into overdrive. This gives rise to impulsive choices and bad decision-making. The rose quartz can channel this energy and help the heart to be completely in sync with the head.
  • Smoky quartz– Aquarians have very far-reaching mental horizons and spend a lot of time thinking deeply about complicated matters. Smoky quartz helps to keep them humble and down to earth by channelizing their energy and keeping them grounded and rooted in reality. It is best if it is carried in your pocket as it works perfectly when aligned with the lower chakras in your spine.
  • Celestite– The impulsiveness and stubbornness of Aquarians often act against their own selves and hinder their growth and progress. The pale blue crystals are known as celestite help to make them more mindful and conscious and also fuel imaginative powers.
  • Garnet- The garnet is red in color and represents strength. Aquarians are possessors of huge amounts of energy and it often becomes difficult to control all of it. Garnet helps to relax and manifest this energy as strength. It is considered one of the best-suited healing crystals for Aquarius.
  • Red Jasper– Red Jasper is essential as it helps to balance the various qualities of an Aquarian. It helps to achieve emotional equilibrium and also fuels the stamina and life force of the Aquarian. It is also known as the “stone of nurturing” and also brings stability and groundedness.
  • Rainbow Moonstone– Often confused with the common Moonstone, the Rainbow Moonstone is known for its beautiful flashes of color. It is a Labradorite that is associated with joy, inspiration, and clarity. It is also known to help one on the path of new beginnings.
  • Black Onyx– Known for helping to bring about transformation, it is ideally suited for these inspired revolutionaries. It helps to balance and gives emotional strength. It is greatly helpful as it also assists the Aquarian to sort out his or her priorities. The energy of the Black Onyx is known to reduce stress and positively influence decision-making skills.
  • Lepidolite- The lepidolite also helps with decision making but it is best known for soothing the mind of an Aquarian. It helps them to take some time for themselves and come back with teeming positive energy. It also relieves stress and removes energy blockages.

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The free-spirited and rebellious nature of an Aquarius is a thing of beauty and should not be chained down. This calls for experience and wisdom when choosing a well-suited gemstone or healing crystals for Aquarius as their energy, when channelized properly, can produce the greatest of results. We sincerely hope that this article has been of utmost help to the reader.






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