Health Benefits of Isabgol: How to Take It and Its Side Effects

Health Benefits of Isabgol: How to Take It and Its Side Effects

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The dietary fibers have protective effects on human health, both in the prevention as well as treatment of chronic diseases. One such source of fiber is Isabgol. Since there are numerous benefits of Isabgol (psyllium husk), it can be easily found in many households across the world.

Description of Isabgol

Isabgol is also known as Psyllium husk is a kind of dietary fiber derived from the seeds of the plant Plantago ovata. They look like tiny flakes and are quite sticky when mixed with water and tastes almost like an astringent. Isabgol is popularly used as a laxative because when we consume it, it makes bowel movements much easier and smoother.

Below mentioned are some helpful benefits of Isabgol

Benefits of Isabgol

  • Promotes Easy Bowel Movement: The main work of Isabgol is to act as a laxative and provide relief to patients who are suffering from acute constipation. It is usually mixed with lukewarm water and consumed orally. It goes inside the stomach and combines with the hard stool acting as a lubricant. This makes the stool texture sticky and helps to pass through the stomach and the anus as efficiently as possible due to the nature of Isabgol. A lot of people consume this daily so that they can ensure a smooth bowel movement. This makes the fiber content in our diet proportionate and provides a stress-free and transparent digestive system.
  • Reduces Cholesterol: Although the benefits of Isabgol are many, one of the most eminent reasons why this is useful is the way it controls the cholesterol levels in the human body. In order to remove cholesterol from the body, it binds to fats and bile acids which allows easy excretion of cholesterol from inside the body. Isabgol increases the breakdown and decreases the absorption of bad cholesterol from the food.
  • Manages Blood Sugar: Isabgol helps control blood sugar in a person by decreasing the glucose consumption of the body. Due to its fibrous nature, it turns the stomach’s contents into a gel-like substance along with water and fills the stomach up for a very long time. This is highly beneficial for diabetic people because they should not remain on an empty stomach for long. If people address their hunger by eating regular food, the carbohydrate particles, in turn, break down as sugar to provide energy to the system. But, in the case of fiber, it is not so since it aids in decreasing Insulin levels.

Isabgol helps Weightloss

  • Keeps You Slim: Isabgol works miraculously well with weight control-related issues. Like we observed in the previous point about its high fiber content and the ability to keep the stomach full for a long time is highly beneficial for those who are weight watchers. If their tummies are packed for a long time, they will not have sudden hunger pangs and will also not indulge in eating unhealthy junk food, which is one of the best benefits of Isabgol.
  • Controls Diarrhea: The benefits of Isabgol are not just limited to preventing constipation alone. In fact, they also help control diarrhea effectively. They absorb excess water in the stools. This hardens them and helps stop loose watery stools.
  • Source of Probiotics: Isabgol is a very well-known probiotic that accelerates healthy digestion. There are many people who suffer from various problems of the digestive tract, which can be benefited by adding probiotics to the diet. By adding the good bacteria present in the probiotics you help fight off the bad bacteria present in the digestive tract and promote a healthy digestive system.

How to take Isabgol to gain its benefits?

how to take isabgol

Due to the amazing benefits of Isabgol, they are consumed almost regularly in a lot of ways. People mostly mix it in lukewarm water and have it either at night before they go to sleep, or some people even have it with water early in the morning after they wake up. However, there are other ways too in which this can be consumed, which are

  • Mixing a spoon or two of Isabgol powder with curd to work as a probiotic and cure the person of diarrhea. This forms a thick consistency so that the patient can quickly gulp it down the throat.
  • Mixing a spoon or two of Isabgol powder with lukewarm milk also helps the system clear quickly. This is usually given at night so that no person suffers from constipation the following day and the bowel movement is smooth and painless.
  • Some people find it difficult to consume it in a powdered form with water. Therefore, there are tablets available for them, and they can swallow the tablet with water. They have similar effects to the Isabgol powder. It helps in escaping the taste in the mouth which might make some people feel nauseating.

Side effects of Isabgol

Just as there are some amazing benefits of Isabgol, they have some side effects too. Let us have a look into them so that we can be careful regarding their consumption.

  • Isabgol is very filling, and it fills the stomach for a long time. This might lead us to feel bloated and packed for a long time, causing fatigue to take over. Therefore, we must consult a health practitioner and let them tell us about the dosage. Usually, the dosage should not be more than two or three spoons with water. This alone is sufficient to produce extraordinary results. However, when you are getting started, begin with just 1 spoon and increase slowly depending upon your body’s tolerance.
  • Isabgol is extremely dry, so we must not try to chew it or consume it dry. The doctor always asks us to drink water in a large quantity after that. If the water does not reach our system, it won’t be of any use. It will choke on in the throat if the dosage is not proper.
  • There are rare cases where Isabgol has caused breathing issues and also caused an allergic reaction to people who have problems with psyllium, so we must be cautious before consumption and must always get in touch with a doctor immediately in case anything happens.

There are various benefits of Isabgol hence adding them to your regular health routine certainly makes sense. It can be an excellent form of natural laxative that can help people get rid of any issues concerning bowel movements.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take for Isabgol to work?

Isabgol should start to work and produce a bowel movement within 12-24 hours.

What is the best time to take Isabgol for weight loss?

The best time to take Isabgol for weight loss is in the mornings. It keeps your stomach full and helps you avoid unnecessary snacking.

When should one take Isabgol during morning or night?

In order to control your curb your appetite, you can take Isabgol in the morning before food. Those who want to take Isabgol for constipation should better consume the night after food.

Can you take Isabgol during pregnancy?

It is best to avoid Isabgol during pregnancy. Always follow your doctor’s advice during pregnancy.




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