Home Remedies For Dark Armpits: Tips & Causes

Home Remedies For Dark Armpits: Tips & Causes

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Discoloration present in your underarms can be frustrating and even play with your confidence. Thousands of people worldwide are scared of showing off their new swimsuits or tank tops because they’re embarrassed about what people will think of their dark armpits. However, what most people don’t know is that there are many remedies for dark armpits available. You can use regular household ingredients and some fresh produce items to create effective natural remedies to help lighten your underarms.

Before we get into the remedies themselves, let’s explore the causes of dark armpits in the first place.

What are the causes of dark armpits?

In most cases, your underarms are naturally the same shade as the rest of your body. Sometimes, the skin inside the armpits as well as on the back of the neck and elbows, too, can grow dark. There are several reasons for dark, discolored underarms. They can either be just another cosmetic issue or may have some underlying health issue behind them. Those who are looking for remedies for dark armpits need to first get to the core of the problem and understand what is causing it to begin with.

Below listed are the most common causes that lead to dark armpits

causes for dark armpits

  • Acanthosis nigricans: People suffering from acanthosis nigricans have an insulin level that is higher than that of people of the same weight who don’t suffer from it. Eating a carb-rich diet along with a sedentary lifestyle can raise insulin levels. Obesity is closely linked to it. Other causes include hormone imbalance, hypothyroidism, oral contraceptives, genetics, etc are common causes of acanthosis nigricans.
  • Shaving: Repeated hair removals can leave the skin irritated and cause fast multiplication of pigment cells leading to hyperpigmentation.
  • Chemical Irritants in Deodorants: Chemical irritants present in deodorants, body spray, and antiperspirants can turn your armpit, elbow, and groin skin dark if you keep up regular use of the spray.
  • Accumulation of Dead Skin Cells: If you don’t exfoliate properly when you shower or take a bath, the collection of dead skin cells could very quickly darken patches of your skin. This is a prevalent cause of dark skin that you can avoid by using a simple loofah and soap to clean your armpits.

Remedies For Dark Armpits: First Steps To Get Started

Below Are Some Immediate Steps You Should Take to Lighten Your Armpits

If you have no idea what the root cause of the discoloration was, you can follow these tips to ensure your skin isn’t irritated as much daily:

1.      Change Your Brand of Deodorant or Body Spray

Remember those chemical irritants mentioned above? You don’t have to give up deodorant altogether to get rid of them. Instead, look for deodorant brands that are reputed to have no side effects on your skin, or switch to using perfume on your clothes.

2.      Exfoliate Regularly Using A Scrub

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of exfoliating regularly. Using a scrub, brush, or facial exfoliator to remove dead skin cells keeps your skin healthy and dirt-free and can result in much lighter skin overall.

3.      Stop Shaving Your Armpits

Waxing is always a preferential alternative to shaving your armpits, as the razor blades can cause abrasions resulting in dark and irritated patches for people with sensitive skin. Laser hair removal is also a choice, though that’s not something you can get at any old barbershop.

4.      Wear Loose Fitting Clothes

Yes, you heard that right. Tight clothes are a substantial cause of skin irritation that can darken sweaty spots like underarms and the back of your neck over time. To prevent this, go for loose-fitting clothes made of soft materials and garments.

5.      Stop Smoking

Smoker’s melanosis is probably the leading cause of dark underarms for grown men around the world. What you need to do for lighter underarms is quite simple: stop smoking. Seriously. It’s terrible for you.

Natural Remedies For Dark Armpits

Dark, discolored underarms can be pretty embarrassing if you’re planning a beach trip. If you’ve tried out all of the immediate remedies for dark armpits but they are still discolored, do not fret: there are lots of proven natural remedies that work wonders for lightening up your skin. Try these safe and cost-effective remedies for dark underarms to lighten up your skin today:

1.      Baking Soda, Cucumber & Lemon

Although there are no proven studies to confirm it, people swear by the wonderful results of baking soda to lighten dark armpits. Both lemon and cucumber are well-known for their skin bleaching properties. Together all three form the best home remedies for dark armpits.


 1 tbsp baking soda

  • ½ cup grated cucumber
  • 1 tsp lemon juice


  • Start by squeezing out fresh juice from the grated cucumber and keep it aside
  • Now place the baking soda in a bowl and mix both lemon juice and cucumber juice in it.
  • Spread it on the skin of your underarms. Let it sit for 20 minutes then wash it away.

2.      Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel stands out as a prolific remedy for any skin disorder due to its natural antibacterial properties.


  • Fresh aloe vera leaves
  • (Optional)Bottle of aloe vera gel
  • Lemon Juice


  • Firstly, gather some fresh aloe vera leaves from a plant nearby. You can also buy fresh Aloe Vera leaves from any herbal shop.
  • Cut two leaves in half and extract the gel inside. Again, if you don’t want to remove the gel yourself, you can buy packaged bottles of aloe Vera gel.
  • Mix few drops of lemon juice in aloe vera gel and apply a layer over your skin and let it dry for just under 15 minutes.
  • Rinse it after 15 minutes, and use this method every alternate day for the best results.

3.      Apple Cider Vinegar

Amino acids and lactic acids are just two of the many beneficial things that Apple Cider Vinegar has. The excellent natural health benefits of ACV can clear up dead skin cells easily and even lessen the scars left by trauma.


  • Container of organic Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Cotton pad or swab


  • Pour some of the organic Apple Cider Vinegar onto the cotton swab, and ensure it’s adequately soaked.
  • Pat the vinegar on the darkened patches, covering both armpits equally.
  • Let the vinegar dry off completely before washing it off with water. You can use this method daily.

4.      Potato Juice

Yep. If you’re considering different remedies for dark underarms, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that works better for pigmentation than the potato remedy, famous for its almost immediate effectiveness.


  • A couple of potatoes
  • A peeler and grater
  • Container to hold the squeezed juice


  • Take a couple of potatoes and peel them completely. Discard the peels for now, since we won’t need them.
  • Next, grate the potatoes onto a container, and squeeze their juice out with your hands. If you can’t, use a juicer for this step.
  • Apply the juice directly onto your armpits and let it rest for 10 to 15 minutes, and rinse it off entirely with water.
  • This is a good remedy for rough skin, too, as potato juices go a long way towards softening your skin.

Diet & Lifestyle Tips To Help Fight Dark Armpits

  • Reduce sugary foods such as cold drinks, pastries, chocolates, sweets from your diet. In fact, remove them completely.
  • Remove both white refined flour and white rice from your diet
  • Try to follow a high protein low carb diet every day.
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes in the morning for 5 days a week.

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Being concerned about discoloration in your armpits is normal, but if you find that these remedies have no effect, it’s usually a good idea to consult a dermatologist. Instead of common causes such as shaving or deodorant, dark patches in your underarms could be the result of an underlying medical condition.

However, it’s always worth giving these methods a try beforehand: since they are natural and might just work for you without you having to spend a dime.





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