How To Get Rid Of Dark Eyelids: Cause & Remedies

How To Get Rid Of Dark Eyelids: Cause & Remedies

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The problem of dark eyelids can impact anyone. Considering that the skin of the eyelids is thinner than the majority of the skin covering the body, it is more prone to translucency and damage, giving the appearance of having dark eyelids. There are several different explanations for this, including hyperpigmentation and changes to your blood vessels and surrounding skin. Under-eye circles and dark eyelids are both possible simultaneously. The one without the other is also an option. There is no direct connection between these two.

Find out more about the causes of dark eyelids and available remedies.

Causes of Dark Eyelids

Sleep deprivation

Lack of sleep results in dilation and increased visibility of blood vessels under the eyelid. The eyelids may seem darker as a result of increased blood flow to the blood vessels beneath the eyelid. Dark eyelids and increased melanin production are both effects of sleep deprivation.


The main reasons for black eyelids are thought to be allergies or eye irritations. Your skin is prone to become hyperpigmented if you are experiencing an allergic reaction. Some persons have black eyelids as a result of habitual scratching or rubbing of the eyelid area with their nails. Additionally, it could cause injuries. Allergies frequently cause an accumulation of fluid in the eyes, which finally causes your eyelids to become dark.

Poor diet

Dark eyelids might be brought on by dietary deficits. The amount of oxygen delivered to the periorbital tissues by the blood may be lowered in those with iron deficiency anaemia. This makes the pallor worse and makes the black eyelids stand out more.

Changes in hormones

Melasma is a skin condition that frequently affects pregnant women, people taking birth control pills, and people receiving hormone replacement treatment. It is brought on by hormonal fluctuations and made worse by exposure to the sun. If you stop using oral contraceptives or become pregnant, your melasma may go away on its own once your hormone levels are back to normal.

Melanocytic skin disease

Your skin tone is determined by melanin, which is produced by melanocytes. The development of dark pigmentation around your eyes by melanocytes in your skin’s dermis is referred to as dermal melanocytosis. Grey or blue-grey patches around or around the eyes are typical in people with cutaneous melanocytosis.

Dermal melanocytosis can be brought on by a wide range of disorders, both acquired and congenital, including dermatitis, hormonal changes brought on by ectopic pregnancy, sun exposure, and other skin diseases.

How to Get Rid of Dark Eyelids?

Sleeping habits and positions

A commonly suggested treatment for dark eyelids is to sleep with your head raised. You can achieve this by using pillows or simply relaxing in a recliner. By raising your head, you can improve blood circulation and reduce eye puffiness. Maintaining a sleep schedule that includes 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night can also be beneficial.

Milk and Rose water

 Take 2 tbsps of whole milk and mix 1 tbsp of rose water. Chill this mixture in the refrigerator for some time. Then soak cotton pads in them and squeeze out the excess mixture. Place the cool soaked cotton pads on each eye. Rest for 30 minutes. Repeat everyday.

Cold compress

While cold compresses won’t completely get rid of black eyelids, they can assist reduce inflammation brought on by a skin problem. To stop swelling around the eyes from getting worse, apply cold compresses, bags of frozen vegetables, or iced tea bags for five to ten minutes at a time.

Tea bags

The antioxidants in green and black teas aid to lessen swelling and discoloration. Apply two tea bags that have been soaked in water to your eyes for fifteen minutes after they have been frozen for two hours. Once the tea bags are gone, rinse your eyes.

Almond and coconut oil

It is possible to treat ocular inflammation with almond and coconut oils. Vitamins can help brighten dark eyelids and remove dark circles, and almond oil and coconut oil are two common sources of these nutrients. Vitamin E present in almond oil is especially helpful in fighting pigmentation.

Potato, tomato, and cucumber Slices

Slices of cucumber, tomato, and potato are another popular at-home treatment for reducing dark eyelids since they offer skin-lightening properties. Additionally, they contain astringent qualities that aid in the removal of eyelid discoloration. If you have dark eyelids, place slices over them for ten to fifteen minutes.

 Key Takeaways

Numerous variables, such as age, heredity, and way of life, might contribute to the blackness of eyelids. Because they make you look older, more worn out, or unwell, they can have a detrimental effect on your quality of life. It could be caused by sleep deprivation, allergy to certain skin substances, pregnancy, heredity, and other factors.

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Dark circles can be prevented or diminished in appearance with the help of several lifestyle choices. Regularly obtaining better sleep and using sunscreen every day are two of them.

Doctors may advise modifying one’s lifestyle, taking drugs, or undergoing physical treatments like chemical peels and laser therapy depending on the reason why one has this problem.



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