How To Look Younger Than Your Age

How To Look Younger Than Your Age

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As days pass by, our responsibilities increase, and so does our stress and exhaustion. The additional stress causes us to look tired and older than our actual age. All these factors have an adverse effect on our internal health which further increases aging. And the one thing that almost all of us at some point is wonder – how to look younger than our age? Forever staying young is not biologically possible however we can surely try some tips to look our best irrespective of our age.

How to look younger than your age-tips & tricks

We can try to imbibe certain remedies, tips, tricks, and habits in our daily schedule to look younger. Now, let us begin our discussion without any further ado.

Wear sunscreen without fail

Sunscreen is one of the most valuable and effective ways in which you can take care of your skin. And as a result, you automatically save your screen from rapid damage from the UV rays of the sun, pollution, and heat. Therefore, your skin looks younger and rejuvenated for a prolonged time. So, the first tip to look younger than your age is to apply sunscreen positively whenever you go out. Despite the summer, winter, or rainy season, your sunscreen must be a necessity before going out.

Also, an important factor here is that you must not restrict applying sunscreen only to your face. Ensure to apply it on your neck, hands, and even your legs if they are bare when you go out. It is an important step, and many miss it, thus, causing them to hinder the process or destroy the motive of the tip of looking younger.

Focus on your diet

 Here is another highly effective way to look younger, which is by focusing on your diet. Including such food items that have anti-oxidant properties can significantly help you look younger. They function to cleanse your body from the inside, it detoxifies your body, and all the toxins and impurities are cleared from your body.

As a result, your skin automatically removes the impurities, and a natural glow appears on your face. So, you effortlessly look younger. The additional benefit here is that you get to eat healthily, keep yourself healthy, and gain flawless skin and a young glow.

Mind your posture

You might be wondering what good posture does to make me look younger. Or, how can a good posture be helpful in making you look younger? Well, close links have been found between good posture and a boost of self-confidence. With more self-confidence comes an internal glow that is highly enriched or helps enrich your mental well-being. Therefore, when you are internally healthy and happy, it automatically gets reflected in your face. Thus, you look younger and fresher.

Night-time skincare

Our skin replenishes itself when our body is relaxed overnight. Always make sure to remove makeup before going to bed.  Follow a simple routine no matter how busy you are. According to us the secret answer to – how to look younger lies in Retinol and Vitamin C-based serums. Buy good quality retinol and vitamin c serum and use them before bed. Retinol has been proven to fight wrinkles thus delaying aging to appear on your skin. Vitamin C helps reduce hyperpigmentation and brings a glow to your complexion.

Smile more and smile wide!

What can be a better way to portray yourself as young and happy than by showing off how beautiful and wide smiles you have got? Smiling can readily make your appearance younger. The more you smile, the better it is. Also, it does not just overtly make your look younger. Smiling makes you internally young as well since it spreads positivity throughout your mind and body, thus making you young from the inside out.

Managing weight is very important.

It is definitely true that everyone is beautiful in their own ways, but this will actually turn into a fact when the body weight is healthy for that person. Weight gain is a very serious problem at all times, and weight gain can make someone look heavier and older. So, a very easy way to adopt portion control is by reducing the amount of food intake. An easy hack is to cut off one spoon of food from every day’s meal for 15 days. This helps reduce the body’s adaptation to the new food quantity and appetite.

Regular Massages

Don’t forget to fix a massage appointment in your favorite spa to give regular treats to your body. It will not only relax you but will prove to be helpful in reducing age-related issues. Massages help avoid sagging skin and bring a glow to your complexion They also help fight arthritis and anxiety-related issues. You can also do a self-massage in the privacy of your own home on one of your off days.

Drinking ample amounts of water

Earth has provided us with the ultimate opportunity to clean our bodies from the inside. If your question is with what? Then the answer is definitely water. Water not only gives us hydration but also helps our skin look younger. Drinking ten glasses of water is a must for every other person as it kicks the skin’s natural glow by providing natural hydration. It will work as a cherry on the cake if the first consumed glass of water is taken with lemon juice. Lemon juice contains vitamin C, which works like magic for the skin and helps to boost the production of skin collagen.

Doing exercise

Most people avoid exercise either because of their busy schedule or because they just say it’s not meant for them to be done. It has clear evidence that exercises are like magic that would give a kickstart to our body. Health is wealth, and if we can earn for wealth, we have to earn for the feeder of wealth as well.

If normally scheduled forms of exercise are boring to some, then normal playing, jogging, and going to gyms can motivate a person to exercise. According to studies, exercises can put back gear on the age of the skin.

Try homemade face packs

Choose a face pack that suits your skin type a stick to it. Go natural and try home remedies available in your kitchen. In case you suffer from tanned & dull skin you can read on Top 10 Tan Removal Home Remedies, Here is a simple face pack recipe that we can suggest

 Ingredients: 5-6 Almonds. Milk. Rose Petals, Honey


Soak the almonds in milk overnight. In the morning, place them in a grinder jar along with the rose petals and some milk. Grind into a smooth paste. Add some honey to this paste and mix well. Apply this pack to your face and neck. Wait for 20 minutes then wash it away. Repeat twice a week.

Getting ample amount of sleep

The cells of our bodies need time to repair, which occurs at night when we sleep. Our body especially escalates the blood supply to the face at that hour. Sleep is like the natural charging process for our bodies, which is supposed to keep us energetic throughout the day. Without enough sleep, our skin would look lifeless, dull, and dark circles make us appear older than our actual age. So, 8 to 9 hours of sleep will work as a natural hack to look younger. How to get rid of dark circles

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So, these tips should ideally answer your query about how to look younger than your age naturally. Many cosmetic options are also available if you are open to spending. You can try botox and fillers if your face needs it. However, we suggest always following a healthy lifestyle and in addition, you can try these cosmetic options.




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