Makeup For Different Face Shapes That Suits You

Makeup For Different Face Shapes That Suits You

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A subject that many people are learning about lately is face shapes and skin tones. There are different face shapes: oval, round, heart, oblong, and diamond. This article will tell you about different makeup for different face shapes.

How to figure out your face shape type

In order to decide on appropriate makeup, you should first understand and know your face shape. There are different types of face shapes that are commonly noticed in human beings—Oval, square, heart, round, oblong, and diamond. So, if you are wondering how to know your face shape then read on.


The face is length is higher than the width of both your cheekbones as well as your forehead. It is almost like an egg that is placed upside down.


This face shape has a sharp jawline and asymmetrical form. The jaw width is almost the same as cheekbones. The forehead is as wide as the jawline and cheekbones.


This face shape has a wide temple, tapering jawline, and narrow chin. Here the forehead and cheekbones are equally wide.


The basic outline is soft, and the overall round. This shape has an equally distant forehead and chin. Also, there is an equal distance between cheeks.


It is an elongated form of the face. The dimensions from forehead to chin are long. Cheekbones, jaw, and forehead are equally broad.


The primary outline is angular type. In this face shape, your cheekbones are the widest part of your face. The forehead and jawline are narrower. In this case, the chin is pointy however the hairline is not as wide as in the heart-shaped face.

makeup for different face shapes

Tips to do different makeup for different face shapes

Now, come to the main focus of this article about how to apply makeup according to various face shapes. Read carefully and follow the steps to do makeup for different face shapes.

Oval shape

An oval face is pretty much easy to apply makeup on it. You do not have to wear much makeup for it. However, you want a sharp jawline; the definition is needed to add to your lips and eyes.

1. Focus on the sharp features of your face to lessen the oval effect. Apply foundation all over the face. Next, to highlight your nose, dab bronzer to the top and sides of your nose.

2. Use a tapered brush to apply bronzer across the centers of the face from the temples.

3. Make your eyebrow from natural to high arched. This will look best in an oval shape.

4. Getting a smooth finish look, you need to apply a small stroke blush from the temples to the middle of the cheeks.

5. The forehead, brow bone, nose bridge, and chin should be highlighted using this fan brush.

Square shape

A square face will look more attractive if it gets a feminine and soft look.

1. Apply contour in a way to minimize your wide forehead and jawline. Using a fluffy brush to contour your jawline is an awesome tip.

2. Apply the blush across the cheekbones to get a soft look.

3. Make a C shape around the forehead and the cheekbones and blend it well to get a natural look.

4. Make your eyebrows softer. Smokey brows will look great in square shape faces. Don’t go for sharp brows.

5. Apply cat-eyeliner is the best option to get attention to your eyes from the jawline.

Heart shape

This face form is itself very youthful and feminine. Heart shape face looks at its best when the focus shifted away from the pointed chin.

1. Apply bronzer or contour on the top areas of the forehead. Blend it properly towards the temples as well as underneath the cheekbones.

2. Smear a light blush to the cheekbones to get just the right amount of focus.

3. It will work wonders if you apply a soft bronzer on the sides of the noses and jawline.

4. You are advised to avoid contouring the jawline because it has already a sharp look. However, If you have a double chin, you can apply contour on the jawline to make the chin look sharp.

5. Highlight your lips by applying gloss or bright color to shift focus from your tapering jawline and sharp-pointed chin.

Round shape

This shape has its natural youthful look. Therefore, you must not wear heavy makeup. You can go for a bronzy look.

1. Contouring the under jawline, cheekbones, and temples is the best to look attractive in a round shape.

2. Forehead and cheekbones are necessary to be highlighted.

3. Highlight the sides of the noses to get a sharp nose.

4. Sharp points of your faces needed to focus. Sweep the blush on those sharp points to break the roundness of your face.

Oblong shape

You should try minimizing the length of your face to get a balanced look. This is will greatly help an oblong face shape to appear balanced and feminine.

1. Don’t highlight your forehead too much and try to make it appear small. To do this, apply a matte bronzer across the hairline around your forehead, blend it properly.

2. To get the soft look, sweep the blush on the top of your cheeks and blend it in such a way that it adds width to your face to create a balance.

Diamond shape

If you have a diamond-shaped face, you need to balance the width around your cheekbones to make you appear softer.

1. Apply a highlighter around the middle of your forehead and chin area to make them appear broad since they tend to be narrower.

2. Contour the area between the middle of your cheeks to the ears. Avoid contouring too close to your mouth.

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No one’s face is perfect; everyone has their imperfections. Your face shape also tells a lot about you and your personality. It’s important to know your face shape and learn to use makeup accordingly to bring out its best features.


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