Natural Ways to Reduce Breast Size

Natural Ways to Reduce Breast Size

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Breast Size widely differs from woman to woman. There is no such thing as perfect breast size. But researches have indicated that women having smaller breasts have fewer incidences of back and shoulder pain. It helps to reduce breast size since there are studies that indicate that having a large cup size can lead to shoulder pain.

Thus, no worries if you have a bigger breast size, as we will be telling you some of the easy and inexpensive ways to reduce breast size.

What Factors affect the Size of the breasts? 

Breasts are majorly made up of fatty tissues. And thus, your weight has a big impact on the size of your breasts. Other than that, your genetics and hormonal balance, and your BMI as well play a pivotal role in your breast size.

Following are some of the major factors that affect the size of the breasts –

Reduce breast size after pregnancy

Age – Many of you might not know this, but your breast size is largely determined by your age. You might have noticed that in your teenage your breasts were much tender and smaller. But as and when your age increased, the breasts became firmer and fuller. And after you hit menopause, your breasts start sagging.

Pregnancy – Pregnancy has a major role to play in your breast size. Before childbirth, your breasts began to grow in size because of the release of progesterone. This continues even after the child’s birth till the time you breastfeed. Once you stop nursing the child, the breasts return to their normal size within 3-4 months.

Menstruation – Breasts change their size even during our monthly cycle as well. During the first half of the month, a female body produces estrogen and thus the breast size remains as it is. But as the body gets closer to the periods, progesterone stimulation increases and the breasts began to swell and feel lumpier as well.

Birth Control – Hormonal birth control methods such as pills, injections or anything else has a significant impact on your breasts size. They release estrogen and progesterone that causes water retention in the breasts and they swell up in size.

Thus, above are some of the significant factors that affect your breast size.

 Natural Ways to Reduce Breast Size 

Breasts are made up of fat and thus their size keeps on changing from time to time. You can reduce breast size by following the correct techniques and ingredients –

1) Healthy Anti-inflammatory Smoothies

Reduce breast size smoothies

  • Almond Milk, Apple Ginger Smoothie – Low carb high protein diet is the backbone of any weight loss diet. That’s where almond milk will help you in. Whereas apple and ginger together form an excellent detox smoothie that is loaded with vitamins, iron, and anti-oxidants.
  • Turmeric Pineapple Coconut water – Pineapple is the powerhouse of vitamin C and has immune-boosting and detoxifying properties. Coconut water has hydration benefits whereas turmeric improvises blood circulation and aids in smooth digestion as well.

2) Yogurt, Vitamin E, and Fenugreek Powder Body Pack

Yogurt fenugreek powder body pack

As per the Ayurveda, fenugreek is loaded with antioxidants and protein that helps in tightening and smoothening the skin around the breasts. Vitamin E strengthens the blood vessels that in turn transports the nutrients to the breasts and thus helps to keep the breast firm. Yogurt has lactic acid which when combined with the other two ingredients helps in moisturizing, firming, and giving a healthier look to your breasts.

Preparation: Take half a cup of yogurt; add 5 tsp of fenugreek powder into it. Slit open 1-2 vitamin E capsules and mix all of them in a bowl. Apply the mixture all over your body or you can restrict it only to your breast area as well. Give it 7-10 minutes to dry off and then wash off the mixture with water.

3) Place Cabbage Leaves

Cabbage leaves helps to Reduce breast size

Cabbage leaf therapy is known to help with multiple breast issues like – breast pain, swelling, weaning issues, and likewise. Cabbage leaves help in the absorption of fluids from the breast glands and thus helps with swelling.

How to use – 

  • Begin with cleaning and drying the cabbage leaves.
  • Chill the cabbage leaves and then place them on each breast. You can cut the leaves as per your comfort.
  • Place the leaves and wait for at least 20 minutes.
  • Discard the leaves and wash your breasts gently with water.

You can repeat this treatment every day once.

4) Include Omega Fatty-3 acids:

Reduce breast size omega3

Breast growth is largely because of the imbalance in hormones. Some major sources of omega 3 fatty acids are known to lower blood pressure and stimulate hormonal balance.

  • Flax Seeds – They are a great source of lignans, a type of phytoestrogen. A phytoestrogen is a plant nutrient that is slightly similar to the female hormone estrogen. Estrogen is a hormone responsible for large-sized breasts. Flaxseed help regulate estrogen levels in the body which in turn helps reducing the size of your breasts. You can add flax seeds to your food or even drink it empty stomach with water.
  • Fish – Some fishes like salmon and tuna are rich sources of omega 3. They are also helpful in checking the overall weight since they are high in protein which keep you full for a longer period.
  • Chia Seeds – Chia seeds are excellent sources of Omega 3, calcium as well as fiber. They boost blood circulation which reduces your body weight and thus helps in reducing breast size naturally.

5) Cardio exercises to reduce breast size  – Cardio exercises are extremely helpful in shedding overall body weight and thus reduce breast size. Most of them are simple and can easily be done at home without the use of any type of equipment.


  • Aerobics – Some of the simplest aerobic exercises like – cycling, speed walking, stairs climbing helps to lose fat all over the body and thus contribute to reducing breast size.
  • Jogging – Jogging tones your overall body. A 30-minute run can burn anywhere around 200-500 calories. It not only helps to reduce breast size but also gives them a firm and well-lifted look.
  • Push-ups – Push-ups tone your chest muscles and tighten the area around your chest. This helps in reducing your breast size in the long run and helps prevents the sagging appearance as well.

6) Yoga Poses – Yoga is one of the safest ways to reduce your breast size. With a proper diet and correct yoga poses, you can easily reduce breast size.

yoga to reduce breast size

  • Setubandhasana or bridge pose – This asana provides your upper body stretch and flexibility. It also tones the upper body and opens up your chest area thereby reducing the breast size.
  • Ardha Chakrasana or half wheel pose – This yoga pose helps reduce the fat around your breast area.
  • Padangusthasana or big toe pose – Big toe pose also opens up the chest and shoulder area and this further helps in toning your breast area.

7) Massage


Massage is one of the inexpensive yet highly effective ways in reducing your breast size. You can choose a breast cream and use your middle finger as well as the ring finger to give a good massage to your breast area. A good massage will reduce the fats near your breasts and thus will reduce breast size in the long run. But make sure that you practice the same at least thrice every day for 3 months to get the best results.

Final Words….

Above given are the natural methods to reduce breast size. Even cosmetic surgeries are also available that aim to reduce your breast area. Mammoplasty or breast lessening is a modern-day surgery that helps in reducing the fat around your breast.

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With the above-given remedies, you can easily reduce your breast size and get rid of any discomfort caused by big breasts.



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