Sara Ali Khan Weight Loss Diet Plan and Journey

Sara Ali Khan Weight Loss Diet Plan and Journey

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The diet and workout followed by Sara Ali Khan for weight loss have been the subject of much discussion. This Bollywood star has lost 30 kgs and has a dreamy face. This was not, however, a simple transformation as Sara also suffers from PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). It occurs as a result of hormonal imbalance, which results in weight gain, irregular periods, and facial hair. It’s vital to discuss Sara Ali Khan’s weight loss journey because many women suffer from PCOS and gain weight.

In this article, we’ll talk about how Sara Ali Khan lost weight by following a specific meal plan, working out in certain ways, and documenting her weight loss experience so that you may do the same.

Sara Ali khan Weight loss from 96 Kgs To 56 kgs

sara ali khan weight loss

Sara Ali Khan’s Diet Plan

Recently, during an interview, Sara Ali Khan happened to share her diet and exercise plan with a major publication. Sara does not deprive herself of food. She prefers eating at regular intervals. Fiber-rich foods are abundant in her diet.

Diet Followed By Sara Ali Khan for weight loss: Her journey first started with the keto diet during the initial phase, but as you may be aware, the keto diet is best for bodybuilding rather than weight loss. The keto diet is effective for weight loss in the short term but not in the long run. Since it’s not sustainable for many weight loss aspirants.

Hence, Sara eventually abandoned the keto diet in favor of a more traditional diet and eating habits. This diet consisted of –

1. 5-6 small-portion meal plan with higher protein and fiber content

2. Complex carbohydrates were substituted by simple carbohydrates.

3. She quit sugar consumption.

4. She gave up milked coffee in favor of black.

5. Chicken and eggs were introduced into the diet.


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Breakfast: Sara Ali Khan starts her day with a glass of warm water. Breakfast for her consists of idlis, egg whites, and bread toast.

Lunch: Sara likes homemade meals during lunch. Chapatis, dal, salad, and veggies comprise her lunch.

Snack: Sara, like the rest of us, is fussy about her evening snack. For her, a bowl of upma is the ideal evening snack.

Dinner: Her dinner is typically green veggies and chapatis.

Pre and Post-Workout: She consumes one bowl of muesli with some fruits and oats before every intense activity. She likes tofu, vegetables, and a protein drink after a workout.

Sara consumed complex carbs before her training, which benefited her during the activity, and more protein-rich food afterward, which aids in recuperation.

If you or someone you know has PCOS, you may be aware that losing weight can be difficult. Weight loss must include both diet and activity. Sara Ali Khan, like everyone else, has to work hard to stay fit. This is how she works out at the gym.

Sara Ali Khan Workout Plan


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Sara Ali Khan weight loss workout routine:  Her routine urges you to hit the gym as soon as feasible. Sara is leaving no stone unturned in her pursuit of huge fitness objectives, as evidenced by her viral workout videos. Sara Ali appreciates a diversified workout since it keeps her from being bored with the same routine.

Sara has always relied on a combination of workouts rather than a single workout approach. Sara dabbles in everything from pilates to weight training, boot camp workouts, and cardio. She has admitted that pilates is her preferred kind of exercise. She also does yoga, kathak, and goes to the gym to do cardio and weight training.

Pilates is the go-to workout for celebrities all around the world! While a low-impact exercise can help you lose weight, it can also help you gain muscle flexibility, strengthen your core, and correct your posture.

Boot camp is a combination of aerobic and strength-training exercises that aim to increase endurance and strength.

To Sum Up


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Sara Ali Khan used her incredible willpower, consistent gymming, and appropriate food to achieve her goal of becoming fit and entering the Bollywood profession. This cheerful actress has worked hard to acquire the success she has today. She has successfully lost weight and has worked hard to achieve her fitness objectives in order to overcome her challenges.

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Many people, especially those with PCOS, are inspired by Sara Ali Khan’s weight loss experience. Her grace in addressing a health condition on the national television show ‘Koffee With Karan’ has won millions of hearts. Few women possess the courage to confront such a subject. Take her lead and never give up on your fitness goals.



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