8 Cool Ways To Dress Up A T-Shirt In 2024

8 Cool Ways To Dress Up A T-Shirt In 2024

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Are you someone who always chooses comfort over style every time? Well, most of us too! And when it comes to comfort, there’s only one wardrobe staple which is always on everyone’s first preference, and that is a T-shirt aka Tee.

Now, we understand that wearing a t-shirt becomes boring. But what if we say that there are numerous ways to dress up a t-shirt? Yes, that’s right! With a few simple tweaks in the outfit, you can actually style a basic t-shirt to make it fashionable.

Heading out for a casual brunch? Pair a t-shirt with jeans. Planning an outing with friends? Pair it up with shorts and sneakers. Going on lunch with colleagues? Style it with a blazer. The list can go on and on. Want to check out more options?

Keep reading and we assure that you’ll look trendy and classy no matter where you go. Summer Glow Up Checklist and Ideas: Look Your Best

Ways to dress up a t-shirt

Keep it Basic for Everyday Look

To start with the classic, well let’s agree that a white tee and a good pair of denims is a timeless and evergreen combo. It is one of the best ways to dress up a t-shirt. No one has ever complained about being uncomfortable while styling a white tee whether tucked in or not, with shorts or jeans. 

Pair it with skinny jeans for a sleek and modern look, baggy jeans for adding a little extra trend to the look or shorts for an extreme sunny day or if your aim is to be more comfortable. 14 Everyday Bag Essentials For An Office Employee

PRO TIP: High waisted shorts and jeans are in trend these days as it adds a touch of sophistication with a polished look and elongates your legs as well. For footwears you can always style with heels, sneakers or even sports shoes.

Ways To Dress Up A T-Shirt


Go Formal and Add a Layer of Blazer

Wanna look a little formal? Throw a blazer with a tee and you are good to go! 

It’s a sophisticated combo which is the perfect way to dress up a t-shirt for a casual meeting or even a dinner date.

For a polished look, styling a tee with a pair of trousers or chinos can do wonders. 30 Simple Fashion Tips For You To Look More Fashionable

PRO TIP: You can tuck the t-shirt into the pants, chinos or khakis and you all set for formal meetups. Don’t forget a comfortable pair of heels or flats.

Ways To Dress Up A T-Shirt


Glam Up and Accessorise

If you want to go from classic to glam, then accessories are the best choice. The statement pieces actually enhance the personality and they are the finishing touches everyone looks for. Whether its a necklace, bracelets, earrings or even a ring, it adds balance to the whole look. 

PRO TIP: The best way to dress up a t-shirt, a plain one, is to go big with jewellery like necklace and earrings and you’ll be dressier than ever.

Ways To Dress Up A T-Shirt


Add the Magic of Skirts

Looking for a classy but cute way to dress up a t-shirt? Style it with a skirt. Whether it’s a long, short, pleated or even denim, skirts are one of the most styled pieces when it comes with tees. You’ll feel comfortable yet trendy when the t-shirt is perfectly paired with a good skirt. 

Choose denims for casual look, pleated ones for an evening event or skater skirt for a trendy style.

PRO TIP: Skirts are more than versatile, as one can pair them up with a kind of pair of footwear and you can always add a little extra with some good accessories. 

dressing style with jeans


Layer by a Shirt or Cardigan

Another classic and timeless way to dress up a t-shirt is with a shirt. Yes, you can definitely style a tee with a shirt. Best for early winters, if you want to add a layer but not that warm, wear a t-shirt with a quirky and trendy shirt or a cardigan. Remember not to overdo it like, combining prints over prints. To make it more subtle and sophisticated, you can mix and match plain with prints.

PRO TIP: Style a solid plain tee with a checkered t-shirt is the ultimate combo if you wanna be comfortable and stylish at the same time, or add a flowy and long cardigan for semi formal occasions.

travel dressing tips


The Power of Jackets

Need some styling suggestions if staying in a cooler place? Well, you’re at the right place. Layering a t-shirt with a stylish and funky jacket is as comfortable,cosy and trendy as it sounds. There are different types of jackets like denim, bomber and more, and with these one can either attend an evening event or a casual fun day out.

PRO TIP: Pair a plain tee with jackets having embroidery, or even shimmer ones and don’t forget to add in a good pair of comfortable sneakers.

blazer style tips


Experiment with Colours and Patterns

Are you someone who always tries to look for something different? Why not go for different types of colours and patterns. Bold and bright colours can make a statement and add a stylish element to the whole look. Either mix and match with colours or grab a graphic print tees. Graphic tees are so in fashion these days, it shows your personality without actually saying anything.

PRO TIP: Try colour blocking combo, a vibrant colour plain tee with equally bold trousers. Wanna go a little extra? Add accessories and that’s one of the trendiest ways to dress up a t-shirt.

Ways To Dress Up A T-Shirt


Pair with a Dress or Overalls

That’s right! You can even pair a simple and plain tee with a dress. It might sound weird but this is fashionable and in trend these days. Choose a fitted t-shirt or crop one, wear a dress over it and you’re all set for a fun day out. Even a printed graphic tee looks awesome and is easy to style. 

PRO TIP: The combo of solid tee under a maxi or denim dress or printed overalls with a comfy pair of sneakers, slip ons or shoes looks unique and fresh. Try it!


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While reading, you all must have got an idea of a number of looks with a simple tee. There are limitless ways to dress up a t-shirt and at the same time you’ll be trendy, stylish, comfortable and it shows your personality to the fullest. 

Get your own #OOTD by mix and matching, add some jewellery, a good pair of footwear or even a dress, there’s a style for everyone to look unique at any event. Dressing a t-shirt is like a blank canvas and you are the artist of it.