Do Girls Like Guys With Tattoos? Top 10 Reasons

Do Girls Like Guys With Tattoos? Top 10 Reasons

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Tattoos are considered a mirror to one’s inner self. They usually tell a story, an incident, or something related to the person and most have significance to the person’s life 

Reports suggest that men with tattoos are way more attractive than the ones without them. Moreover, they are considered powerful, masculine, robust, and responsible by women. 

If you are thinking, do girls like guys with tattoos? Yes, they do and here we list the 10 top reasons why girls are attracted more to guys with tattoos. 

Do girls like guys with tattoos? Yes they do! Here are some reasons

Give off a bad boy vibe

The overall process of getting a tattoo is extremely painful. It is more of a reason why men having tattoos are said to be bad boys. However, it completely depends on the lady to determine whether the guy gives off a positive or negative vibe. 

Body art is usually considered priceless and inspiring. This makes their personality attractive and masculine. Tattoos also showcase maturity and responsibility, all the more reason for being attractive. 

Expressive in nature

Tattooed men are considered to be highly expressive compared to inkless men. The very desire of getting a tattoo is to express and tell a story of their life and experience. Since not everything can be expressed through words, tattoos are a great source of telling a story. 

Experience, past life, life goals, and personality traits are some of the highlights a tattoo can easily describe a man. Studies have shown that educated men prefer to get a tattoo more than the other half, since they know and have the passion to share and express to the world. 

They are a figure of commitment 

Making a tattoo is itself a huge commitment since it is quite a process to remove and stays on forever. As soon as a man intends to get a tattoo, they opt for a lifelong commitment. Backing up after getting the tattoo is never an option. 

Similarly, a girl can expect a man with a tattoo to be extremely committed to their love life and family. They give all their time and devotion to that one person they love, hence committing for a lifetime. This makes it an attractive trait among tattooed men. 

Tattooed men are mysterious

Tattoos can undoubtedly capture the maximum attention in a room. This makes girls think about the man’s thought process. Tattoos make a man more mysterious and attractive.

Tattoos also make men look irresistible when drawn upon a sturdy figure. 

Since only the person having the art on their skin knows the real meaning behind it, it makes them mysterious. 

They break rules

Tattoos are still considered a taboo and a sign of negativity amongst a good chunk of society. Breaking the stereotypes and long-standing laws of society to get a tattoo is an extremely attractive trait for a girl. 

This makes the man even more robust and fearless and assures the girl that they are good at handling the talks of society. Since the owner of the tattoo knows the story of the tattoo, they do not care what society thinks of them. Moreover, once you are fearless and get a tattoo, there is no looking back.

Tattooed men are adventurous

One of the main things for getting a tattoo is for the man to be willing. They need to be willing to take risks, willing to commit, and willing to be adventurous. This makes them more attractive to girls. 

Since every tattoo tells a story, it means that the man has gone through experiences that have left an impression and they want to convey it through body art. 

They are creative

Tattooed men happen to be excellent observers and hence they are full of ideas. They can be extremely creative and think brilliantly outside the box. They have a very different perspective on life and living beings. 

Moreover, they get ideas that a normal man would not get. This allows them to be creative with their body art as well. Most tattooed men contain illustrious tattoos that tell a story, all from the creative mind of the tattoo owner. 

They are passionate

Tattooed men are extremely passionate about their personal and professional lives. They find and thereby have meaning in every moment of their life. Body art is indeed a thing of passion. Without that very trait, it is impossible to control a tattoo. 

Through tattoos, they explain the mysteries of life and stay passionate about their own life. They are never part of the ordinary, instead, they embrace the mystery and create something extraordinary with their passion for life. 15 Fear No Evil Tattoo Ideas For The Fearless

High pain quotient

Tattooing is itself a very painful process. In such cases, the man needs to endure endless pain in the process of tattooing as well as in life, in general. Since they are passionate and focused on thriving through art, they ignore pain, irrespective of its intensity. 

They enjoy the goal and the process more than indulging in the negatives that come with it. Girls are highly attracted to men who do not hide under excuses to be cowards. 

Tattooed men are genuine and honest

Research has shown that tattooed men are genuine and honest at heart. They avoid taking the path of lies that can ruin their and their loved ones’ lives. Tattooed men are raw when it comes to opinions. 

They avoid all ifs and buts to maintain clarity in their life and every situation they are facing. This makes them extremely attractive to women. 


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Tattooed men are indeed respected and loved by girls who are attracted to them. There is no hard and fast rule that girls would be attracted to tattooed men. It solely depends on their choice. However, in case you were wondering do girls like guys with tattoos then let us just say that most tend to be attracted as they feel safe and have a belief in men who are committed, passionate, and serious about their lives. All such qualities can be easily found in a man with a tattoo.