Do Guys Like Shy Girls? 15 Probable Reasons

Do Guys Like Shy Girls? 15 Probable Reasons

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“Do guys like shy girls?” This is a common question that keeps running in the minds of many shy attractive women. You are most likely to be one of those girls who stay close to the wall at a social gathering, sometimes not even going ahead to reach for a drink. You like that guy in the middle of the dance floor but would not dare to look him in the eye. Instead, you stay up all night dreaming that you will someday muster the energy to talk to him.

People around you tell you that you have to interact more, and some of them even think you are a snob for it. So, let us start by congratulating you because if you are shy, and wondering do men like shy women then you have a lot of reasons to pat your shoulder.

Do guys like shy girls? Yes, they do!

do men like shy women

Surprised? Read on and go through the rest of the article, and you will be surprised by what you find. Here are some Reasons.

1. You have an irresistible smile

Since you are not much of a talker, you smile more. And a man loves a girl’s smile more than a loud and boisterous laugh.

2. You have more poise

Your shyness gives you more restraint, making him comfortable and wanting to know you more. Chances are that you, with your sophistication and poise, stand a better chance of stealing his heart in time. So, while you may not have the courage to walk up and talk to him, who knows, you could make him fall for you by being poised.

3. You choose your friends

Nothing scares a guy more than a girl with too many male friends. And he knows he has nothing to worry about when it comes to you. 15 Goals In Life For A Woman To Pursue

4. You choose your clothes too

Shy girls are less likely to appear in too much makeup. They do not wear revealing clothes. Deep down, this is the kind of girl that every man wants. Trust me.

5. And you choose your words

Men do not like being suffocated by constant chatter. He likes to be the one leading the conversation. So, here too, you have the upper hand.

6. You are a learner

You worry about being shy and are constantly trying to grow. And if you ask us, in our personal opinion, irrespective of what it looks like on the outside, shy girls try harder, otherwise you would not be reading this article right now. And he sees your efforts in all this and continues to love you.

7. You are cute

He loves your helplessness- You make him want to come over and protect you. Did you have any idea about that?

8. You are sweet

You hardly fight and avoid confrontation. You think ten times before doing or saying something, are a bit of an overthinker, worrying if you did, not do, or say something right the last time and trying your best to make up for it the next time.  And don’t men love to keep a girl like that?

9. You are quite the damsel

And unlike what your modern-day teachers told you, guys still like to be the knight in shining armor, and a shy girl lets him have the reins, quietly staying behind as he takes her for a ride.

10. You are polite

Most shy girls are polite and have agreeable temperaments. While it may look like a shy girl has no choice, little does she know that she has an advantage.  Many guys love polite girls and often find them more understanding and sensible. You are winning brownie points over that bold girl who has an opinion on everything running around the world.

11. You keep the mystery going

Bold girls tend to reveal all about themselves, forgetting that a man likes to find out for himself. A journey with you is much more interesting as there are new surprises on the way.

12. You are one of the few

That brings us to the next point. Shy girls are rare and a gem that is hard to find in a world of girls being loud.

13. You do not rush

You take it slow. With a shy girl, things move a lot more slowly and this is the way a man wants it, giving him time to work on a relationship without being stressed with too many things happening at once.

14. You are serious

You are an overthinker Aren’t you? It is a sign you take life more seriously, and this is something he wants when he thinks of someone by his side in the long term. So, if you are serious about him, here is a reason to smile. Does True Love Exist: 10 Signs That Show True Love Behavior

15. You are marriage material

You are more trustworthy- most guys see shy girls as innocent and having better values, the kind that comes to mind when they think of marriage.

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So, there you are

Now, isn’t that you? In case you are that shy attractive woman, chances are you are smiling right now because you know your little dream may be right. Do guys like shy girls? Of course,  they do!

And that guy you were thinking of all the time could also be thinking about you. He could choose you instead of the rest of the girls who have been dancing with him all night, extroverted girls who don’t think much about what they say and do and just go with the flow in time.

And if he doesn’t like you, as the saying goes, ‘“this too shall pass”. Because in the end, there is a man destined for you. So, continue to be patient, and at the right time, his guardian angel will lead him to you.



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