15 Hanuman Tattoo Designs To Make You Powerful And Brave

15 Hanuman Tattoo Designs To Make You Powerful And Brave

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In South Asian nations, Lord Hanuman is one of the most revered deities. He is renowned for his strength commitment, triumph, wisdom, and power. Consider the several Hanuman tattoo designs in this article before having one.

The best 15 lord Hanuman tattoo designs

Lord Hanuman is revered by everyone in India and beyond. You can carry the compassion and safety of this god elegantly by getting one of the tattoos on the list of Hanuman tattoo designs.

Simple Hanuman face neck tattoo

One of the most popular Bajrang Bali tattoos that simply depicts a portion of his face is this one. With his lovely face characteristics, you can still tell that the tattoo is of Lord Hanuman. The location of this tattoo is the only distinction.

Hanuman Tattoo Designs


Tattoo design of Chota Hanuman

For those who adore Lord Hanuman, the Chota Hanuman tattoo is another well-liked design option. It might also stand for a childish faith in Lord Rama. This Bal Hanuman tattoo (small hanuman tattoo), in contrast to other tattoos, is adorable and appeals to your inner child. This tattoo can be obtained in black and white or with color to give the design more life.

hanuman tattoo small


Hanuman’s Mace Tattoo 1

The mace of Hanuman represents the spiritual and ethical principles of the Lord figuratively rather than merely being a biological weapon. The upper half of the Gada mace is quite straightforward. However, the grip portion features beautiful, diamond-like patterns all over it. Triangle Tattoo Design Ideas On Hand

Hanuman Tattoo Designs


Tattoo of lord Hanuman on the arm

The god of strength is depicted simply yet effectively in this half-face tattoo of Hanuman. The tattoo has a lovely appearance because of the strong and delicate lines. Additionally, the vivid red for the bindi area, giving the usual black ink tattoo a colorful appearance.

bajrangbali tattoos


Lord Hanuman with lord shiva tattoo design

The tattoo depicts lord shiva along with lord hanuman in one single tattoo. The tattoo helps carry the powder of both the lords in one single frame. Try this one if you want the blessings of both lords always with you.

bajrangbali tattoo ideas


Hanuman ji on the mountain

This a very royal-looking tattoo. This tattoo has a double effect on lord hanuman. One pose is where the lord Hanuman is standing behind with a crown. Below it is another hanuman on a mountain along with a conch shell or shankh. Birth Flower Tattoos With Meanings



Tattoo of Ram and Hanuman

It is clear from his conduct that Lord Hanuman is a devoted follower of Lord Shri Ram. This tattoo is a faithful portrayal of the bhakt Hanuman in meditation. For those who adore intricately detailed tattoos, the facial features and the crown make this tattoo a great choice.

om ram tattoo


Hanuman gada tattoo in black and white

Another Hanuman Gada tattoo, but this one has fine embellishments in the upper section and a straightforward handle. You can change patterns to suit your preferences, giving your tattoo a distinctive look. Shri Ram is emblazoned across the mace, signifying Lord Hanuman’s fervent worship of Rama.

gada Tattoo Designs


Band tattoo of Hanuman on the arm

Young people and grownups love wristband tattoos for their unique appearance. Additionally, the positioning of the tiny Hanuman face lends a spiritual touch to this straightforward tattoo. The remainder tattoo is done in black and greyish tones.

Hanuman Tattoo Designs


Hanuman tattoo with mantra

People who prefer greater detail in their tattoo design can consider getting this tattoo. Hanuman ji with a mace in one hand. If you look closely you will see the Hanuman mantra written on this tattoo.

hanuman mantra tattoo


Hanuman tattoo with his flag wavering on top of his mukut

The Hanuman Ji flag is well known as a sign of victory, particularly for those who uphold morality. With the mace’s head resembling the sun, Lord Hanuman’s visage can be seen in meditation. The tattoo has intricated internal elements that give it a realistic appearance.

hanuman flag tattoo


Realistic Hanuman tattoo on the shoulder

This Hanuman tattoo idea is a great choice for those who want such intense artwork on their body permanently. You may alternatively get this design as a temporary tattoo.

brave hanuman tattoo


Tattoo of Hanuman with a third eye

Legend has it that Lord Hanuman also known as Bajrangbali is a manifestation of Lord Shiva. This is one of those Hanuman tattoo designs that explains why these two gods are frequently shown together in tattoos. Depending on your preferences, you can change the color scheme of this bajrangbali tattoo design.

shiva and hanuman tattoo


Tattoo of gada on the back

This Hanuman tattoo design shows a simple and minimalistic gada design with Hanuman mantra. It looks elegant on the upper back when made properly.

hanuman back side tattoo


Hanuman tattoo with conch shell

This is one of those Hanuman tattoo designs that is quite unique. It has a shadow effect in the sun with hanumanji holding the conch shell.

hanuman hand tattoo


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All the Hanuman tattoo designs we mentioned are extremely amazing and you should choose one that expresses yourself properly. Any of these bajrangbali tattoo designs will make you look powerful yet stylish.