How much does a chemical peel cost: what are the different types

How much does a chemical peel cost: what are the different types

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In case you are desiring to get yourself a chemical peel but wondering how much does a chemical peel cost? Then read on. The cost of chemical peels ranges quite widely, as there are innumerable ways in which one can attain the service. There are numerous active ingredients, service add-ons, and concentrations that influence the process. The following discussions offer you an understanding of how much a chemical peel can possibly cost you, what the different factors are that determine its costs, and the different types of chemical peels that are available. So, let us begin the discussion without further delay. 

What are the factors that influence the chemical peel cost?

The following factors influence how much a chemical peel cost. Check out these factors before arriving to any decision. Esthetician Vs Dermatologist -Which One Should You Visit For Skin Problems?

Types of peel

There are different types of chemical peels that are available, which we will discuss in this discussion later. The cost becomes more or less dependent on which chemical peel one’s choosing or the professional or doctor is recommending. Among all, the deep peel is the one that is likely to cost much more than any medium or superficial chemical peel. 5 DIY Glycerin Face Mask Recipes For Glowing Skin

how much does a chemical peel cost

 Post-peel care or aftercare 

Based on their skin condition and skin type, different individuals require different aftercare or post-peel care. Suppose one’s skin type or condition makes it necessary to choose additional treatment services, which include evaluation, follow-up care, or post-treatment care. In that case, it adds to the cost of the chemical peel services. Therefore, if one chooses one or more  such aftercare treatment services, the ultimate chemical peel cost will be higher. 

 Geographical location 

The price of a chemical peel differs based on the geographical location of the skin care clinic. If the location is in a prominent city of the country, assets such as premium neighbourhoods, the cost of living, and other such factors will affect the cost of chemical peeling. Nanoplastia Hair Treatment: Procedure. Cost. Is It Safe?


If anyone has any skin issues and requires numerous chemical peel sessions to attain glowing and clear skin, it is most likely that the cost of that chemical peel process will be quite high. The more frenzy of the chemical peel, the higher the cost of the chemical peel. 

 Area of treatment 

If one is planning to treat larger areas of one’s body, including legs, hands, face, or the neck, it might lead to higher costs than what one would require for chemical peeling in smaller areas of the body. 

 Patient’s concerns 

The condition of the patient is the determining factor in determining the strength of the chemical peel and also its type. Additionally, the patient’s skin issues or skin concerns are also a factor that helps the factors decide the frequency of the regions, that is, how many chemical peel sessions the person will require. Depending on these aspects, the cost of a chemical peel can vary quite substantially. 

Safety of the treatment 

The approach of the treatment that a clinic will follow is also a determining factor in the ultimate cost of a chemical peel process. The clinic that offers the latest treatment with stringent protocols is likely to cost you accordingly for their optimal services. Rhinoplasty Cost: How Much Does a Nose Job Cost?

 Which clinic do you choose? 

One of the major determining factors that can influence the cost of a chemical peel is which clinic you choose for the treatment. The clinics that provide you with the best quality treatment via the most skilled professionals, the latest equipment, safety regulations, and the like are likely to incur high expenses for their services. 

However, the clinics offering you inexpensive services are also not likely to offer you great-quality treatment as the clinics have the best equipment, professionals, and the like. Although it is always recommended to opt for clinics that have a good reputation and are not inexpensive since the quality of treatment is often correlated to the expenses the clinics charge for their services. 

  • Reputation of the clinic 

It is likely that if you choose a more reputed clinic, they will charge you quite a bit for their services. It is because price and demand go hand in hand, which makes required places quite costly. But at the same time, repeated places also often prove to offer optimal treatments and services, which is the reason for their good reputation.  So, instead of only being worried about how much a chemical peel cost try looking at the value it offers.

 What are the different types of chemical peels? 

The following are the different types of chemical peels available based on their variations of strength for reaching various layers of skin and catering to the particular needs of one’s skin care. 

 Superficial peels 

The superficial peels are the mild type of chemical peels, which include a formulation with a mild chemical solution containing alpha-hydroxy acid, which helps in and acts as a facilitator for the process of gentle exfoliation. The superficial peels help improve the texture of the skin and rub off the scars on the outermost skin layers. 

 Medium peels 

The medium peels consist of trichloroacetic acid or glycolic acid, which aids in the removal of the dead skin cells that are present between the top and middle dermis layers. It helps in the prevention of acne. The medium chemical peels are perfect for those who have pigmented skin or issues with skin pigmentation, such as age spots, sun damage, or rosacea. 

 Deep peels 

Deep peels are the type of chemical peels that contain phenols containing carbolic acid or trichloroacetic acid. They can penetrate into the mid-skin layer. This type of chemical peel is the perfect option for those who want to eradicate their damaged cells. But, at the same time, the downside of the deep peels is that people hoping for them also might need a few weeks for recovery; that is, a few weeks is required as a recovery period for the deep chemical peels. Is Retinol Safe For Skin?: Benefits And Tips


How much does a chemical peel cost in Mumbai?

A chemical peel like a Glycolic peel can cost anywhere around Rs 2000-2500 per session.

So, depending upon the type of chemical peel you choose to do the price can range from Rs 2000 to Rs 40,000.


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We can thus conclude that the chemical peel cost varies based on different factors. There is no fixed price for chemical peels, and the above factors are the most influential in determining what the cost of the treatment will ultimately be. Additionally, you are also aware of the different types of peels. So, with this information, you will be able to make well-informed decisions about your chemical peel treatment sessions in the future.