Nanoplastia Hair Treatment: Procedure. Cost. Is It Safe?

Nanoplastia Hair Treatment: Procedure. Cost. Is It Safe?

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The Nanoplastia hair treatment has grown in popularity recently as a novel and intriguing method for refreshing and straightening hair. This innovative hair treatment uses nanotechnology to strengthen and repair hair strands, making them smoother, shinier, and healthier. We will explore the process, price, and safety of Nanoplastia hair treatment in this in-depth guide, giving you important information to help you decide.

What is nanoplastia hair treatment?

The nanoplastia hair treatment uses nanotechnology to enhance the general health of the hair using innovative hair rejuvenation and straightening techniques. The hair strands are coated with a Nanoplastia solution that contains nano molecules and conditioning ingredients during the procedure. This enables the nanoparticles to pass through the hair cuticles and form a bond with the natural keratin.

This procedure makes hair shinier, smoother, and easier to manage. People who want to improve the texture of their hair and eliminate frizz without using harsh chemicals like formaldehyde usually opt for Nanoplastia hair treatment. Skilled specialists at reputed salons commonly carry out the procedure, and because it can last for several months, it is a well-liked option for anyone wishing to modify and revitalise their hair.

Nanoplastia Hair Treatment

Procedure for nanoplastia hair treatment

In order to obtain smoother, straighter, and more manageable hair, the Nanoplastia hair treatment entails multiple steps:

Consultation: A qualified stylist or trichologist will examine your hair before the procedure and go over your desired outcomes. They will also determine the suitability of Nanoplastia for your hair type and requirements.

Hair cleansing: To get rid of any product buildup, dirt, or oil, the hair is first cleansed with a clarifying shampoo. This step is essential to making sure the Nanoplastia product can successfully reach the hair shaft. 6 Ancient Shampoo Recipes To Get Hair The Herbal Way

Nanoplastia Hair Treatment

Application of nanoplastia product: The Nanoplastia solution, which contains nano molecules and conditioning ingredients, is carefully applied to the hair strands, guaranteeing even coverage from root to tip.

Heat activation: To increase the product’s potency, heat is applied to the hair with a hairdryer or flat iron. The product can then bond with the hair’s natural keratin thanks to the heat-assisted penetration of the nanoparticles via the hair cuticles.

Rinse and blow-dry: The Nanoplastia product is removed from the hair after the recommended processing time, and the final effects are revealed once the hair has been blow-dried. 6 Signs Of New Hair Growth and DIY To Make Them Grow Faster

Optional styling: The stylist may give your hair additional styling, including straightening or adding curls, based on your preferences.

Costing for nanoplastia hair treatment

Depending on several elements like hair length, salon reputation, location, and the particular Nanoplastia product used, the cost of a Nanoplastia hair treatment in India normally ranges from INR 5,000 to INR 20,000 or more. Although the cost of Nanoplastia is more than that of conventional hair treatments, many people consider it to be worth the investment to have smoother, straighter, and healthier hair because of the advantages and longer-lasting effects.

Longevity of the nanoplastia hair treatment

Wondering how long the results of Nanoplastia will last? Well, each individual is different hence each person’s experience with Nanoplastia is different. This is due to  a variety of variables, including hair type, upkeep, and lifestyle, etc, might affect how long the effects endure. The benefits of Nanoplastia therapy can last for up to 8 months on average. The hair stays frizz-free, smoother, and more manageable during this time. The hair will revert to its normal form as the treatment progressively wears off. 5 Homemade Onion Hair Pack Recipes

Side effects of the nanoplastia hair treatment

When performed by a skilled professional and using formaldehyde-free formulations, Nanoplastia hair treatment is generally safe. However, there are a few potential side effects and considerations to be aware of:

Allergic reactions: The chemicals in the Nanoplastia product can cause moderate allergic reactions in some people. Any known allergies must be disclosed to your stylist prior to receiving treatment.

Damage to the hair: Although Nanoplastia hair treatment intends to promote hair health, repeated or excessive treatments might cause harm. It is essential to adhere to the stylist’s advice and refrain from getting the procedure too regularly.

long hair

Scalp sensitivity: The scalp may occasionally become sensitive or inflamed after therapy. Inform your stylist right away if you feel any discomfort so that they can take the proper action.

Formaldehyde: Some previous formulations of Nanoplastia products might have contained formaldehyde, which can be dangerous when inhaled or absorbed through the skin. However, trustworthy brands have since created formaldehyde-free formulas, addressing this safety problem.

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In conclusion, the Nanoplastia hair treatment uses nanotechnology to promote smoother, more manageable hair with less frizz. The specialised solution, which emphasises safety precautions, forms a permanent link with natural keratin. It is essential to rely on skilled professionals, use formaldehyde-free formulations, and conduct patch testing to screen for any allergic reactions to assure safety throughout the treatment. Best Dry Fruits For Hair Growth & Thickness

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is Nanoplastia suitable for all hair types?

Yes, Nanoplastia hair treatment can be used on any type of hair, including damaged, curly, wavy, and frizzy hair. The treatment can reduce frizz, enhance manageability, and improve shine for most hair textures.

How long does Nanoplastia treatment last?

Depending on the particular hair qualities and aftercare, the Nanoplastia hair treatment duration can vary. The effects typically persist between eight to ten months. The hair will gradually revert to its normal form as the treatment wears off.

Can I colour or bleach my hair after the Nanoplastia treatment?

Before using any chemical treatments, such as hair colouring or bleaching, it is generally advised to wait at least two weeks after having Nanoplastia treatment. 

Is Nanoplastia similar to keratin treatment?

 While improving hair texture and reducing frizz are the same goals of both Nanoplastia and keratin treatments, their method and composition vary. Compared to conventional keratin treatments, nanoplastia uses nanotechnology to penetrate the hair cuticles and produce longer effects.

Can I perform Nanoplastia at home?

Despite the fact that DIY Nanoplastia kits are readily available, performing the procedure at home is not recommended. To ensure safety and get the best results, this treatment must be performed professionally and precisely.