Indian Good Luck Symbols To Bring Prosperity To Your Home

Indian Good Luck Symbols To Bring Prosperity To Your Home

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There are numerous good luck symbols, each resonating with profound spiritual significance, throughout the rich tapestry of Indian culture. These symbols are more than just ornaments; some believe they have the potential to draw in good vibes and bring success. Indian good luck symbols have graced houses for years, cultivating an atmosphere of plenty and positivity. They are rooted in ancient customs and mythology. Let’s go on a journey to discover the meanings of these symbols and learn how to bring their energy into your home if you want to infuse it with the enchantment of these symbols.

Indian good luck symbols to add prosperity to your life

Here is a brief good luck charm list to help you explore various options as per your liking.

  • Swastika

This ancient emblem called a “swastika,” which derives from the Sanskrit term “svastika,” which stands for prosperity and good fortune. The four directions represented by the Swastika’s four arms represent the cyclical nature of existence and the harmony that permeates the cosmos. Your home will be filled with uplifting energy and a sense of equilibrium when you use this emblem.


  • Elephant

The elephant is a representation of knowledge, power, and wealth in Indian culture. It is held in esteem as the representation of Ganesha, the elephant-headed god renowned for removing barriers and bringing about fresh beginnings. It is thought that displaying elephant figurines or other works of art in your home will grant it the blessings of wisdom and success.


  • Peacock

The peacock represents beauty, grace, and abundance with its dazzling feathers. The peacock is a symbol of the goddess of prosperity and fortune in Hindu mythology, Lakshmi. You can invite the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi herself by decorating your home with peacock themes or feathers. It is one of the important good luck charms of Hinduism.

Indian good luck symbols

  • Lotus

The lotus flower, which grows gracefully above the water while being rooted in the mud, represents cleanliness, enlightenment, and spiritual development. By incorporating lotus symbols into your design, you may raise the energy of your home just like the lotus rises above its surroundings, promoting inner development and clarity of thought.

Indian good luck symbols

  • Lucky bamboo

Despite being originated from East Asia, fortunate bamboo has come to hold a special place in Indian homes as a representation of resiliency and expansion. Because of its upward growth pattern, which represents advancement and upward mobility, it is a fantastic conduit for bringing good vibes into your house.

Indian good luck symbols

  • Horseshoe

Known throughout the world as a sign of good fortune, the horseshoe is sometimes hung above doorways to fend off evil spirits and draw blessings. In Indian culture, it’s also thought to offer defense against the bad energy of the evil eye.

Indian good luck symbols

  • Flowers of the marigold

The colorful marigold is known for its happy colors and is frequently used as a symbol of joy and celebration. Homes are decked with marigold garlands during festivals and other important events, bringing a cheerful and upbeat vibe to the neighborhood.


  • Coconut

The resilient quality of the coconut is represented by its hard exterior and nutritious interior. In religious ceremonies, shattering a coconut represents the removal of barriers and the achievement of desirable results.

good luck charms in Hinduism

How To Use Good Luck Charms In Your Home To Make Your Home a Prosperous Place

A transforming experience that can raise the energy of your living space is bringing these Indian good luck symbols into your home. It’s more than just an aesthetic endeavor. Here are some inventive methods for adding these symbols’ essences to your home

  • Displays and wall art

Sculptures, paintings, and wall hangings with these symbols prominently displayed are excellent wall art and displays to use. These depictions in the art act as potent reminders of the inspiring forces they symbolize.

  • Sacred spots

Accessories and textiles include these symbols in textiles and accessories, such pillows, tablecloths, curtains, and carpets, which are used frequently. These understated improvements help to create a welcoming atmosphere in your home.

  • Festive celebration

Create a sacred spot in your house and decorate it with these symbols. If you want to meditate, practice mindfulness, or just soak in the good vibes they emit, provide a calm space for yourself.

  • Festivals and special occasions

Include these symbols in your décor for festivals and other celebrations. These symbols can raise the festive mood and entice blessings whether they are used in rangoli patterns, centerpieces, or garlands.

Common questions (FAQs) addressed

Can people of any faith welcome these symbols?

Yes, these symbols are available to anyone looking to surround themselves with uplifting energies and cut beyond religious borders.

Where to put the lucky symbols in the home?

Focus on putting these symbols in places where they may be seen and enjoyed every day, such as doorways, living rooms, and meditation areas, even though there are traditional placement rules.

Is it possible to blend different symbols in my decor?

Combining symbols can indeed increase their energies. Make sure the symbols mix seamlessly in terms of meaning and aesthetics.

About these symbols, are there any rituals?

While there aren’t any particular rituals required, setting intentions and reflecting on the values these symbols stand for can be done as you incorporate them into your decor.

How do these symbols connect to feng shui or Vastu Shastra principles?

Numerous of these symbols support a balanced energy flow within your home by conforming to the principles of feng shui and Vastu Shastra.

Is it okay to gift the good luck products that have these symbols?

These tokens make thoughtful and significant gifts to bring luck and happiness to your loved ones.

When using these symbols, are there any cultural considerations to be made?

Honor the cultural and spiritual significance of these symbols by using them in a way that respects their connotations.

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Adding Style and Prosperity to Your Living Space

An invitation to absorb the pleasant vibes and spiritual depth they symbolize is extended by incorporating Indian good luck symbols into your home. You’ll not only make your home more aesthetically pleasing as you include these symbols, but you’ll also forge a potent bond with the wisdom of the past. As you watch, your house will change into a haven filled with the energy of good fortune, wealth, and peace.