10 Christmas Eye Makeup Ideas For 2023

10 Christmas Eye Makeup Ideas For 2023

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Christmas is just around the corner and with it comes up an array of festivities. People are slowly flocking the malls and jamming the shopping websites to buy the best dress for themselves. Some more festivals and events come up during this time of the year, like New Year celebrations. And for special occasions like this, there are several new Christmas eye makeup ideas and looks that the different makeup artists experiment (MUA) with.

Here are some interesting Christmas eye makeup looks to try this year.

Look #1

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This look is trendy yet whacky. It involves a lot of colors and makes the eye look amazing. The entire wreath of rice lights on the eyelid makes us gleam and stand out in the whole room full of decked-up people. The bold black eye shadow makes the eye look full yet trendy, and young girls would love to create this look. The entire rice light wreath on the eye is a treat and adds a feather to the MUA’s hat.

Look #2



This is a very bold look and makes the Christmas eye makeup very prominent. It gives a blingy yet creative look into the eye. Starting from the base of the eyebrow, baubles and snowflakes are hanging about, making the eye look different. A good mascara will make the lashes curl up nicely and make the eye look full. The inner corners of the eye have a hint of sparkle, making the entire look very fashionable with only two colors mainly in use.

Look #3

Christmas Eye make up designs


This is a simple yet fantastic look of the eye and makes the eyes creative yet fashionable. In this look, a bold and fiery red-colored eyeliner adorns the eye while a steel grey kajal decorates the lower rim of the eye. The main decoration is at the eyebrow, where the MUA has used a kajal pencil to draw a simple chain on the eyebrow. This design has made the eye look very prominent and beautiful, and also, this is an effortless makeup to do in case we run late for a party.


Christmas eye makeup


This is a scintillating look that will make your Christmas eye makeup stand out at all parties. If there are theme parties to attend, we all know how vital makeup is, and we adorn our eyebrows with golden embellishments signifying the Christmas décor. It will be incredible fun. Painting the eyebrow sparkly green and highlighting the eyes with green, silver, and red; this look will make our eyes win the evening. Also, be assured that you will gain many followers who look up to you for makeup tutorials.


Christmas eye makeup designs


This eye makeup is not festival-specific, yet it creates a long-lasting and fantastic impression when adorned at a Christmas party. Keeping the eyelash and the eyebrows natural and straightforward, all the bright colors mix around the eye, making this look very chic and prominent. You could use tiny silver star stickers on the eyelid to enhance the drama quotient of the eye. The colors at the top of the eye also mix at the base of the eye and make it look highly fashionable yet elegant.




This fantastic Christmas eye makeup is a simple piece of art, and when you have enough time and patience to get decked up for a party, you can very well get this done. Highlighting the upper lid of the eye with plain red and white emphasizes the base of the eyelid’s green color. Simple dramatization on the eyelid and a whole wreath of mistle at the tapering end of the eye makes it look amazing. This unique design is bound to earn you followers and admirers for your work of art and make you feel at the top of a Christmas party.


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This is a sweet and subtle eye makeup with embellishments that make the eye look very prominent and include a lot of patient work. Bordered with neon colors, this look makes the eye look very detailed. Although colors are apparent, this eye makeup has bits of sparkly effect that lets it swoon about in its festive glory.




This Christmas eye makeup is gorgeous and relatively simple. With a base color of green for the eyes and a golden eyeliner to highlight the eye, this look goes with models who have fuller eyes. The effort to draw tiny Santa hats on the eyelid with red and white is also fantastic and makes the eyes look lovely.


Look 9


This simple yet beautiful design is just what the Christmas party themes call for a pretty and fluffy Santa hat on a blue base created for the eye. Filling the bottom of the eye with a sky blue tint, this look is simple yet elegant


Christmas eye makeup


This is an excellent and unique Christmas eye makeup mainly for the foodies who indulge in rich Christmas pudding. Creating an entire pudding on the top of the eye proves the model’s love for art and expresses their love towards the extravagant Christmas spread.

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These are some of the most unique and out-of-the-box ideas that the new season will bring in. SO without wasting time, start practicing these so that your eyes look just like a piece of art on the final day.


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