Tips For Oxidised Jewelry Look With Saree or Kurti

Tips For Oxidised Jewelry Look With Saree or Kurti

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Oxidised jewellery is popular, and wearing ethnic clothing with an ancient aspect is seen to be stylish. In order to utilise this metal in varied designs, the jewellery design industry is currently concentrating on new ideas. In terms of this type of fashion jewellery, there is a wide range. In addition to being attention-seeking, these items are matte and sombre. In marketplaces for fashion, fashion jewellery, and fleas all throughout the nation, they are freely accessible. In India, hardly a single female is without a piece of this lovely oxidised jewellery.

Students attending college and professional ladies both love this kind of trendy jewellery. You’ll see a lot of ladies wearing them with various outfits because of their accessibility, beauty, and affordability. Oxidised gold is seen as a more classic design.

The appropriate jewellery not only highlights the beauty of the clothes you’re wearing but also adds to your own sense of unique flair. Every smart fashionista’s collection should include oxidised jewellery as a must-have item. These accessories, which range from ornate choker sets to tiny silver danglers, can enhance your particular style and give your ensemble a refined touch.

Both Indian and Western clothing look great with oxidised jewellery since it is as versatile as a gymnast. Both cheap and attractive describe it. It adds an ethnic edge to your western ensemble, creating a fusion-style sound. So, keep reading to get tips on how to wear oxidised jewellery and look amazing.


Oxidised Statement Necklaces

oxidised jewellery look with kurti


Oxidised necklaces offer you a great vintage look. You may add a gorgeous oxidised necklace to your plain blouse and long skirt to make it appear classier. In this fashionable outfit, you will feel lovely and at ease. You may even wear it with your traditional attire, like sarees and kurtas, and look stunning! These come in a variety of styles, including high neck chokers, lengthy necklaces, pendant-adorned chains, and even plain chains. These oxidised silver chokers look great with shirts and medium necklines.

The intricate lockets and pendants are set with additional colored semi-precious stones. Some are even painted to draw attention to the intricate details of the design. These little design elements make them even more attractive and adaptable to be worn with both Western and Indian-style apparel.

Every lady wants to buy an oxidised necklace, which is currently the latest fashion. You may give a twist to your outfit by pairing stacked silver necklaces with western clothing such as a solid crop top and flowing skirt, jeans, shirts, maxi dresses, and fusion wear to get a bohemian style.

Oxidised Earrings

Jhumka earrings and chandbali earrings are only a couple of the many options available. For the finishing touch on your classic appearance, add a set of earrings. With a pair of oxidised jhumkas as an accessory, your plain kurta will appear quite fashionable. When worn with a saree, an anarkali suit, or even a basic kurta, silver jhumkas may be used to create magnificent festive outfits. Even a simple, casual clothing may be transformed into something breath-taking with a pair of exquisite oxidised earrings and create a beautiful oxidised jewellery look.

Oxidised earrings can be found in floral patterns, peacock themes, and elephant motifs. The larger and oftentimes more intricately detailed statement earrings are highly noticeable. They are frequently worn in conjunction with textured stones in the hues of turquoise and magenta, as well as colored wooden beads. When worn with clothing that has highlights made of silver thread or that is colored coolly, like blue, grey, or black, they draw attention to your outfit! Oxidised German silver earrings are also quite popular and, with proper care, endure longer.

Oxidised Rings

oxidised jewellery look

When you want to stand out in a crowd, an oxidised ring is an ideal choice. To get a daring style for an evening gathering, pair your clothing with a massive ring. Rings are undoubtedly the ideal accessory if you prefer to express your personal style and can be worn at any moment. For a dramatic impression, stack some oxidised rings together. Additionally, they are set in a gold and silver mix, making them suitable for clothing with both silver and gold embellishments. It might be difficult to combine gold and silver without coming across as overdressed. But these rings both make this a popular match and simplify our lives! You can create exquisite office outfits, and oxidised jewellery looks.

Oxidised Bangles

oxidised jewellery look

Bangles are popular among women. For a very long time, oxidised bracelets have been popular. The nicest aspect of this jewellery is how well it complements both conventional and contemporary attire. In terms of metal shade differences, oxidised fashion jewellery is most frequently found in dull gold, light silver, black metal silver, and German silver. Women mostly enjoy stacking a few contrasting-coloured bangles amid thin, oxidised bangles. Oxidised jewellery look works well with a white kurta and vibrant juttis, and you may also show off their Indo-Western attitude.

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Oxidised Mangtika

mangtika look

Today’s girls like trying new things with their appearance. You should absolutely try oxidised magtikas if you enjoy playing around with your appearance. Putting on an oxidised mangtika has become more and more popular. When worn with sarees and lehengas, they are incredibly gorgeous. They look stunning and unique when worn with a lehenga or indo-western outfit.


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