How To Be In Your Feminine Energy With A Man?

How To Be In Your Feminine Energy With A Man?

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The female energy if strong, can help you bring anyone into your life. The masculine energy is about being assertive and applying action while the female energy is more passive and is about providing nurturing. While masculine energy is about giving, feminine energy is about receiving . If you are a woman who knows how to be in your feminine energy with a man then it will certainly draw more male attention towards you. 

In this article, you will learn everything about the feminine vibe and how it affects men. 

Tips on how to be in a feminine energy with a man

1. Be caring

You should have a nurturing nature to show off the feminine side of yourself. A person who is caring always looks after others and tries to lighten the load. As a woman, you have this naturally within you, and so the next time you feel like giving your guy some care, just go ahead with it. As women have this natural feeling of care, it is easier for them to share love and understand people. This feature can help you have feminine energy with a man. 

2. Be yourself

You will understand how to be in your feminine energy with a man by letting him see more about yourself. Make sure you express yourself openly to him. If you can accept your feelings, it will help you and your partner talk to each other and then accept each other openly. There won’t be any differences. If you can be unique by being yourself, your partner will love you. There has to be something different about you that men always appreciate. 

3. Be open to physical touch

Do not shy away from being physical. Men love women when they are confident. So, feel free to talk to him, flirt, or touch him as you converse. Hold his hand when you walk or touch his shoulder when he laughs. Such mild sensations will give him butterflies in the stomach. He will not be able to keep you out of his mind. Soft Girl Makeup Look: 10 Steps To Create It

4. Believe your instincts

Listen to your gut feeling. If it says something is good, go and do it. Your instincts make up your feminine energy, including when it’s time to attend relationship counseling. Relationship counseling will help you and your spouse learn how to understand the challenges that come from being in a relationship and then blend your energies. When you believe your instincts, it shows that you are confident. This confidence is something men like about women. 

5.  Be creative

You can make your energy flow if you can do something creative. Remember to be more engaged in your relationship than you remember about yourself. See your friends and visit new places. Spend time with others instead of always expecting to be around your man. Enjoy some time by yourself or appreciate some lonely time. All need some space. Get some creativity and engage in different activities to make you feel good. Top 10 Korean Female Models That You Should Know

5. Work on self love

Before you can have a loving, healthy relationship, you need to love yourself. Self-love should be a priority. It is important to learn how to be in your feminine energy with a man because it lets you be true to yourself. You can relax, take a deep breath, and then meditate on who you are, who you want to be, and where you want to take your life further. 12 Acts of self-love you must adapt immediately

6. Express empathy

Let your man feel the way you feel. When you understand how someone else feels, that is empathy. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is what it means. This not only helps your partner understand you better but also shows them love and kindness when needed the most. When you express empathy, it shows how much you care or how much you love someone. 

7. Work on communication skills

You can be in your feminine energy with a man by expressing yourself. Communication is one of the best skills a female should have. It shows how you can flirt, get to know your partner, and express your concern. Studies show that couples are happier and treat each other positively when communicating openly. If you have good communication skills, it will be easier to keep up with a conversation. And if you cannot keep on with a conversation, it is very difficult to get the attention of anyone. 

8. Be playful

If a woman is playful, the man will surely fall in love. Playful girls are thought to be flirtatious, low-maintenance, and a bit naughty. The opposite sex always loves a fun-loving attitude. Studies show that playfulness in adulthood is intellectually stimulating, interesting, and entertaining. Every man loves a playful girl. Your innocence and playfulness will surely help win the heart of a man. 

9. Be mysterious

Keep a little mystery within yourself so he always has to ask for more. Though feminine energy is naturally quite mysterious, you can make certain adjustments to your behavior to improve nature. Listen more than you talk. Dont talk much about yourself. As long as you keep your personal life private, it will raise the curiosity of a man and make you appear more attractive. Also, remember to choose your words correctly so that you speak right. 

10. Have a friendly body language

If you have friendly body language, it wil be easy for a man to approach you. Just like women, even men are scared of rejection. If you can change your posture, it can help attract a man. So, the next time you are in public, ensure you have a good posture to look attractive. For instance, instead of keeping your arms folded across your chest, keep it on either side to present a softer look. Signs Of A Sissy Husband And How To Cope With It?

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Feminine energy is strong and can help you get to know your man.  If you follow the above steps, it will help you be in your feminine energy with a man. Women are considered smart, caring, and intelligent at the same time. However, you must hold on to your feminine nature around a man if you want to take the limelight.