Signs Of A Sissy Husband And How To Cope With It?

Signs Of A Sissy Husband And How To Cope With It?

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Marriage is a relationship that brings two individuals together. These two people have unique personalities, interests, and identities. But getting married to a man and finding out he is not what he seems to be is challenging to cope with. Ladies, have you discovered your husband has some ‘sassy’ traits? Is your man interested in dressing up in women’s clothing? If yes, how can we bring him back from being associated with femininity? In this guide, we will look at some signs of a typical sissy husband. We will also explore strategies to help you deal with such a husband. Let’s begin!

What is a sissy husband?

A term describes a husband who displays habits like ‘woman.’ These husbands fall in the category of men who celebrate their femininity. They also prefer female companies over males. Sissies can very easily deceive people of their being a man.

8 Signs of a sissy husband

In case you are confused and wondering about the signs of a feminine husband then here we have listed some traits of a feminine husband.

Prefers cross-dressing

If your husband desires to cross-dress, he is sissy. You might find him secretly wearing your clothing, lingerie, or makeup. Such behavior on a husband’s behalf is confusing for a female partner. 

Embraces feminine mannerism

A sissy husband often picks out traits relevant to feminism—for example, gestures, speech patterns, etc. You will find a man speaking in a higher pitch like ladies. Also, they love to adopt a delicate posture. 16 Ways To Impress And Attract Your Husband

Interest in feminine activities

Look up if your hubby is obsessed with activities associated with women. For example – household work, interior decorating, or cooking. If yes, the matter is ‘sissy.’ 

signs of feminine husband

Sexual preferences

Usually, a sissy male partner enjoys role-playing. Simply speaking, he plays the submissive partner’s character in the bedroom. These men also have intense sexual fantasies for people of the same gender.

Passive one in a relationship

In a married relationship, both partners should be sexually engaged. However, if you notice your husband losing sexual interest in you or being passive in the relationship, it’s being a ‘sissy.’

Secret online activities

Sissy husbands often have an online presence with communities that follow sissy culture. Such men secretly join forums to connect with others who share similar interests.

Lack of communication

Sissification is not a matter to be discussed. Well, that’s what most people think. Hence, your sissy husband might avoid discussing his fantasies, desires, or feelings.

Hidden wardrobe

Have you discovered a hidden wardrobe in your husband’s room? If yes, it’s him being sissy. Remember that this wardrobe is not just any wardrobe – it’s a stockpile of women’s clothing, wigs, or makeup.

sissy husband

How to cope with a sissy husband?

Getting married to a man and discovering he is inclined towards feminine behavior is unacceptable. Usually, a wife becomes angry or frustrated to learn his husband is a sissy. But there are many ways in which you can cope with the issue. In Love With A Married Man? Facts You Should Consider

Below, we have highlighted 5 things to deal with a husband with feminine characteristics:

  • Have an open and honest communication

Talk to your husband openly. Initiate a conversation about his feelings, desires, and the reason behind his being a sissy. You already know that ‘communication’ is the foundation of any healthy relationship. So, don’t judge him. Instead, let him speak out. Later, express your thoughts and concerns openly.

Remember, this honest communication should be more about empathy and understanding. Your husband is the same man whom you love. That is why try to know how his identity affects your married relationship. Discuss his sexual preferences and interests. This conversation will help you have a clearer picture of your relationship’s future.

  • Express your thoughts openly

Just like marriage is a two-person together – the conversation should be 2-sided. It’s time to acknowledge your feelings. When your husband has spoken all from his side, respond with your thoughts. You might be hurt or disappointed in him on knowing he is sissy. Let him know all of these.

Convey how your husband being a sissy affects him and your shared life together. Don’t try to hurt him with harsh words. Check your feelings before deciding what to do with the relationship and marital status. Discuss the changes in your relationship, emotional support, and intimate life.

  • Seek professional help

Finding out that you have a sissy husband is sometimes overwhelming for many wives. In such a scenario, take help from family and friends. Better, consider couples therapy or counseling. A professional can help you navigate this complex issue together.

Therapists are trained individuals. They will provide specific strategies or tools to explore your emotions effectively. Their guidance is beneficial in deciding how to maintain the ‘husband-wife’ connection despite the challenges.

  • Choose supportive space

If your husband’s identification as a ‘sissy’ doesn’t have a drastic side effect on the foundation of your relationship, choose to stay together. As a dutiful wife, you can even create a safe and supportive space for your husband. Otherwise, check if his sissy traits are limited to dressing up in feminine ways. Assure that you love and care for him. The sissiness doesn’t affect your intimate relationships.

  • Divorce on mutual consent

Let’s be frank – many wives will be shocked to find that their husband is not a ‘real’ man. If you see yourself in a situation where you cannot accept such a husband, get a divorce. Separation based on mutual consent is a good choice for couples where a man is too much into being sissy. That is, he wears a bra and panties, keeps long hair, and colored fingernails – always. 15 Things guys like about girls: Traits Men Love

As a wife, you might be ashamed about going with your husband to a friend or family get-together. Because they will react to finding out your husband is a sissy. Get out of the married relationship that is intolerable. It’s a tough decision, but you need to do it. End this relationship – because – who knows, a real man awaits you!

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In conclusion, a female partner must approach a sissy husband with sensitivity and an open mind. After all, gender identity and expression always vary from individual to individual. But this doesn’t mean you are obliged to support such husbands always. Learn to make decisions for the betterment of you and your partner.