Lotus Herbals Safe-Sun DeTan Face Pack Review

Lotus Herbals Safe-Sun DeTan Face Pack Review

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Our skin needs sun protection throughout all seasons. Even cloudy weather equally requires your skin to be shielded from the unrelenting UV rays because even the clouds do not stop the harsh sun rays from reaching our skin and strip it of its natural beauty. A good screen can always help you safeguard yourself from harmful UVA and UVB rays. However, sometimes you end up tanning yourself in spite of using sunscreen. In such a case, a De-Tan Face Pack is a perfect remedy to get back your original skin tone. Lotus Herbals Safe-Sun DeTan Face Pack is a product that is formulated to reduce tanning from your skin and nourishes otherwise damaged skin. And here is Lotus De-Tan Face Pack Review.

What It Claims:

  • It claims to remove pigmentation and reverse any damage caused due to extended exposure to the sun.
  • Its regular use helps to enhance skin tone

Price: Rs 325

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Directions for use:

Wash and pat dry your face and spread the pack all over your face & neck. Relax and let it dry. Rinse with water. Repeat usage 2-3 times a week depending upon your sun damage.

Getting out in the sun is a necessity to have strong bones. However, for the sake of your skin, this should not be overdone. My daily routine comprises a 1-hour commute to my office. Except for this, I always try to limit my exposure to the sun as much as possible. In my basic beauty regime, I try giving more nourishment to myself than getting worried about detaining it. However, on weekends whenever I overindulge in shopping, it does tend to leave a layer of fresh unsightly tan on my skin, for which I was looking for a good Detanning Face Pack.

My Experience Using Lotus Safe-Sun DeTan Pack:

Lotus Herbals Safe-Sun Detan Face Pack is a pink-colored mask with a thick creamy consistency which makes it easy to spread uniformly on the skin. It comes in tube packaging which I feel is convenient to take along your travel luggage.
So, on a lazy weekend, I finally decided to give it a try. I simply washed my face and squeezed a little bit of the creamy pack and applied it evenly on my entire face. It has a subtle fragrance that you can smell as soon as you squeeze out the creamy mask. I rested on a chair waiting patiently for the pack to dry. Although I do not suffer from sensitive skin I still felt a slight tingly feeling all over my face. Anyway, I somehow tolerated it for another 10 minutes to made sure it completely dried on my skin. I rinsed off with normal tap water and felt that skin was soft right from the first use. It did remove some amount of the fresh tan that I had received due to my earlier afternoon shopping. My skin felt smooth and there were no signs of dryness in fact it was glowing right from the first use.
I continued using it twice a week and felt although it did remove the initial fresh layer of suntan, it would not have worked on deeper issues related to sun damage.

DeTan face mask is composed of certain active herbal extracts of Dandelion, Liquorice, and carrot oil. Carrot oil contains nourishing antioxidants like Vitamin A, which nurtures and rejuvenates the skin, dandelion soothes and licorice prevents melanin production giving an overall skin lightening effect.
After a few weeks of regular use, I felt that the Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Face Pack does keep up to its claims of reducing suntan and imparting glow to the skin. However, it won’t be helpful in the case of extremely sun-damaged skin.
You can use 3-4 times a week depending upon the severity of your problem. I am sure you will find it helpful for mild suntan related issues.

Points in favorable in Lotus Herbals DeTan Face Pack

  • Helps manage and reduce daily tan
  • Easy to use, creamy consistency, does not drip
  • Its tube packaging makes it great for traveling
  • Slightly improves skin’s tone
  • Post use feels skin soft
  • Does not leave a drying effect on the skin
  • Is not too pricey

Points not so favorable in Lotus Herbals De-Tan Face Pack

  • It will not work on severely tanned skin.
  • Its effect on pigmentation seems mild.

Rating: 3.5/5


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