Top 10 Love Tattoo Designs On Hand For A Girl

Top 10 Love Tattoo Designs On Hand For A Girl

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Love tattoos are in trend. They are a unique way to admire your partner. In this article, we have brought up ten love tattoo designs on hand for girls. All of these tattoo designs are both stylish and meaningful. 

So, scroll down and have a look!

10 Best love tattoo designs on hands for girls

Miniature heart tattoo

A miniature heart tattoo is one of the simplest yet expressive love tattoo designs. This tattoo symbolizes that your love can be found in the smallest gestures. Get this tattoo done on your hands and express your affection and grace! Triangle tattoo Design Ideas On Hand

Love Tattoo Designs On Hand


Heart and key tattoo

As per its name, the heart and key tattoo design incorporates a heart and a key. The tattoo has a symbolic meaning; i.e., someone holds the key to your heart. Get this romantic and elegant love tattoo on your hand. You will see how the intricate details of this design bring a smile to your partner’s face.

lock and key tattoo


Love Infinity tattoo

Infinity love tattoo designs are a timeless representation of everlasting love. You can get this tattoo on your left/right hand with the word “love. The initial of your partner’s name can also be added to the design. The tattoo speaks that your love knows no bounds. tattooing Love Infinity is a meaningful choice in today’s time when love is only short-lived, mostly!

infinity tattoo


Heartbeat love tattoo

A heart tattoo comprises a heart and heartbeats. Many girls prefer tattooing this design on their hands. It symbolizes that your love life keeps your heart alive. You know how to make your partner feel special, right? Birth Flower tattoos With Meanings

Love Tattoo Designs On Hand


Love birds tattoo

If you want something sweet in tattoo designs, go with a ‘love birds’ tattoo. This tattoo design is often used to symbolize strong bonds and companionship. Get a pair of love birds tattooed on your hand. Symbolically, this tattoo design is a representation of how two souls can live in harmony! Your partner will love the artistic and romantic choice of this love-themed tattoo.

Love Tattoo Designs On Hand for a girl


Burning heart tattoo

For your special someone, get this special tattoo done. Burning heart tattoo depicts that he sets your heart on fire. This love tattoo appears visually attractive if done with a red or black heart with blazing fire. Get this powerful and symbolic design on your hands. After all, you should have your intense passion and desire to be consumed by love. Do Guys Like Shy Girls? 15 Probable Reasons

Love Tattoo Designs


Floral love tattoo

Girls and flowers are synonymous. So much so, indeed! What would be better than flowers to add a feminine touch to tattoo designs? The tattoo is done in a heart shape formed with tiny rose flowers. Though the tattoo design is simple, it’s appealing and a remembrance of someone you love. Get a light shade of grass blades surrounding the rose petals. Oh! This one is super graceful. 

Love Tattoo Designs On Hand


Love quote tattoo

This tattoo says, “his heart, her protection.” Girls can get this love quote tattoo done on their wrists. And the male partner can also get it done on his wrist. The tattoo embodies that the love you both share provides protection and security to each other. Nothing is as beautiful as this tattoo design for its super expressive! Does A 50-50 Relationship Work Out: If Not, Then Why

couple tattoo


Knife through the heart tattoo

Love comes with pain, and this tattoo symbolizes the same. Much of a dramatic design, the knife through the heart tattoo depicts that love can be painful, but it’s worth it. Get a red heart design pierced with a sword. It is perfect to be etched on your forearm or wrist.

Love Tattoo Designs for heart break


Fingerprint love tattoo

Get a fingerprint love tattoo for a unique and personal way to express your love and connection with him. As you know, everyone’s fingerprint is unique, and so is this tattoo design. Let your tattoo artist study the partner’s fingerprint. Finally, design the same on your hands. Fingerprint love tattoos are intimate and symbolize the one-of-a-kind bond you share with your partner.

Love Tattoo Designs On Hand


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What possible styles can love tattoos be designed? 

There are various styles in which you can design a tattoo. For example, minimalist, traditional, or abstract. 

Are there any cons of getting a love tattoo on my hand?

The cons of getting a tattoo are few. For example, some areas in the professional sector won’t employ you if you have those tattoos. 

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So, these are some of the love tattoo designs on hand for girls. You can pick up any from these designs. In conclusion, we can say that love tattoos are in trend. Don’t delay to get it etched on your hands. 

Express your love most permanently and intimately for your beloved. And yes, select colors and designs that make sense for you and your special someone!