Monsoon Fashion Tips: How To Style In Monsoon Season

Monsoon Fashion Tips: How To Style In Monsoon Season

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The monsoon season is here, replenishing and healing the environment after the hot summer days. As much as we love the monsoon, it is only fun when we get to sit at your home. For people who have to go to their work and don’t follow any monsoon fashion tips, rainy weather conditions can become a real headache. Apart from the heat relief, the monsoon brings with it a wide range of problems. Monsoon is characterized by mud, puddles, water logs, and humid weather. 

Monsoon fashion tips to follow 

Dressing for going out can become a real hassle as one has to look presentable as well as feel comfortable. To look stylish and feel pleasant, check out the monsoon fashion tips listed below. The type of clothes you should wear during the monsoon is very different from dry season clothing. Since the monsoon season is characterized by heavy rainfall, humidity, and mud, one needs to dress accordingly. Here are some styling tips one should follow during the monsoon season-Evergreen Fashion Pieces That Every Woman Should Own

  • Go for shorts instead of trousers.

To save yourself from feeling drenched trouser edges sticking to your legs, avoid wearing trousers during the monsoon. Wearing trousers can become uncomfortable during the monsoon season. Instead, wear shorts which is a much better option than trousers as, with shorts; you don’t have to worry about them getting soaked while walking, and the fabric is much lighter, which will keep you cool in the humid weather.  

Monsoon Fashion Tips

  • Avoid wearing heavy fabrics.

Heavy fabrics, like jeans, are a big no in the rainy season. Such thick fabrics become more heavy when they get soaked, making you feel uncomfortable. Also, the heavy fabric does not allow your skin to breathe in humid conditions.

Go for clothes made of lighter fabrics like silk-cotton blends, light silk, light crepe, etc. Such fabrics allow the air to flow, thus preventing you from getting overheated. Also, since they are light, they dry very quickly.

Stock your wardrobe with clothes of all types made with these fabrics. To have an upscaled look, go for a silk dress and chunky jewelry pieces. 

Monsoon Fashion Tips

  • Opt for sandals 

In addition to wearing light fabrics to keep your body cool and airy, it is also important to make sure your feet are also able to breathe. The best option for footwear during the monsoon is sandals. You can also wear flip-flops but make sure they have a sturdy sole. 

The most important aspect of choosing footwear during monsoon is the material with which they are made. Do not choose shoes made of heavy material like leather. Instead, opt for shoes that are made with water-resistant material like rubber. 

  • Wear midi dresses instead of maxi dresses.

Maxi dresses are very romantic, and their flowy style is loved by all. Though during the monsoon, maxi dresses are not practical.  It is better to avoid the long, floor-touching dresses to protect them from mud and water. Also, the fabric being so long can make you feel warm in humid temperatures. 

If you are willing to wear a dress, it is better to go for midi dresses during the monsoon to go out hassle-free. Midi dresses are modest and elegant as well as fashionable and chic. Style them with a good pair of earrings or a floral scarf to enhance the look. 

  • Wear floral prints

The monsoon season can often be gloomy or dull, with constant rain and no sunshine. To add some color and vibrance to such gloomy days, opt for floral printed clothing. The floral print is an evergreen and romantic print that can go out of style. 

During the monsoon season, go for floral printed skirts, shirts, and dresses. You can also wear floral accessories like a floral scarf on your head to have a 90s vibe or a floral phone case. Tips For Oxidised Jewelry Look With Saree or Kurti

  • Accessorize

The key to achieving a fashionable look is to accessorize it properly. Even a simple and boring outfit can look voguish. The gloomy monsoon days can often affect our mood, making us feel lazy and sad. 

To lift your spirits, the best way to style your look during the monsoon is by accessorizing with bright colors. You can do that by wearing colorful earrings, charm chains, or sandals. 14 Everyday Bag Essentials For An Office Employee

girl with umbrella

Carrying a colorful handbag is a great way to add color to your look. You can choose any kind of handbag according to your preference; just make sure it is colorful or ornamented. To make your look more quirky, you can go for chunky jewelry pieces, hats, and anklets. 

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To conclude with

Therefore, it is very important to choose the right clothing and styling options to look fashionable and feel comfortable in the monsoon season. Follow the listed monsoon fashion tips to achieve your desired look this monsoon season.