Streax Argan Secrets Colour Protect Hair Serum Review

Streax Argan Secrets Colour Protect Hair Serum Review

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In order to get a unique look, I sometimes color my hair. Although I believe coloring the hair comes with its own set of conditions. It needs special care and protection. So, I opted to go for a color protect serum this time. Here is a Streax Pro Argan Secret Color Protect Hair Serum review for those who like me are looking for something to nourish their colored hair.

Product Description of Streax Argan Secrets Colour Protect Hair Serum

This serum is specially formulated for color treated hair, it repairs and restores damage caused by chemical treatments to give you healthier and stronger looking hair. The color reinforcer Technology and UV Protection used in this serum helps give color-treated hair the required care and protection as well as helps retain the color for up to 10 weeks.

Key Ingredient

Argan Oil: Argan oil contains essential nutrients and fatty acids like oleic and linoleic acid which help impart nourishment to the hair. It has high amounts of vitamin E which protects the hair strands and fights dryness.

All Ingredients

Cyclopentasiloxane, cyclopentasiloxane & Dimethiconol, octyl Methoxy cinnamte, c12-c15 Alkyl Benzoate Pheny Trimethicone, Parfume, Argan oil, Walnut oil, Almond oil.


The product comes in a light pink bottle with a dispenser. It dispenses easily an appropriate amount of the serum when pumped.

How to use the Streax hair serum

Wash your hair clean. Then pump a small amount of serum into hands and apply evenly through damp hair. Do not apply it to your roots just the length of your hair. Can be re-applied anytime throughout the day for added shine and protection from UV rays. You can use this as a heat protectant serum before ironing or blow-drying.

My Experience With Streax Argan Secret Color Protect Hair Serum

Before writing a Streax serum review let me tell you this is the first I have used any hair product from Streax. Once you color your hair you need to give extra attention to it so that hair color’s vibrancy remains intact. I wanted to try this out to get the best of my coloring. I used a pea-sized amount after washing my hair. It has a medium consistency and is not very thick. The smell is mild and goes away quickly after application. It spreads easily on the hair length and gets absorbed almost instantly. My hair was shining after applying the serum. I just want my current hair to last just a little longer. It’s been 1 month now since I have started using this serum, so far it seems it’s working since my hair color looks almost new. However, my hair is slightly dry and gets frizzy during winters. This serum is not helping me manage my frizz like I would have preferred.

Streax Hair Serum

Pros of Streax Argan Secrets Colour Protect Serum

  • Easily available
  • It’s affordable since only a pea-sized amount is needed to cover mid-length hair like mine.
  • Contains argan oil for extra nourishment.
  • Easily absorbed and lightweight.
  • Adds the perfect shine it claims.

Cons of Streax Argan Secrets Colour Protect Serum

There are no cons as such but I would have preferred a slightly thicker serum since I have dry hair.

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My Recommendation

Personally, I would have preferred a slightly more hydrating formula for my colored, dry hair. However, those who have freshly colored their and have an oily scalp should go ahead and use this serum. Also, it’s a good serum to be used during summer heat since it does not give that oily, sticky texture to the hair. Those who suffer from extremely dry or damaged hair should stay away from it. There are many other serums available in Streax which are specially formulated for dry hair, so you can opt for them.

Price: Rs 385/55ml

Rating: 3/5

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