6 Ways To Stay Cool In Hot Weather

6 Ways To Stay Cool In Hot Weather

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As the earth revolves around the sun and the season changes from gloomy, cold winters to sunny, bright summers we get ready for a ton of activities. Though, with global warming on the rise, summers in recent years have been extremely hot with miserable heat waves. The heat still remains bearable till you stay indoors. To step out during the day while trying to stay cool in hot weather is a multifaceted challenge. The constant sweating and scorching heat can lead to a hike in body temperature and dehydration. 

Here are 6 simple hacks to beat the heat waves and stay cool in hot weather. 

  • Stay hydrated

Prioritizing hydration is one simple way to beat the heat. During summers our body loses its concentration of fluids as we sweat a lot, so to make up for it we need to drink more fluids than usual. So, in order to stay cool in hot weather, drink water at regular intervals as it will help in maintaining the optimum level of fluid in the body, do not wait until you are feeling thirsty. 

Besides plain water, you can also incorporate other hydrating and cooling drinks such as coconut water, buttermilk, cucumber-infused water, and juice of watery fruits. You can also have commercial drinks like vitamin water or some sports drink for replenishing the lost electrolytes, but avoid hot beverages and sugary drinks like sodas as they decrease the body’s ability to retain water. 

  • Avoid heavy meals 

During summer it is very important to be mindful about what you are eating as having heaving meals can produce heat in your body, making you feel uncomfortable. Instead opt for light and cooling foods like salads made of watery vegetables, freshly cooked food with minimal spices, and seasonal fruits like watermelon, tomatoes, etc. These food options are not only refreshing but also low in calories and high in essential minerals and vitamins. 

To stay cool in hot weather, it is recommended to cut down the consumption of protein-rich food as such food takes longer to digest resulting in increased core temperature and metabolic heat. Also, avoid processed foods and foods that have a high salt concentration.  

  • Wear light and breathable fabric

The kind of clothes you are wearing can also help you in staying cool. It is best to wear loose, lightweight clothes that are made of any breathable fabric like cotton and linen as they can absorb moisture and allow the sweat to evaporate which creates a cooling effect. Shorts and sleeveless tops are a good option. Though when wearing clothes that expose your skin make sure to wear a good amount of sunscreen.

Avoid wearing dark-colored clothes and go for light-colored clothes as instead of absorbing the heat it will reflect the sunlight better. Choose comfort over style and wear fewer accessories, especially the metallic ones as they can heat up very quickly and can cause skin irritation. 

  • Practice cooling exercises

During summers, avoid doing heavy workouts as that can lead to a hike in your body temperature. Instead, opt for exercises that would help you in releasing your body heat. Doctors and instructors suggest that pranayama or breathing exercises can be practiced for effectively expelling the body heat and for promoting all-around well-being. Pranayama exercises such as sheetkari and sheetali have been recommended for cooling the body. You can also practice alternative nostril breathing to balance your energy and enhance relaxation. 

  • Take cold showers

Nothing is better than a cool shower on a hot summer day. Take cold showers at least twice a day to have instant relief from the unbearable summer heat. Cold showers will help you to rejuvenate and in reducing your body temperature. In case it is not possible for you to take cold showers frequently, you can go for low-maintenance sprinkles. Keep a spray bottle filled with water in the refrigerator at home or work and use it to sprinkle a cool mist of water over your face and body. 

Summers are the best time to indulge in water activities. Water-based activities like swimming and water aerobics will give you the dual benefit of cooling off and cardio workouts. 

  • Keep your house cool 

Even if you are in your home you need to take necessary precautions to protect yourself from the summer heat. You can install a swamp cooler to lower the temperature inside your house, though it won’t work in humid weather. Use curtains and blinds to prevent the sunlight from coming in as the sun’s rays convert into heat. You can use awnings to prevent direct sunlight off the window without blocking all the light.7 Yoga Poses To Reduce Breast Size Within Weeks

You can further change the color of your roof to any light color as dark colors absorb greater wavelengths of sunlight. You can also insulate the walls and get the special treatment done to your roof after consultation with a roofing professional. 

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Therefore, it is very important to take the necessary precautions during summer to keep your body cool. Be mindful of what your body needs, and the kind of food you are consuming, and make sure that you are hydrated. Indulge in water activities and cooling exercises to cool yourself from within.