6 Signs Of New Hair Growth and DIY To Make Them Grow Faster

6 Signs Of New Hair Growth and DIY To Make Them Grow Faster

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Hair fall is a common problem faced by many people. There can be different causal factors that lead to hair fall and varies from person to person. Generally, most humans lose 100 strands of hair daily. Excessive shedding of hair is not normal and is noticed quite easily which leads us to take better care of our hair to boost hair growth. Though, not being able to figure out whether your efforts will give you the desired result can be discouraging. To clarify your doubts, we have listed 6 signs of new hair growth.

The 6 Signs of New Hair Growth

signs of new hair growth

Hair regrowth is slow and might not be visible immediately. To look for the signs, start by parting your hair down the middle and away from the forehead. Inspect your scalp, hair roots, hairline, and edges, especially the areas near the forehead for the following-

Dark Spots

If you are someone who has dark hair look for dark spots on your scalp. Dark spots are often referred to as shadows which can be spotted on the hairline and scalp. As we know that our hair grows out of hair follicles, the dark spots or shadows indicate that our hair follicles are in the active phase of hair growth. They appear like small dark spots due to the melanin pigmentation present in our hair shafts which is yet to grow from the scalp and out.

Fine baby hair growth

If you notice wispy, new baby hair which was not there before, could be new hair growth. Spotting these fine baby hairs is very easy as they are relatively shorter and looks different from the rest of the hair. On a healthy and clean scalp, these baby hairs will grow relatively faster than usual. It is very important to remember that these new, short hair strands are very delicate and can break easily. Therefore, to prevent breakage of these baby hairs, be gentle to your scalp and keep away from scratching, rough combing, and massaging.

Reduced Split Ends

Split ends are very common and occur when the hair ends become dry and frayed. A reduced number of split ends in your hair is one of the signs of new hair growth. Split ends reduce only when the hair becomes nourished and healthy. Therefore, when you see fewer split ends indicates that your hair care regime is working and is good for your hair type. For better growth and reduction in split ends, be consistent with your hair care routine.


When the hair shaft starts to emerge out of the scalp during the anagen phase, it appears like a peach fuzz. The peach fuzz indicates that our hair follicles are active. Spotting a fuzz on your scalp is very easy as it is very different from the rest of the hair. This fuzz is comparatively thinner and translucent as it has just begun to grow. The peach fuzz will grow on its own and faster when given proper care.

Reduced Hair Breakage

Our hair grows from the hair follicles, lengthens, and then falls out. New hair starts to grow once the old hair has fallen. Most humans shed up to 100 strands of hair daily, which is real. Losing more hair than normal is indicative of weak hair. When hair sheds naturally, the hair strand fallout with the root which looks like a white bulb at the tip of the strand.

In case of hair breakage, the root is generally missing. Therefore, if you have less hair fall and hair breakage, it is a signal that your hair is recovering and is becoming healthy.       

Improved Hair quality

If you used to have frizzy, unmanageable hair but notice a stark improvement in the quality of your hair after starting with your hair care regime, it is a sign of hair growth. One needs to have a healthy scalp as it supports the growth of soft, healthy, and manageable hair. People who have faced hair fall problems due to health conditions are more likely to notice this change, as once you make improvements in your diet by incorporating more portions and supplements, one is bound to see a change.

DIY Hair Mask for Increasing New Hair Growth

A healthy scalp supports consistent hair growth, which makes it important for us to take proper care of our scalp and the new hair. Using a DIY mask is the best way to give proper nourishment to your hair. Among many DIY hair masks, a flaxseed hair mask is proven to be the best for improving hair elasticity and strength. Flaxseed contains vita B and E along with fatty acids that enhance hair texture and prevent damage to the scalp. To prepare the flaxseed hair mask follow the given instructions-

Ingredients Needed:

  • ¼ cup of flaxseed
  • Half a lemon
  • Two cups of filtered water
  • A few drops of rosemary oil


Step 1

Begin by soaking the flaxseeds overnight. Boil the soaked seeds in 2 cups of water until thickens.

Step 2

Reduce the flame and add half a lemon to it. let it boil for 4-5 minutes and turn off the heat.

Step 3

Once the mixture is cool, add a few drops of rosemary oil to it. Apply it on the scalp and leave it overnight. Wash it with warm water the next day.


1. What causes hair loss?

Hair loss can occur due to many reasons such as menopause, and pregnancy in women. Health conditions, heredity, and hormonal abnormalities can also lead to hair loss. If you are experiencing excessive hair loss it is better to talk to a specialist.

2. Does hair shedding indicate new hair growth?

No, hair shedding refers to when the strand has reached its exogen phase and falls out and once it has fallen out, new hair starts to grow. Though, the new hair may grow at a slow pace or not grow all leading to hair thinning.

3. What are the stages of the hair growth cycle?

The hair growth cycle has three stages which are –

  • Anagen- It is a growing phase. Here the follicles grow larger and deeper in the scalp.
  • Catagen- the hair stops growing and the follicle detaches from the blood supply.
  • Telogen – During this phase, the hair falls out.

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Therefore, to have new hair growth it is important to have a healthy scalp. Hair shedding is normal, though, in case of excessive hair fall it is important to take proper care. Look for the mentioned signs of new hair growth and see if you are on the right track.