Why Do Guys Like Short Girls

Why Do Guys Like Short Girls

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Why Do Guys Like Short Girls

Why do men like to date short girls?  This is a question that often bothers shorter women. They become frustrated by this trend, because sometimes when they like a guy he does not reciprocate their feelings simply because the guy probably prefers tall girls. Short girls are unsure whether a tall guy can fall for them since the media all over the world is obsessed with tall women so how can the real world be any different. However, we assure you short ladies that it’s not always the case. With that being said let us take a closer look at the probable reasons.

why do guys like short girls

Top 10 reasons why guys like to date short girls

Here we tell you about the 10 reasons guys try to start dating the short girls.

Short girls appear less intimidating

It can possibly be just a misconception but tall girls appear intimidating to men sometimes. They feel that short girls are more docile and approachable than tall girls. This concept does not make any sense since short women can also have hot temper and tantrum issues but one cannot control perceptions.

 It makes them appear taller 

The height difference makes the guys appear even taller than they already are. This is typically observed in guys of a short height. These guys who themselves are short in height tend to opt for women who are short, this helps them appear taller as opposed to their girl and helps boost their self-confidence.

Short girls look hot in heels

Studies reveal that most men prefer to see their women in the heels.  According to this research high heels add more personality to a female’s overall appearance and men are more likely to approach them. Also, if a woman is already tall then she will end up towering over the guy which might be a turn-off for some guys hence they prefer a short girl wearing heels.

why do guys like short girls

Makes kissing more enjoyable

 Men find it easier to bend down to kiss their girl and women also enjoy being picked up for a kiss hence it’s a mutually desired thing. Given that kissing is an essential factor in the relationship, it is an excellent reason for men to choose a short girl for dating.

Cute short girls

It is a significant factor in the attraction of men toward short women. The short girls can be cute thanks to their size. Some guys are always naturally attracted to shorter women because they find them incredibly cute almost baby-like.

Making out can be fun

 A short girl means that she is often lighter in weight than a tall big-boned woman. This makes making out sessions more fun. Guys can easily pick up their partners and try new positions in the bedroom.

Love of big spoon

The preference for the big spoon appears like a silly reason. But it is a fact that men love to envelop their girlfriends with their bodies this makes short girls appealing to them since due to their short height they are easier to cuddle.

Natural desire

Studies have shown that most women naturally tend to prefer being with a taller man. It is irrelevant how tall he is as long as he is taller than her. However, the taller, the better. Women are ok with being the short ones in the relationship. On the other hand, men prefer short cute girls as their partners so the attraction is mutual.

Men like to feel useful 

The men have often been considered the ones to take charge of the household. Most of the time it is the males of the family who take important decisions related to the cash flow as well as their wives and children. This power to make the decisions based on their choices makes them feel more potent. A short woman often needs help doing things like fetching something from the top shelf wherein a tall guy can easily help. This feeds their male ego. So from a male point of view, they are more powerful being the taller one in the relationship.

Domineering character 

As we know, our society is male-dominated and always represents men as powerful humans compared to women. Our community in general thinks that only males are powerful in the relationship. In today’s world, we still have males with the alpha male qualities who are not only preferred by women by also idolized by other fellow men. These men like to date the short girls which makes them appear even more powerful in contrast. This is why most men, look for girls with a certain amount of height difference.

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So, are you still wondering why do guys like short girls? We hope not since we have covered most of the important reasons men prefer dating short girls. Although every individual is different some may actually prefer dating a tall girl but we hope the above reasons should be enough for you to not lose hope since not everyone is the same.


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