10 Signs You Are An Old Soul

10 Signs You Are An Old Soul

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Do you sometimes find it difficult to relate to folks your age or the current generation? Although you look great and have several years before you start to grow grey, people often tell you that you sound like an old soul. Do your values diverge significantly from those of others your age? You’re simply a wise person living in the wrong time.

 Old Soul Meaning: Old soul means a wise person beyond years with a strong emotional quotient and understanding. They are often dismissed by people their own age.

Here are ten signs that you are really an old soul personality, in case you were having doubts.

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You’re uninterested in the activities that most of your friends like

A person with an ancient spirit may get along with their contemporaries, yet may find themselves bored by them. An old soul can be hanging out with their pals at a spot that seems like a good time to everyone else but is really less than perfect in their opinion. For those of you with a more mature spirit, the thought “I don’t want to be here” may be all too familiar. While an ancient soul probably has pals, they enjoy themselves most when engaged in meaningful activities.

Adults don’t take you seriously.

You like being among older folks, but they tend to not take you seriously because of your age. This is an inevitable reality, unfortunately. No matter how old you are, adults will always see you as “just a child” until you reach a certain age. Because you lack years of expertise to back up your opinions and ideas, this is the case. In as little as five to ten years, your values and principles may have undergone a full transformation. Just be patient. You may continue to grow old for as long as you choose.

You are comfortable with being alone

Being an elderly soul might make you feel alone. You are a loner. As a rule, ancient spirits don’t mind being on their own. Rather you cave to the latest craze, you’d rather stick to your principles and be yourself. Because you don’t feel like you belong with anybody else your age, you probably spend a lot of time thinking deeply and engaging in lonely pursuits like writing.

You tend to look on from the sidelines

Being an ancient soul, you tend to keep to yourself and observe the life of those around you. There is no problem with this at all. To succeed, you need just acknowledge this facet of your character and exploit it to your advantage. Many of the best authors, for instance, have honed their craft by listening intently to the life experiences of those around them.

The “little things” don’t bother you

The things that upset most people your age appear trivial to you because you have an ancient spirit. You don’t give much thought to little details like what you’re wearing or how your hair looks because you’re too preoccupied with the big problems facing contemporary civilization. You give off an air of calm confidence and indifference to “the minor things” that sets you apart from the average individual.

You are shyer and quieter than the majority of your pals

One of two types of people comes to mind when one hears the term “creating a scene:” a young kid having a temper tantrum or an immature adult. Old souls despise being the center of attention, so even when they’re in a setting where they might get away with letting their guard down a little, they keep it tight. You may have had a lot of friends in high school and college who would do anything for a good time, but you never thought you’d be one of them. Once again, you’d rather kick your feet up and take things easy.

You are a sensitive soul

Your friends have undoubtedly advised you to “lighten up” more times than you can count. Being called “boring” is a kind of abuse just as serious. Keep in mind that these comments often originate from those who have no idea how you function in the world. On the other hand, adults may reject your ideas as “cute” or something like that. One more time, in their eyes, you’re simply a youngster who’s attempting to pass for older than he is. Eventually, people will listen to you if you just keep at it and don’t change who you are. 

You find the normative social order to be ridiculous

Those of us with more experience in life are able to step back from the stresses of modern life with a sense of humor. There is no barrier between you and the absurdities of modern culture. You can see how absurd things have become, from the media’s fixation with celebrity romances to the creation of the beer helmet. People with more life experience tend to think more deeply and less about what’s “cool” at any given moment. This may cause you to be excluded from peer groups.

You are the go-to person for guidance, no one ever questions your judgement.

Your contemporaries and elders will eventually come to acknowledge how prescient many of your thoughts were. Even if they’ve repeatedly disregarded your guidance in the past, they’ll likely start coming to you for it now. Don’t turn into “that man” who says no. Do the right thing and provide a hand to a buddy in need. People aren’t “using you” because they don’t value your opinion; they’ve merely come to that conclusion. If it takes them a while to appreciate you, that’s okay.

Your coworkers find you boring

You undoubtedly have a lot to be enthusiastic about, given that you are an old soul. Regrettably, a significant number of your contemporaries are unlikely to share this enthusiasm with you. Others your age could be more concerned with what they will wear tomorrow or the outcome of the big game from the night before, but you might have a profound interest in a wide range of social and political concerns from an early age.

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The concept of “old soul” may be interpreted in a wide variety of ways.  We hope the above points were enough to clarify the meaning of old soul. In case you feel like you are one of them then do not feel that you are alone, in fact, there are many across the world who feel this way about themselves.



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