30 Simple Fashion Tips For You To Look More Fashionable

30 Simple Fashion Tips For You To Look More Fashionable

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Fashion is always about comfort and confidence. It is never about wearing trendy and expensive clothes. So, to keep your fashion game up, you need to find out what suits your body, and what makes you feel comfortable and confident. We have collated a set of simple fashion tips that will help you style better every time you step outside.

Here are 30 simple fashion tips for you to look more fashionable in your day-to-day life.

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Know your body type:

Knowing your body type will help you find the best-suited clothes for you. When you find what type of clothes suit you, it skyrockets your confidence in the way you look.

Know your best feature and show off it every time:

Not every feature of you can bring out the best in you. So knowing your best feature can improve your look as well as your confidence. Never feel shy to show it off.

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Wear the right innerwear:

This is so underrated but important. Always choose innerwear of your perfect size. This will make your outfit look better.

Matching set:

Wearing a matching dress is always a good idea. Without putting in much effort, you get a complete outfit. You can either match or contrast your accessories and you will be good to go.


Choosing bright-colored monochrome outfits is a good idea. Just choose any pieces of jewelry or accessories matching the same color or different colors from the same color pallet.

Layering is never a bad idea:

The more layers you add to your outfit, the less you depend on any one piece. No single piece can make or break your entire look. Also, it becomes easy to add accessories to a layered outfit because you get lots of options that go with any one piece. So next time you are unsure about any dress, try layering.

Experiment with your footwear:

Change your footwear often. If you usually wear sneakers, go for heels. If you wear flats, go for sandals. Experiment with a lot of styles in footwear. The more wrong you feel wearing a particular type of footwear, the more right it is. So go wild with it.

Proportional play with your clothes:

Looking fashionable is all about creating a contrasting look. A jacket with a bra top or ripped shorts with an oversized graphic tee; playing with the proportions of the layers in your outfit can make you look more fashionable within seconds.

Tucking your tops is a skill:

One of the most simple fashion tips is to NEVER tuck your tops all the way. Tuck it loosely, and open some parts from both sides. Experiment with it. But the less effort you put into tucking your tops, the more fashionable you look.

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If you ever feel something is missing in your outfit, or it did not give the feel you wanted; try wearing a pair of sunglasses. This decision can never go wrong. If the glasses can go with your entire outfit, that is the best thing. Even if it is not, it still looks fine.

Bring your cross-body bag to the front:

We always put our cross-body bags on the side. Bring them to the front and show it off, this is one of the best parts of your outfit. If you can adjust the straps of your bag, then make it shorter till it falls to the waist. This looks fashionable.

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Color coordinate:

Coordinate the color of your outfits with your makeup, and accessories. This looks put together and more organized. So next time, you are confused about what accessories or makeup looks to choose, try something that coordinates with the color of your outfit.

Comfort over trend:

Never wear something that feels like a task. Trendy clothes don’t make you look fashionable. So go for clothes that feel comfortable to you, and experiment with your style, but compromising with comfort should not be a choice.

Your dress should fit you like a dream:

Fitting your dress is very important. Never ignore this. This can break or make your entire look. Also, tight-fitting clothes look awkward, and losing clothes decrease your confidence.

Simple outfits are the most sophisticated:

‘Simple is sophisticated’ is a saying that fits into fashion so well. The simpler and minimal your look is, the more put together and elegant you will look. So, try to keep your look simple yet effective enough.

Never buy your clothes for one occasion:

Buying clothes or accessories for one occasion is a waste of money. So when buying clothes, think of different ways you can style the piece, different places you can wear that, and different times of the year you can pull off the same; this analysis should direct your decisions about buying that cloth.

Buying something just because it’s cheap does not make sense:

Cheap clothes are not the fashion solution, owning clothes that you can style multiple times in multiple ways is the solution. Investing in those basic pieces is not a wrong decision. But when you buy cheap clothes in a hurry or lose the opportunity, it may not be your style or size. And it will end up being in your wardrobe forever.

Basic pieces are timeless:

Trendy clothes are for a while. After the trend is over, the clothes become almost useless. But basic pieces never go out of fashion. So fill at least 70% of your wardrobe with timeless clothes and 20-30% with trendy clothes.

Explore new sustainable brands and styles and buy from them:

New brands come to market and provide the best quality clothing at minimal prices. You should check them out. Also, sustainable clothes should be chosen over anything else. So find out new brands and enjoy varieties of styles.

 Know your wardrobe:

Sometimes we forget what we have in our wardrobe and repeat our clothes, styles, and whatnot. In that way, a large chunk of your clothes remains unused. By just organizing and classifying your wardrobe every 3 months, you get a lot of clothes and ideas to style them.

Investing in your already own pieces is a good idea:

If any of your cloth is torn or damaged, do not throw them right away. Try repairing.

Rent clothes if you need them for anyone special occasion:

Sustainability over fashion should be chosen any day. So if you need any special clothes for any special occasion, try renting. This saves your cost as well.

Stop impulsive shopping:

Sometimes we buy things that we do not need impulse. So whenever you feel like buying something, wait for 20-30 days. If you still feel like buying it, go for it. Because impulse shopping is always based on our emotions and not our needs.

Recycle and Reuse:

Create a lehenga from a saree, use your kurta as a top, etc.

 Swap clothes with your most fashionable friend:

You get an endless number of clothes once you try this hack. Without spending any money, you get to wear so many styles.

Pay attention to the details:

Sometimes while creating an outfit, we do not focus on the details like accessories, shoes etc. But this is necessary to make everything the best.

Know what type of make-up suits you:

No matter how good and fashionable your outfit is, your make-up combines everything. So choose a make-up style that goes with your outfits and also suits your face.

Never ignore hairstyles when it comes to fashion:

Hairstyles are part of a fashionable look. Choose your hairstyle carefully as per your face cut and occasion. Be it a wedding or date night out with your boyfriend, make sure your hair goes well with the entire look. 9 Easy Hairstyles For Date Night With Your Boyfriend

Accessories play an important role in making or breaking your look:

The way you accessorize your outfit changes the whole vibe you are projecting. So, be sure about it before going for it.

Be confident for a winner look

Among all the simple fashion tips given above, this is the most important one. Confidence is what makes you look or breaks it. So, try to feel confident from the inside and it will automatically reflect in your personality.

We hope you found these simple fashion tips helpful. Make sure to plan your wardrobe accordingly beforehand so that stepping out fashionably comes easy.


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